Least Popular Pokemon Based On Survey

Least Popular Pokemon

Least Popular Pokemon was a survey conducted by a user on the Social Media website – Reddit. The survey conducted by a user in the r/Pokemon Subreddit has garnered over 52,000 participants as the other candidates got in to show their disdain for certain Characters of the Pokemon franchise. 

This article will dive into the votes and try to provide the reader with information related to the said survey.

The Survey

On June 15 of 2019, a user in the r/Pokemon subreddit asked the users of the community what their favorite Pokemon was. The survey got over 52,000 participants and gave an insight into the community’s likes and dislikes of certain Pokemon.  

Favorite Pokemon Survey

In June of 2019, the subreddit r/Pokemon saw a user ask other Redditors what their favorite Pokemon was. The post gathered 52,000 responses as various users cast their votes for their favorite Pokemon from the long list of 800 available with an average of each Pokemon getting 65 votes. 

Charizard was voted as the most liked Pokemon with the Pokemon getting over 1107 votes followed by Gengar who had 1056 votes.

The list of the Top 10 Liked Pokemon according to the users of the Subreddit has been given below –


While one might think all the Pokemons may have gotten at least one vote that is not the case. Of the 800 available Pokemon, 399 of them got at least one vote however, there were four Pokemon who did not even get a single vote

The Pokemon that got no love from the users are


Fun Fact: The most liked Pokemon was selected by just 2% of the voters with just 1107.

Now let us try to understand why only these four Pokemon were the only ones to get no votes.

Least Popular Pokemon

In order to understand why these Pokemon were the only ones to not get any votes, we will discuss these Pokemon first.

So, let us pull out our own Pokedex and get to know the least liked Pokemon from this survey.

1. Silcoon and Cascoon

Least Popular Pokemon Silcoon and Cascoon
Silcoon and Cascoon

Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire introduced 135 plus new Pokemon which were made to replace certain old Pokemon from the first two games. The Pokemon meant to be replaced were Common Wild Pokemon and it is in these games that Silcoon and Cascoon were introduced.

They were considered to be boring Pokemon ever since they were introduced and had a cocoon shape. These Pokemon were clearly derived from other two similar shaped Pokemon called Metapod and Kakuna who were considered to be just as useless.

Both these Pokemon are evolved from Wrumple and are unable to learn any other move other than ‘Harden’ until they reach the evolution level of Dustox or Beautifly.

Fun Fact: In the Survey it was only Silcoon who got no votes as Cascoon got at least two.

2. Gothita


Gothita made her debut in Pokemon Black and the design of Gothita was based on the gothic Lolita fashion trend in Japan. A movement that saw the people of Japan is obsessed with Victorian Clothing and dark colors. 

Well, as the votes in the survey suggest Gothita is not that cool when compared to what she becomes when she evolves – Gothitelle and Gothorita.

3. Eelektrik


This Pokemon was introduced in Pokemon Black and White, Eelektrik is the middle evolution of two Pokemon – Tynamo & Eelektross. Unfortunately, this little Pokemon got no love from the users of r/Pokemon. Eelektross got 49 votes and Tynamo got 6 however Poor Eelektrik in the middle was the only one who lost out.

The Pokemon has got no arms and does not have the most appealing of looks. This could be why nobody chose Eelektrik as their favorite Pokemon.

4. Yungoos


Yungoos is the final Pokemon in the list of characters who got no love from the users and it might be this Pokemon that surprised users the most. These Pokemon were made after Asia’s Javan mongoose by keeping them as the model.

It was surprising that no one voted for this mongoose like Pokemon as the character also has a funny resemblance to a certain American President which would have at least got them a few votes for the sake of humor.

These Pokemon debuted in Pokemon Sun and Moon in the year 2017 along with Gumshoos. Both the Yungoos and the Gumshoos share a very identical look however, Gumshoos managed to get four votes.

Fun Fact: Fire-type Pokémon named Simisear is the least popular Pokemon in Japan.

Least Favourite Pokemon Of Each Type

Type Pokemon
Fire Slugma/Emboar
Grass Tangrowth
Water Feebas

This list is not definite as the likes and dislikes of each person would be different. The list has been made based on the answers provided by fans on Quora.

Least Popular Pokemon Gen 1

According to various fans, Dragonite was one of the biggest disappointing Pokemons encountered in Gen 1. A lot of the fans were disappointed with the design of the character which led to the Pokemon being the least popular in Generation 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the least known Pokémon?

The Coral Pokemon From Gen VIII: Cursola is considered to be the least known Pokemon as even the Devs do not seem to care about these adorable little creatures.

What Pokémon is nobody’s favorite?

According to a survey conducted on Reddit, there are four Pokemon that nobody selected. They are, Silcoon, Gothita, Eelektrik and Yungoos.

What is everyone’s favorite Pokemon?

With 99,077 votes Mimikyu is considered to be the fan-favorite.

What is the first Pokémon?

The first Pokemon is Bulbasaur. Its number is 001.


Least Popular Pokemon attempts at finding out what the least popular Pokemon among fans is. A survey was conducted on the social media website, Reddit which asked its users to vote for their most liked characters which also subsequentially revealed which all were the least favorite and least popular Pokemon. 

While the list of Pokemon considered here to be the least popular Pokemon was indeed voted by a huge number of Pokemon fans it is not definite since no official data has been released for this purpose.

A Pokemon you may like need not be liked by someone else, the same way A Pokemon you may dislike need not be disliked by someone else. This list is solely based on the opinions of a few thousand Reddit users and is subject to change.

This article has hopefully given a better understanding of the topic of Least Popular Pokemon and will guide them to come to a better conclusion regarding which the least popular Pokemon is!

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