Bad Egg Pokemon – A Horrifying Gen 3 To Gen 6 Glitch

Bad Egg Pokemon

What is Bad Egg Pokemon? Well, the answer to that question is what this article would be answering. Many fans of the Pokemon franchise have been curious to know what Bad Egg Pokemon is since it appeared in Generation III. What is Bad Egg Pokemon? What causes Bad Egg Pokemon? These are some questions that this article will try to answer for the readers.

Let us begin by understanding this curious item, so let us discuss what Bad Egg Pokemon is.

What Is Bad Egg Pokemon?

Bad Egg, or ダメタマゴ in Japanese which means Bad Egg, is a feature that is present in various games from Generation III to Generation VI. The feature is also seen in Pokemon HOME. This feature corrupts the Pokemon game data, which results in the checksum not matching up with the calculations of the data.

The term Bad Egg in Pokemon refers to glitched eggs and very noticeable corrupted eggs, which would result from cheating. While playing any of the Pokemon games after Generation III, the player makes use of Action Replay or PokeGRS, which are names of some of the cheat devices.

Bad Egg in Pokemon is often written as Bad EGG stylized.

In Generation IV, there is even a possibility for the Bad Eggs to hatch. The hatching of the Bad Eggs would result in the egg hatching into —– or it could hatch into yet another Bad Egg.

Bad Egg Stats and Description
Bad Egg Stats and Description

Even though there is the word “egg” in Bad Egg Pokemon, it is not precisely a Pokemon Egg. It could also have never been one. A default message would appear in the game if the Checksum came out wrong. The checksum will only become wrong if the game’s data is altered severely.

Hatching of the Bad Eggs was mentioned earlier. However, one need not worry about this being a very rare occurrence.

Bad Egg Pokemon hatching is a very rare phenomenon. However, if the Bad Eggs were to hatch, it would not be possible to release Bad Egg Pokemon and would just end up taking space. One need not worry about this, however, as it is possible to remove this frustrating item. One method to remove Bad Egg Pokemon is to trade a Bad Egg and transfer it to another game. Yet another method to remove the item is through Hacking.

If one checks the summary of the Bad Egg Pokemon, then they will notice that the information says that the player obtained this glitchy item in the Mystery Zone on the date 0/0/2000.

The Bad Egg Pokemon will only be made due to the players exploiting glitches and hacking. Having this glitch in your party could result in the erasing of your Pokemon, or in the worst-case scenario, it could end up destroying the player’s game data. If the player did not make massive use of codes and tricks, he or she would be safe.


—– is a Glitch in Pokemon, which fans commonly call DPBox. Another name for —– is Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur. This is a Normal type of Glitch seen in Pokemon in Generation IV.

The glitch is called the Invisible Shiny Bulbasaur because the glitch is always shiny and makes the sound of the cry of Bulbasaur.

Bad Eggs Pokemon Game Data

Bad Egg has appeared
Bad Egg has appeared!

Bad Eggs Pokemon appear as a “???” in Generation III. The glitch would also have the same status screen as an actual Pokemon Egg; however, this is when it comes to similarities between Bad Egg Pokemon and a Pokemon Egg. It is possible for Bad Eggs to be Holding items and place them inside different types of Poke Balls and attach them with seals.

The seals prevent them from getting deposited in the PC.

If the Bad Egg is placed in the party’s first slot, you would have a different colored sprite menu version. The differently colored version would depend on the Pokemon’s menu sprite that would succeed it.

It is unknown why the sprite gets the sprite of the following Pokemon, but it is known why the color change occurs.

The color change occurs due to Palette 0 for this sprite. This is why Pokemon, which has Palette 0, cannot change colors.

If the egg is made to hatch forcefully by using cheating or other similar methods, it will result in the popping up of a “?”. After the popping up of the question mark, the game would freeze.

Bad Eggs made a reappearance in Generation VI. One need not confuse bad eggs with Mystery Eggs as these two are entirely different. Mystery Eggs is a glitch that is not at all connected with Bad Eggs.

How do you get rid of bad egg Pokémon in the home?

Removing the bad egg Pokemon from the Pokemon HOME account is impossible. The bad egg Pokemon will always remain in one of the boxes of the player and is not possible to be released.

What happens if you hatch a bad egg?

A Bad Egg Pokemon cannot be used in any battle or even released. The glitch just acts like a regular Pokemon Egg, which can never be hatched. However, if one tries to forcefully hatch the bad egg it would result in “?” coming out, and the game would freeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bad egg in Pokémon?

A Bad Egg in Pokemon is a glitch that appears in games from Generation III to Generation VI. This glitch appears due to the excessive use of hacking and cheating. This glitch results in the deletion of Pokemon or sometimes even the corruption of the player’s game data. This appears because the checksum does not match the game data’s calculations.

Can you delete eggs in Pokemon Go?

You will only get space for nine eggs, and it is impossible to delete them. What one needs to do is get rid of the eggs which hatch quickly.


Bad Egg Pokemon is a glitch that appears in the Pokemon games from Generation III to Generation VI. This glitch has made a lot of fans ask what this is about. The glitch appears when the player uses cheats and codes excessively. This is a frustrating glitch that could delete your Pokemon or could entirely corrupt the game data.

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has cleared all the doubts one would have had regarding Bad Egg Pokemon and would lead to a safer gaming experience and not get stuck with this frustrating glitch.

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