FFX Dark Matter – A Rare Useful Item To Deal Damage

FFX Dark Matter

FFX Dark Matter is one of the items to be used in battle. The offensive item is used for causing non-elemental damage to the enemies.

The primary use of the item is for customizing Ribbon Ability to an armor piece. This is an extremely expensive process. The item can also be used to customize the Break Damage Limit ability in the weapons. Can also be used in a mix or teach Full Break Ability.

Though a lot of enemies drop the item Dark Matter, 99 of them are needed in order to customize the Ribbon into armor making the item very valuable and rare. This also implies that Robbin is a more valuable asset that Break Damage Limit which a player will be able to obtain using a character’s Celestial Weapon.

How is FFX Dark Matter Obtained? 

It is possible to obtain Dark Matter by Bribing the Land Worm. The player will be able to get around two droppings for the cost of 2,000,000 Gil. This is very expensive and not practical for those players who wish to use the item before the final dungeon.

Dark Matter Obtained
Dark Matter Obtained

Another alternative in order to obtain the item is to battle Dark Yojimbo repeatedly.

Yojimbo is battled five times continuously and each time there is a chance for Yojimbo to drop Dark Matter. However, if the player goes pit of the cave or goes into the Blitzball menu then the battles get reset and start over. This allows the player to battle and defeats Yojimbo as many times as needed without killing Yojimbo.

Dark Matter is also dropped by Bosses such as Dark Bahamut, Dark Cindy, Dark Anima, Dark Ixion, etcetera.

99 Dark Matter can be obtained for unlocking Ultima Buster. This can be done after capturing five of every enemy type across the Spira.

FFX Dark Matter Uses

Use Command

Dark Matter Farming

The Use command makes the dark matter cause severe non-elemental damage to the enemies, much like the Ultima spells and the Flare spells, to the enemies.

Even though The command is very powerful, this is not an efficient use of the Dark Matter overall when it is compared to the extreme potency of the skills it is able to add to the equipment.

Aeon Potential

With two dark matters, Aeons can be taught Full Break ability. This is a highly effective ability that can be very powerful against many enemies that normally resist the attack of Aeons, making it a worthwhile item. However, after a bit of progression, many characters may have already acquired Full Break and would definitely be able to inflict it on an enemy before summoning the aeon.

Even though it is possible to Give Aeons Full Break Ability if spare dark matter is around (Such as receiving 99 by unlocking Ultima Buster) it should never be given priority.

Customizing FFX Dark Matter

Dark matter can be used for customizing the Break Damage Limit auto capability in Weapons. The item will be able to upgrade the damage limit of the weapon from 9999 to 99999. This in turn leads to the unlocking of the normal weapon’s potential. If the player uses it on an empty 4-slot weapon then the player would be allowed to create a very powerful weapon that has its own unique ability.

It is to be noted that the Celestial weapons of each character not just break the limit of damage but also ignore the Defense.

99 Dark Matter can be used on armour to give the Ribbon Auto Ability. This makes the character immune to all the Negative Status effects. This ability is very useful in the majority of the battles against Superbosses.

Ideally, the ability should be provided to all the three members of the party. However, in the beginning, it is best to provide the Ribbon to the character Rikku. Rikku will be able to use Mixes that can cure the status effects of the entire party immediately.


It is possible to mix Dark Matter with a wide range of items in order to create powerful mixes.

The Mixes include Final Elixir, Trio of 9999, Eccentrick, Sunburst and Quartet of 9.

Even though these mixes are all effects that are powerful, mixing Dark Matter with other substances is very inefficient considering the rarity of the item.

FFX Dark Matter Monster Arena

Dark Matter can be bribed from Land Worm in Monster Arena, with roughly two dropping for 2,000,000 Gil. Even though this is expensive, this is the most reliable way to obtain it. Another way to obtain it is to repeatedly battle Dark Yojimbo repeatedly.

FFX Dark Matter Break Damage Limit

The normal damage cap is Dark Yojimbo in the International and HD Remaster versions.9999, but with Break Damage Limit it rises to 99999. Break Damage Limit can be customized into weapons with 60 Dark Matters. Fully powered-up Celestial Weapons also have the ability to acquire Break Damage Limit.

Frequently Asked Questions on FFX Dark Matter

How do I get dark matter in FFX?

Dark matter can be obtained from Land Worm for a bribe. Another way of obtaining Dark matter is by battling Dark Yojimbo repeatedly. 

What do I do with FFX dark matter?

There are various uses of Dark Matter in FFX. It can be used to cause damage to the enemies but it is expensive considering the rarity of the material. It can also be used for learning certain abilities and also can be mixed with other substances to create Mixes. 

How much dark matter do you need for the Break Damage Limit?

The effect allows the Maximum damage to exceed the damage limit of 9999. This can be customized to a weapon with 60 Dark Matter. 

How do you break 9999 hp in FFX?

Break Limit can be made possible onto the armor by making use of 30 rare wings to Discovery Items. This raises the HP from 9999 to 99,999. Breaking HP Limit is the second dominant ability after Ribbon for armor. 


Dark Matter is one of the items that the player receives in the Final Fantasy X. The item is mainly used for causing Damage to the enemies however, the use of this item is not just limited to that. The item is very rare and expensive and should be used carefully by the player.

The name of the item is derived from the type of matter that shows no radiation which is seen in the vast expanse of space.

This article has answered the questions of what Dark Matter is and how to get it as well as its uses. Hopefully, this article has been insightful to the reader and has given a better understanding of FFX Dark Matter.

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