How To Remove Materia FFXIV – Your Trusty Guide to Unwanted Attachments

How To Remove Materia FFXIV

How to Remove Materia FFXIV is what this article attempts an answering for its readers. Whether it is possible to remove the said material from gear and if so how to do so is what this article attempts an answering. That being said let us dive in to get a better understanding of Matera in the Final Fantasy XIV video game.

First, let us get to know what Final Fantasy XIV is.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV or Final Fantasy Fourteen is an MMORPG or a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game which was released in 2010. As the name suggests, Final Fantasy XIV was the fourteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series set. It was also the second MMORPG entry in the series after Final Fantasy XI and was released for Microsoft Windows and was published by Square Enix

It began development in 2005 and was announced in 2009 for Windows and PlayStation 3.

The game is set in Eorzea and the player gets to control his or her customizable character as they go exploring across the game world fighting evil forces to protect their home planet. 

There are many times of materials available in the game and it is one such material that we will be discussing in this article along with how to remove or delete the said item. In this article, we will be focussing on the item called Materia, but, what is Materia? Let us find out.

What is Materia?

Materia is an in-game item used by the players to enhance the characters’ gear. They are used to improve the attributes of one’s gear and can be used in any gear which has sockets. 

It is possible to acquire the item Materia by using the method of extraction from equipment pieces which has 100% Spiritbond. 

The player will be able to know the piece of armor has got 100% Spiritbond by looking at the green dots at the bottom right of the screen which would turn white. 

Quick Tip: The Spiritbond percentage increases the more the player uses or wears the piece of armor for various activities such as battle, gathering, or crafting. 

Materia Types

The type of Materia one creates would be dependent on the intended class of the gear. 

NameStat Increased  
Battledance MateriaTenacity
Craftsman’s Command MateriaControl
Craftsman’s Competence MateriaCraftsmanship
Craftsman’s Cunning MateriaCP
Gatherer’s Grasp MateriaGP
Gatherer’s Guerdon MateriaGathering
Gatherer’s Guile MateriaPerception
Heaven’s Eye MateriaDirect Hit Rate
Piety MateriaPiety
Quick arm MateriaSkill Speed
Quicktongue MateriaSpell Speed
Savage Aim MateriaCritical Hit
Savage Might MateriaDetermination

How to Create Materia?

Follow the steps given below to create Materia in Final Fantasy XIV

  1. The Spiritbond of an item should be raised to 100%
  2. Convert the said item into Materia.
  3. As the Disciple of the Hand Class, the player should use the Materia, a catalyst, and a target item to do the melding process. 

If the player follows these steps correctly then they will be able to create Materia.

Is it Possible to Remove Materia in FFXIV?

Well, in Final Fantasy Fourteen it is possible to remove Materia from an item but it comes with a pretty hefty price. In the process of removing the Materia one loses all the materia as it destroys them in the process of removing. 

Now, we move on to how to remove Materia FFXIV. 

How to Remove Materia FFXIV

It is very easy to remove Materia from an Item in FFXIV however, it comes with a large price. In the process of removing Materia from an item, the Materia gets destroyed which would mean the player would have to extract and make them again after making Spiritbind 100% which would mean more battles, more gathering, and more collecting. To put it in a nutshell a player would have to do a lot more grinding. 

Mutamix NPC
Mutamix NPC

In order to Remove Materia in FFXIV, the player will have to speak with ith the Goblin NPC named Mutamix in the Central Thanalan (29,20).

The removal of the melded Materia from an item requires a payment of Gil (Gil or ギル, Giru which means GP or Gold is the in-game currency of the Final Fantasy series).

Materia Removal Option
Materia Removal Option

Once the payment is done, all the Materia attached to the item of the user’s choice will be removed. After removing the Materia the item will be destroyed as that is the only way to remove Materia.

Confirmation of Materia Removal
Confirmation of Materia Removal

The aforementioned method of removing Materia is the only process available for the removal of Materia from an item to date. 

FFXIV Remove Materia without destroying

While extracting  Materia is possible without destroying it. To do so follow the steps given below.

  1. Right-click on Item
  2. Press the Square
  3. Click on the X button on the item
  4. The Sub-Command menu pops up
  5. Select the option named ‘Extract Materia’

However,  as mentioned earlier it is not possible to remove Materia from an item without destroying the entire Materia in the item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you remove Materia from gear ff14?

If the player wishes to remove Materia from their gear, they would have to speak with the NPC Goblin Mutamix in the central Thanalan (29, 20), and after an additional payment of some amount, the player will be able to remove melded materials. 

Can Materia be extracted?

Extraction of Materia is available to players after Level 19. It allows a user to extract fully Spiritbond materials to make Materia.

Does removing materia destroy the item?

After patch 5.2 it is no longer possible to destroy an item after extracting Materia from it. 

Can you swap Materia Ffxiv?

It is possible to remove Materia, however, doing so would result in all the Materia in the items being moved and destroyed. 


The Question of ‘How to Remove Materia FFXIV’ has been asked by most of the players who players have played the Final Fantasy XIV game. The item which a player is able to make after intense grinding allows the players to have boosted attributes on armors and other similar items. Sometimes, after melding the Materia into an item a player might wish to remove the said attribute from it in which case, the question of How to remove Materia FFXIV will arise and that is what this article has attempted at answering. 

This article has discussed in detail what the Final Fantasy XIV game is all about and what Materia is. The article has also talked about how to create Materia as well as the various types of Materia available for the players. The primary focus of the article was to give an insight to the reader on How to remove Materia FFXIV and the article has discussed in detail what to do to make that possible and what happens once the player does this.

Hope this article has given the readers a better insight into How to remove Materia from an item and will hopefully help the readers in having a better and more enjoyable gaming experience!

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