Is Rotom A Legendary? It’s Not What You Think!

Is Rotom A Legendary

Is Rotom a legendary Pokemon? The question has piqued the interest of many fans of the Pokemon franchise. While the question did make a lot of people interested, it also caused a lot of confusion within the Pokemon Community. The hero of this story is the Pokemon introduced in Generation IV and known for its ability to shift shape into different forms.

It is not possible for us to understand and answer the question “Is Rotom A Legendary Pokemon?” without understanding what Rotom is and what a legendary Pokemon is. So, let’s start from the basics.

That being said, let’s dive into it!

Who Is Rotom?

Rotom, or (ロトム) in Japanese is one of the Dual Type Pokemon. The Pokemon was introduced in Generation IV. Rotom is an Electric/ Ghost type Pokemon. Even though the Pokemon Rotom is not capable of evolving into any Pokemon or from any Pokemon, there is a special feature of this Pokemon that makes Rotom very unique.

Rotom is capable of possessing a wide variety of various appliances and changing their form.

Rotom | Courtesy: CN

When the Pokemon Rotom does not possess any appliances and is in its default state, it will be an Electric/Ghost type Pokemon. The same is true in Generation VIII, when the Pokemon possesses a light bulb. In Generation IV, no matter what the Pokemon’s form, it will always be Electric/Ghost type.

There are various forms of Rotom which are listed below.

  • When the Pokemon Rotom possesses a Microwave Oven, it will become a Heat Rotom, and the type of the Pokemon would be Electric/Fire type. 
  • When the Pokemon Rotom possesses a Washing Machine, it will become a Wash Rotom, and the type of the Pokemon would be Electric/Water Type. 
  • When the Pokemon Rotom possesses a Refrigerator, it will become Frost Rotom, and the type of the Pokemon would be Electric/Ice type. 
  • When the Pokemon Rotom possesses an Electric Fan, it will become a Heat Rotom, and the type of the Pokemon would be the Electric/Flying type. 
  • When the Pokemon Rotom possesses a Lawn Mower, it will become a Mow Rotom, and the type of the Pokemon would be Electric/Grass type. 
  • Adding to all these in Generation VII, Rotom can possess a special Pokedex and become a Rotom Pokedex, a phone, and a Rotom phone that also functions as a Pokedex. 

It could be all these unique special abilities of Rotom that made many fans wonder about the question – “Is Rotom A Legendary Pokemon?”. So let’s get to the question at hand.

Is Rotom A Legendary Pokemon?

Rotom Forms
Rotom Forms

Other than the reason mentioned earlier, there are a few more reasons that made fans ask: Is Rotom a Legendary Pokemon? Let’s find out whether that is the case or not.

The in-game theme of Rotom, The Legendary scene, and The story of Rotom are some reasons why fans believe that Rotom is a legendary pokemon but is that truly the case. That is what this article would be answering.

However, to clearly understand and answer the question “Is Rotom a Legendary Pokemon?” we need to answer what a Legendary Pokemon is.

What Are Legendary Pokemon?

Legendary Pokemon are, more often than not, very powerful and incredibly rare. These Pokemon are featured very prominently in the myths and legends within the Pokemon Universe.

Now that we’ve looked at what Legendary Pokemon are, we can answer the question.

The simple answer to the question – “Is Rotom A Legendary Pokemon?” is No. Rotom is not Legendary

Rotom is in the same category as Pokemon, such as Snorlax, Sudowoodo, Spiritomb, etcetera. Like the other members of that category, Rotom is also a regular and not a Legendary Pokemon.

The factor that differentiates these Pokemon from other Regular Pokemon is that they are not found in the wild like normal Pokemon and can only be obtained through various in-game events.

The features that define which Pokemon is a Legendary Pokemon and which Pokemon is not are incredibly vague as these features change from Generation to Generation. Just when you think you have figured out what makes a Pokemon Legendary, the developers would introduce a new Legendary Pokemon that has features that you didn’t think were possible for a Legendary Pokemon to have.

This could also be why many fans often mistake Rotom as a Legendary Pokemon since it had very unique abilities.

To put it in a nutshell, A Pokemon is Legendary if Game Freak says that a Pokemon is Legendary.

As of now, Game Freak does not say that Rotom is a Legendary Pokemon; therefore, the answer to the question – “Is Rotom A Legendary Pokemon?” is No, Rotom is not a Legendary Pokemon.

Is Rotom legendary or mythical?

Rotom Stats
Rotom Stats

Rotom is often mistaken for a Legendary Pokemon as they are incredibly rare, and you will only be able to get one in a game. Adding to that is the music one hears while battling a Rotom is the Legendary Pokemon Music. Rotom is also marked as a Legendary Pokemon in the DP Pokedex book, but this is a mistake. The answer to this question is that Rotom is not Legendary or Mythical.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find Rotom in legends Arceus?

You will be able to find Rotom in Pokemon: Legends Arceus in the Coronet Highlands inside the Sacred Plaza. 

Is Rotom a Legendary Pokémon go? 

Rotom has been introduced to Pokemon GO but is not a Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO. 

What rarity is Rotom?

Rotom is an incredibly rare Pokemon with a very low Spawn rate of just 2%. However, if one Rotom were you spawn within the game, you will be able to see it. 


Is Rotom a Legendary Pokemon is a question that many fans have had and caused a lot of confusion regarding this topic within the Pokemon community. This article has provided the answer regarding this topic and why fans often mistake this Pokemon as Legendary.

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has given a better understanding and clarity regarding the question “Is Rotom A Legendary Pokemon?” and would lead the players to have a better and more enjoyable gaming experience!

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