Ghost Recon Frontline Announced: How Excited Should You Be?

ghost recon front line announced

Ghost Recon Frontline will be getting itself tested soon and everyone has their fingers crossed! Ghost Recon Frontline from Ubisoft Bucharest is not going to be basic, that’s for sure. It is free to play and will be going for testing in the next week only in select territories!

Ghost Recon Frontline Up For Testing From 4-21 October

Unveiled yesterday at the 20th anniversary of Ghost Recon, the Frontline from Ubisoft is a free-to-play, player-versus-player-focused first-person shooter game with support for 100-plus players. Titled as Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Frontline,

Ubisoft Bucharest has also developed other Tom Clancy titles. The studio’s main aim remains to create a game that combines tactical military action of the nearly 20-year-old Ghost Recon franchise with the massive engagements of the battle royale genre. Frontline’s main mode Showdown has an extraction twist in the vein of hunt.

Ghost Recon Frontline takes Ghost Recon back to it’s roots. The game will feature multiple game modes, but Ubisoft has shone the limelight only on one. Expedition will feature 100-plus players fighting as teams of three.

Players will have to work together with team spirit to complete dynamic objectives on a massive open-world map that will be set on an island called Drakemoor – home to a variety of biomes. Players won’t just have to eliminate each other in Expedition, they would also have to gather and protect important intel.

Players will also get to interrogate downed enemies to learn the location of enemy teammates. After accomplishment of your missions, you will have to fight for your survival as they call in an extraction team to escape with the precious intel.

ghost recon front line gameplay

Players will get a variety of tactical tools at their disposal. Ubisoft has also mentioned that there would be different paths to victory. Players can “reshape” the battlefield, call in their vehicles, auto turrets and use dynamic cover (like on-demand sniper towers via airdrops).

The developers also said that the Frontline is “built on core Ghost Recon values”. Long story short it will let players create their own solutions to solve situations and let them find unique ways to their gaming goals.

The Ghost Recon Frontline also offers a variety of player classes called contractors. A lot of hints were dropped by Ubisoft mentioning three contractor types that will be available right at launch. Assault will offer you amazing sustainability in close-range fights while Support, as the name suggests, will offer you protection with fortification abilities.

Scout will let you recon areas to reveal and pester enemies. Other quicker modes will soon be joining along with more contractors. All of it has been intricately planned by the developers and additional changes will be a part of ongoing seasonal update model for the free-to-play game.

Developers have confirmed that Frontline will evolve across multiple seasons, with new modes, maps, characters, tactical tools, and other content added during each new season.

On top of all that, it is also going to support full crossplay at launch between PC, consoles, and streaming services. Although the game hasn’t been launched yet, the exclusive PC beta test will be available for players in Europe from 14th to 21st October.

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