Ghost Type Weakness – Guide to Protect your Rare Pokemon

Ghost Type Weakness

What does it mean when someone says “Ghost Type Weakness”? Well, it means that the type of Pokemon named Ghost has certain weaknesses in the Pokemon games and the player asks this question to know how to avoid these weaknesses so they can win in the battle against other Pokemons. This is what this article attempts at helping the reader understand and how to use the best strategy to protect one’s rare Pokemon. 

Before we go further into understanding what Ghost Type Weakness is we will need to understand what a Ghost Type Pokemon is.

What is a Ghost Type Pokemon?

A Ghost Type Pokemon or ゴーストタイプ in Japanese (Which translates to Ghost Type)  is one of the eighteen types of Pokemon available in the various Pokemon games. They are a rare Pokemon and are the only type that has two immunities. There are a total of 34 Ghost-type Pokemons excluding Megas and Formes.

Ghost Pokemon
Ghost Pokemon

In the First Generation Games, the moves of Ghost had no effect on the Psychic Pokemons however, in the later generations it was changed to be extremely effective. Prior to Gen 6, the Ghost Type Pokemon had no weakness when they are paired with Dark Type Pokemon.

These types of Pokemons are connected with the afterlife and Dark and are found in desolate dark places such as Caves, Cemeteries, Funeral Places, and Abandoned Houses. There are 73 Ghost Type Pokemon, 15  Single Type Pokemon, 58 Dual Type Pokemon, and 32 Ghost Type moves. 

Ghost Type Trainers

Some of the famous Ghost Type Trainers are – 

  • Morty: The Fourth Gym Leader of Johto.
  • Agatha: The Third Member of the Kanto Elite Four.
  • Phoebe: The Second Member of the Hoenn Elite Four.
  • Shauntal: A Trial Captain of Ula’ula Island, Alolal, and the member of the Unova Elite Four and the third member of the Elite four.
  • Fantina: The fifth Gym Leader of Sinnoh.
  • Allister: The fourth Gym Leader of Galar.

General Statistics



Fully Evolved


The Ghost Type Pokemon are ranked 16th in HP, 10th in Attack, 6th in Defense, 5th in Special Attack and Special Defense, and 11th in Speed. 

Ghost Type Weakness and Immunities

Ghost Type Pokemon are known for having few Pokemon and most of them have low HP as well as moves. However, they are used in battles as they have two immunities. These immunities are Normal and Fighting which are both commonly used moves in Battles. Since the release of Gen VI, they also have immunity from moves and abilities that prevent escaping such as Shadow Tag and Blocking. 

Ghost Pokemon Weakness
Ghost Pokemon Weakness

Ghost Type Pokemon are Immune to Normal and Fighting, and they have a strong defense against Bug and Poison attacks. However, they are very weak and show weak defense against Dark and other Ghost types. Since Ghost-type Pokemon show Weak Defence against Dark and other Ghost Type Pokemon, it is easy to note what truly is Ghost Type Weakness. 

Earlier we discussed the defense of Ghost Type Pokemon, Now, we move towards its attack aspect. 

In the same way, other Ghost Type Pokemon can attack and weaken One’s Ghost Type, it is possible to take this Ghost Type Weakness to one’s advantage as the player will be able to use the Ghost Type Pokemon to attack other Ghost Types. They also show a Strong attack against Psychics. 

They show weak attacks against Dark and since Ghost Type Weakness is present against Dark and Ghost-type showing weak attacks against it means that if faced against Dark then one’s Ghost Type Pokemon would Perish. 

Ghost Type Weakness is not present against Normal, however, nor does it have any attacks against them, therefore, making any attacks against one another neutral and making the whole battle useless. 

There are only very few Pure Ghost Type Pokemon and one needs to take advantage of their secondary and primary typing. 


Very EffectivePsychic and Ghost
Slightly EffectiveDark
Not at all EffectiveNormal


Very EffectiveGhost and Dark
Slightly EffectivePoison and Bug
Not at all EffectiveNormal and Fighting

Fun Fact – Due to a Programming Error in Gen 1 Psychic was immune to Ghost as well, even though they were not intended to be like that. Due to this small error in programming Psychic was almost Invulnerable in Generation 1. 

Is this Ghost Pokemon Weakness applicable to all Pokemon Games?

Each Pokemon have its unique weaknesses and advantages, the same way Ghost Pokemon do as well. Ghost Pokemon’s Weakness is Dark and Itself. This Weakness does not change no matter which generation or game it is unless there are some technical glitches. Therefore, The Ghost Pokemon Weakness remains constant throughout all the games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kills Ghost-type?

A Ghost-type Pokemon is only weak against a Dark Type Pokemon and against itself and due to this only these types are able to kill a Ghost-type Pokemon.

Which legendary Pokemon has the most weaknesses?

Rock is the legendary Pokemon that has the most weakness. The pokemon has five different weaknesses, they are  Grass, Steel, Fighting, Ground, and Water.

What is good against Ghost-type Pokemon in brilliant diamond?

Ghosts are immune to Fighting and Normal and have a strong defense against bugs and Poison However they are weak against Dark and other Ghosts.

Do Fighting moves affect Ghost?

Ghosts are immune to fighting however, this can be nullified by the use of Odor Sleuth or Foresight. 


While playing the Pokemon games any player would ask questions as to how to protect one’s Pokemon and what their weaknesses are. Naturally, if a player uses the Ghost Type Pokemon the question of what the Ghost Type Weakness is would arise in their minds. Whether it is to protect one’s precious rare Pokemon in battle or if it is to know the best strategy it is always wise to know the weaknesses and advantages of one’s Pokemon. 

Ghost Type Pokemons are rare Pokemons that have two weaknesses that are Dark and other Ghost types themselves.

This article has attempted at answering the question of what the Ghost Type Weakness is and how players can carefully strategize to overcome the obstacles they face such as other Pokemon and keep their Pokemons safe as well as win all the battles they fight.

This article has hopefully given an insight into the Ghost Type Weakness and will help the players in understanding their Pokemon better as well as have a better and more enjoyable gaming experience!

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