Far Cry 6 Release Date & Events: Everything You Need To Know

far cry 6 release date

Far Cry 6 release date is out and we are pretty sure it has got all fans frenzied about it! Releasing all across the globe on 7th October, Far Cry 6 is the sixth installment in the Far Cry series. Far Cry 5 became Ubisoft‘s best performing release in 2018 but New Dawn failed to garner any acclaim. Now, finally, after a few leaks, we have with us the Far Cry 6 release date! Read on to find more about Far Cry 6 release date and gameplay!

Far Cry 6 Release Date

Previously set to launch someday in February 2021, the sixth installment of Far Cry or Far Cry 6 will now release October 7, 2021. This first-person shooter game will be available on Amazon Luna, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia. Banking on Far Cry 5’s success, it’s only obvious that Ubisoft would release Far Cry 6.

far cry 6 release date

Growing into one of the most successful franchises, Far Cry has taken players across universes in their mission of battling evil.

The Far Cry has given us a tour through US, Africa, Australia, tropical islands and even the Himalayas! Now, players will be off combating all kinds of evil in the fictional Caribbean island of Yara where civil unrest has sprouted and a revolution brews.

What will we find once we get there? That’s something you have to find out on your own! Thanks to some screenshots, leaks, and a new trailer, we have an idea of what Far Cry 6 will consist of.

Far Cry 6: Gameplay

New Features

A few features will make a comeback while some others are going to make a new appearance. Let’s take a look at some features of Far Cry 6!

You will now receive perks for equipping different items of clothing and gear. Some of them help with stealth, while others will give you better control of your weapons.

You will be able to upgrade your weapons with attachments and mods.

New ‘Resolver’ weapons are now improvised devices that would require items found throughout Yara, such as a flamethrower, mini-gun, and a CD launcher.

With ‘Supremos‘ on your side you will be able to turn the tables on your enemies. One amongst these last-resort devices is the Exterminador, which launches mortars from the equipped backpack.

Your animal buddies make a comeback ‘Amigos‘. We are going to have Guapo, a gold-toothed crocodile, and Chorizo, an adorable dog in a wheelchair.

far cry 6 customizable vehicles

You can now customize your vehicles with all sorts of additions, such as a plow or a mounted gun turret.

Far Cry 6: Plot

Dani Rojas a.k.a the main character gets caught up in the brewing revolution on the island. He rises up against Castillo’s empty promise to restore the island back to its former glory but alas the path is strewn with thorns. Different groups of revolutionaries will differ in their approaches and motivations. None of them are congruent and all of them are confusing.

Far Cry 6 will include a range of areas within the island like beaches, waterfalls, jungles, villages, and the capital Esperanza. In the conflicting situation of Yara, we find rebels using tunnels and sewers for better navigation into larger settlements. This undetected navigation will also help them gain access to plenty of vehicles to move around with.

The animals prowling and crawling on the land are just as diverse as the locations. With all this and more, we hope Far Cry’s sixth installment rules the gaming industry again!

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