Is Broly Stronger Than Beerus? – Battle Between Two Extreme Gods

Is Broly Stronger Than Beerus

Is Broly stronger than Beerus? A question that has appeared in the minds of most of the fans of the hit anime series Dragon Ball. Goku, the protagonist of Dragon Ball, mentioned that Broly could be stronger than Beerus, but is this something we can believe verbatim or should we take it with a pinch of salt? 

The answer to the question Is Broly stronger than Beerus is what we will be trying to find out. So let us begin. 

Is Broly Stronger Than Beerus? 

Ever since Goku made the statement of how Broly could be stronger than Beerus it sent a shockwave through the fandom and everyone asked whether it is accurate and guessed what would happen if Broly and Beerus had a face-off against each other. The answer to the question “Is Broly stronger than Beerus?” will be discussed in this section. 

Before we go further it needs to be said that the conclusions made in this article would be based on the Broly movie and manga and would primarily be focussing on the Granolah arc which is taking place right now in the manga.

If we were to answer the question is Broly stronger than Beerus then the answer would be a very simple no. 

If we take all the factors into consideration, it would be evident that Beerus is much stronger than Broly and by a very big margin. If both these powerful beings were pitted against each other in a deathmatch, Beerus would come out on top 


There are a few reasons why this conclusion seemed the most appropriate. The main reason is how Beerus was unconcerned with how powerful Broly had gotten at the end of the Broly movie. 

The second main reason is how in Chapter 70 of Dragon Ball Super, Cerealian Dragon had made Granolah become the strongest fighter in the universe other than the Gods. This would mean that gods such as Beerus are much stronger than mortals like Broly. 

Even though Goku had mentioned how Broly could be stronger than Beerus one needs to remember how many words like Strong, Strength, Power etcetera are used in the Dragon Ball Franchise. 


The quote that Goku made could be interpreted in any way as these terms are used very vaguely within the franchise. 

Master Roshi had mentioned to Goku how there are other attributes such as stamina, experience, speed, techniques etcetera which make someone strong and that it’s not just the brute force of a person that defines his or her strength. 

Let’s look at these aspects a bit in detail. 


In terms of speed, Broly has not reached the level of Beerus. Broly was not able to even land one blow on Blue Gogeta but Beerus is able to dodge just about anything which shows how fast he is. 

Broly will be able to increase his speed as the fight goes on but it is very unlikely that Beerus would let the fight go on for that long.  Even if, on the off chance, Broly transforms and becomes the Legendary Super Saiyan then he would not be able to touch Beerus since Beerus has his Ultra Instinct. 


Beerus hasn’t shown his full potential as of right now so it’s not possible to judge and compare the stamina of both but don’t forget that Beerus is a God. However, we know of the stamina of Broly and it almost seems like he has an unlimited source of stamina. 

He went an hour thrashing Frueza without even breaking a sweat. 

This suggests how much stamina Broly has. 


Obviously, Beerus has more experience than Broly. Beerus has been alive for millions of years and was training under Whis for a much longer duration than Goku. Is Broly Stronger Than Beerus? In terms of experience, Broly does not come close to Beerus.

Techniques And Skills

Broly does not really have a wide arsenal of techniques when we compare him to Beerus but he does have one trick up his sleeve which could change the course of the game. Even then he will not be able to hold up with Beerus as his Ultra Instinct and sealing techniques would get the job done against Broly. 

Is Broly Stronger Than Beerus? 

Winner: Beerus
Winner: Beerus

In simpler terms no, Broly is not as strong as Beerus. While Broly is very impressive and incredibly strong Beerus is miles above Broly when it comes to strength. Beerus has not even shown his full potential and still was able to show how powerful he is. Adding to this, the fact that Beerus was not even the least bit bothered when he knew about Broly goes on to show how much more powerful Beerus is. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is stronger than Broly?

While Broly is incredibly strong there are a few characters who are much stronger than Broly. Beerus is one such character. We haven’t seen the full potential of Beerus and all we can guess is how his true strength will be shown later on and will reveal how much stronger he is than Broly. 

Who is stronger than Beerus?

Zeno, who is the Omni King of the Dragon Ball series, is without a doubt much stronger than Beerus. The strength of Zeno and how much stronger he is than Beeruswas shown to the viewers when it was clear that Beerus was too scared of even upsetting or angering Zeno. 

Is Broly the strongest character in Dragon Ball?

No, as of right now Broly is not the strongest character in Dragon Ball. However, one needs to keep in mind how little training he has had and even with a bare minimum of training he was able to be a beast so there is a very high chance that Broly could end up being the strongest character but just not right now. 


Is Broly Stronger Than Beerus is a question that many fans are asking as a comment made by Goku in the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie has made the fans ponder over it. While Broly is not as strong as Beerus right now which is mainly due to how inexperienced he is and how little training he has, and how he has not mastered the power of Hakai does not mean that it could not change. 

Beerus is incredibly strong and was the least bothered by the presence of Broly. This shows how much stronger he is than Broly. Adding to that we have never seen the full potential and power of Beerus yet. 

While Beerus may have won in this face-off right now it does not mean Broly can’t reach his level or even surpass him if he trains properly and masters the power of the Hakai. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has given the reader a better understanding of the topic and has cleared all the doubts you would have had regarding the question “Is Broly Stronger than Beerus?”

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