Gardevoir or Gallade – Which Pokemon Is Better?

Gardevoir or Gallade

Gardevoir or Gallade is an attempt at doing a comparative analysis of both these Pokemon to give a better understanding to the reader as to what these Pokemon are and how the players can use them. This article will try to answer the question of which Pokemon a player should choose – Gardeevoir or Gallade?

When choosing between either Gardevoir or Gallade there are indeed several reasons which make one be the obvious candidate. However, it all boils down to how the player is planning on using them as well as what type of the player wants to have. This article will attempt at giving the reader a better insight into this and a better understanding of whether Gardevoir or Gallade is better.

A Brief Overview

Both the Gardevoir, as well as the Gallade, are Psychic Pokemon that have some of the most demanding evolution branches. Both these Pokemon evolve from the Ralts Pokemon and have two unique and different evolutionary paths. When a Pokemon has two different evolutionary paths it is only natural to do a comparison on both and hence the question – Gardevoir or Gallade.

But before we go forward with the question of whether to choose Gardevoir or Gallade, one needs to ask the question of whether it is possible to evolve the Pokemon the player has into Gardevoir or Gallade.

Can You Evolve Your Pokemon into Gardevoir or Gallade?

Well, the answer is yes it is possible to evolve your Pokemon into Gardevoir or Gallade, obviously, all you need to do is have a Ralts Pokemon but the answer is not that simple.

It all comes down to the gender of the Pokemon. If the Ralts in your hand is a Girl then the player would have no choice but to evolve the Pokemon into a Gardevoir. If it is a boy, however, there is an option for the player to either evolve it into a Gardevoir or Gallade. Once again, the answer is not that simple.

If a player wishes to evolve his or her Ralts into a Gallade a player will need to have a Sinnoh Stone.

Now, we will discuss each of these Pokemon in detail.



Gardevoir evolved from the Psychic Type Pokemon Ralts and is the final form of evolution of the said Pokemon. These days Gardevoir Pokemon has got dual typing with Fairy Type Pokemon. The Pokemon does not appear in the Wild and was released in December 2017 along with most other Pokemon in the Hoenn Region.

Gardevoir Moveset and Stats

Since Gardevoir Pokemon are Fairy Type Pokemon they will have a weakness against – Poison, Steel, and Ghost attacks however, it offers a strong defense against other Psychic Types and shows Double resistance against Fighting Type and Dragon-Type.

Gardevoir has a Maximum CP of 3,497, an attack of 237, and stamina of 169.

Gardevoirs have a Moveset of charged move(s) Synchronise, Psychic, or Dazzling Gleam and, Quick move Confusion. The Pokedex number of Gardevoir is 282 and is known for its strong bond with the trainer. If the Pokemon senses the trainer is in danger, the Gardevoir would do anything to protect him or her.

  • Maximum CP: 3497
  • Maximum HP: 154
  • Attack: 237
  • Defense: 195
  • Stamina: 169



Gallade is also a Fairy Type Pokemon. These Pokemon are exclusively found only in the Sinnoh region. They also evolve from Ralts and were introduced in January of 2019. Just like Gardevoir, Gallade also cannot be found in the wild.

Gallade Moveset and Stats

Gallade is a Fighting Type Pokemon and they have weaknesses against Ghost, Flying, and Fairy-type attacks and are resistant against rock and fairy-type moves.

Gallade has a maximum CP of 3,497, an attack of 237, resistance of 195, and stamina of 169

Gallade have weak stamina, however, do not let this fool you as they are very capable of using strong attacks against multiple enemies. It is best to use Gallade against Fighting, Dark, Poison, Ground, Ice, Rock, Normal, and Steel-type Pokémon as it offers a wide variety of moveset.

Gallade has a Moveset of charged move(s) Synchronise, Psychic, Leaf Blade or Close Combat, and quick move Confusion.

  • Maximum CP: 3497
  • Maximum HP: 154
  • Attack: 237
  • Defense: 195
  • Stamina: 169

Gardevoir or Gallade – Comparison

Evolved from Female RaltsEvolved from Female Ralts
Fewer OpponentsWide Range of Opponents
Wider Attack MovesetsLimited Attack Movesets
Fairy TypeFighting Type

Gardevoir or Gallade – Which is Better?

Gardevoir vs Gallade

When it comes down to choosing between Gardevoir or Gallade it is a tough call. Both the Pokemon, whether it be Gardevoir or Gallade are very similar. They have the same base stats such as Maximum HP and CP threshold etcetera. So, when it gets to choosing between Gardevoir or Gallade it comes down to the Versatility and Utility on the battlefield. When these criteria are taken into consideration the better of the two options would be Gardevoir.

Gallade, since it is a fighting type, offers a wider range of opponents. However, it has limited fighting-type moves and does not have the best move the fighting-type Pokemon has to offer – The Dynamic Punch. Due to this reason, Gallade is outclassed by other Pokemon belonging to Superior Fighting Types and Fighting Type Hybrid like Lucario or Machamp.

Since Gardevoir is a Fairy-Type Pokemon they are undisputed. When the Pokemon makes use of the Dazzling Gleam charged move it becomes one of the best, if not the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I evolve my Kirlia into Gardevoir or Gallade?

It is easier and better to evolve Kirlia into a Gardevoir as it is one of the best Fairy Type Attack Pokemon available while Gallade is an average fighting type attack Pokemon. 

Which evolution of Ralts is better?

Ralts midway through evolution becomes Kirlia after which the Pokemon can be evolved into Gardevoir or Gallade. Out of the two options, Gardevoir is better as it is one of the best Fairy Type attack Pokemon available.

Is Gallade better than Gardevoir Pokémon Emerald?

Gallade was not created until Gen 4 and due to this, the Pokmon does not exist in Emerald. Since one of the Pokemon being compared did not exist in the game naturally the other would be better and therefore Gardevoir is better.

Is male or female Ralts better?

Ralts are evolved into Kirlia at Level 20 and at Level 30 they can be evolved into Gardevoir, however, if the Kirlia is male then using a Dawn Stone they can be evolved into an alternative Pokemon named Gallade.


Gardevoir and Gallade are two Pokemon that evolved from Ralts. Both these Pokemon have their own distinct evolutionary paths and due to this reason, many players ask the question of whether Gardevoir or Gallade is better and it is indeed that question that this article has attempted at answering.

Gardevoir and Gallade are Pokemon which are evolved from Ralts and become two different types of Pokemon with one having an advantage over the other – The Fairy Type Pokemon and the Fighting Type Pokemon.

This article has hopefully given the reader a better understanding of the two Pokemon and will be able to distinguish between Gardevoir and Gallade. The reader has hopefully also got a better idea of whether to choose Gardevoir or Gallade and also strategize better!

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