Is Zorua A Legendary Pokemon? Here’s A Detailed Analysis

Is Zorua A Legendary Pokemon

Is Zorua a legendary pokemon is a question many Pokemon fans have been asking ever since the character was introduced into the games. Zorua is a pokemon that has the ability to change its appearance to look like other pokemon. But is it really a legendary pokemon? This article would try to answer the question “Is Zorua a legendary Pokemon?”

Before diving into understanding whether Zorua is a legendary Pokemon or not we would have to understand what Zorua is.

Who is Zorua?

Zorua also known as ゾロア in Japanese (Pronounced as Zorua) is a Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It is a dark-type Pokemon. This Pokemon was not seen before Generation V and was only introduced then. 

Zorua to Zoroark
Zorua to Zoroark

The Pokemon evolves into Zoroark at level 30. 

In the Hisui region, Zorua is a dual-type Pokemon. It has a Normal Or Ghost Regional Form and evolves into Hisuian Zoroark at level 30. Both Zorua and Zoroark were announced and revealed to the fans on February 10th 2010 and they were the first Pokemons from Generation V to be announced. 


Zorua Appearance
Zorua Appearance

Zorua has a dark slate grey colour skin with black and red accents. The Pokemon has the shape of a fox. They have triangular ears with the insides being dark. They have greenish-blue eyes and red eyelids. The circular red colour markings above the eyes look similar to eyebrows. 

They also have a tuft of fur on top of their heads which has a red coloured tip. 

What Is A Legendary Pokemon? 

Legendary Pokemon are Pokemon that are not very easy to find and are considered to be extremely rare. Moreover, these Pokemon are also incredibly Powerful. They can neither be caught nor hatched from eggs. 

The common method of obtaining a Legendary Pokemon is to defeat these Pokemon in Raid Battles and then capture them in the bonus challenge. 

Is Zorua A Legendary Pokemon? 

Coming to the question at hand “Is Zorua A legendary Pokemon?” Well, there is no direct answer to this question, and fans are divided on this topic. 

There is much debate over whether or not Zorua is a legendary pokemon. Some say that because it is so rare and difficult to find, it must be a legendary Pokemon. Others argue that it is not a legendary Pokemon because it is not featured in any of the games or movies.


So, what is the truth? Is Zorua a legendary pokemon or not?

Unfortunately, there is no clear answer. It really depends on who you ask. Some people believe that Zorua is a legendary pokemon, while others think it is not. There are arguments for and against the topic of Is Zorua a Legendary Pokemon. 

Arguments For Is Zorua A Legendary

Will only be made available for the players if they transfer two Fateful Encounter Pokemon. The only other Pokemon that was available using such a method was the Spiky Eared Pichu. 

Zorua is capable of evolving and being Zoroark. Generation IV had introduced Legendary Pokemons which could breed, therefore GameFreak could be doing the exact opposite of that. 

Arguments have been made about the tag of “Mirage Pokemon” shown below the Pokemon was only used relating to Sinnoh Myths.

The HGSS guide has mentioned that Phione is not considered to be a Legendary Pokemon. However, has indeed confirmed that Pokemon is legendary. Moreover, Phione was restrained from VGC09 and VGC10. 

Arguments Against Is Zorua A Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon are not able to evolve however Zorua evolves to become Zoroark. 

If Zorua was a legendary Pokemon then GameFreak would definitely have shown three previous to the starting of the generation. 

In Japan, Pokemon of Legendary Status are divided into three classes, they are

Maboroshi no Pokémon (Example – Mew and Calebi); Densetsu no Pokémon (Example – Groudon, and Kyogre) and Shinwa no Pokémon (Example – Mythical Pokemon and Pokemon who helped with creating Sinnoh)

  • These three categories were combined to be Legendary Pokemon in the West. In Generation VI, however, Mirage Pokemon was introduced which could be referring to the Illusionary Pokemon
  • Phione is not considered a Legendary Pokemon since it has the ability to reproduce according to SoulSilver Kanto Guidebook and HeartGold. 

Is Zorua A Legendary – Verdict

Many of the fans do not consider either Zorua or Zoroark a Legendary Pokemon due to many of the reasons given above. In the game, the Pokemon has many weaknesses and a very weak defense which makes the character, not a Legendary Pokemon according to us and many other fans. 

In the Anime the Pokemon can be considered to be Pseudo Legendary. 

Note: A Legendary Pokemon is needed in order to get Zorua. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zoroark mythical or legendary?

As of now, Zoroark is the only Non-Mythical Pokemon that is available for catching through an event. Due to this reason many mistakenly consider Zoroark as a Legendary Pokemon. 

Why is Zorua so special?

Zorua is capable of changing its physical appearance. This appearance is not real and is merely an illusion. The Pokemon is also able to maintain its own moves and type. This Pokemon has a timid nature which is what resulted in the development of this unique Illusion ability. 

Is Zorua rare in Pokémon sword?

It is only possible to find Zorua in one particular place, in the center of the Armor Isles, in the woods. Only when the climate is Foggy will only the player be able to find Zorua. It is also possible to find these Pokemon in rare appearances in certain areas of the map. It is to be noted that this is a very rare occurrence. 

Is Zeraora a Legendary Pokémon?

The Newest Legendary monster which was added to Pokemon is Zeraora. 


Zorua is a rare and powerful Pokemon that is worth catching. There is no specific call to action for catching Zorua, but be sure to catch it if you have the opportunity. However, Zorua is not a legendary Pokemon. 

Many people ask the question “Is Zorua a Legendary Pokemon?” since it is an extremely rare Pokemon. Fans are divided on this topic, while the majority of the fans are against considering Zorua as a Legendary Pokemon there are a few who take the side of these adorable rare Pokemon. This article has given the reader a brief idea of what Zorua is and what a legendary Pokemon is. It has also stated the various arguments put for and against the question of Is Zorua a Legendary Pokemon? 

Hopefully, this article has been informative and has given a better understanding of these Pokemon and would guide the reader into coming to their own conclusion on the controversial question of “Is Zorua a Legendary Pokemon?”

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