50+ Popular Roblox Gear Codes [2024]

Roblox Gear Codes

Roblox series has the vast sequels of game format where players encounter a variety of inbuilt stages that attract and allow them to develop their playing techniques. Roblox gears are the set of gear items resembling avatar shops used as a tool in the game. It was used on players’ demand for gear attributes or needs of character avatar like using gravity coil that has an advantage in speed of the run.

Many Roblox Gear Codes ID are used in games, like lasers, swords, and musical instruments. The purpose is to use it as a functional ability or simply for cosmetics, but in modern style, the only use of the gear is cosmetic.

Nowadays, Roblox series games often use the concept of gears in their gameplay, but if they want some of the effects that appear then they use the section of powerups and swords.

Gears have their own set of characteristics that has the power to help used players.

What is Roblox Gear?

Just like decals, the gears are the items that are created by the community. These items have special effects attached to them via Lua scripting. These effects can be firing a laser, exploding items, teleporting, enhancing tools, animated weapons, or musical instruments.

These Roblox Gears have codes attached to them which can be used in Roblox Studio or on the catalog page to use/equip the respective item. Each of these codes is unique to its item and is only available to equip if it’s distributable by the creator.

Types Of Roblox Gear

Following are the major types of Roblox Gears that are used a lot by players –

1. Personal Transport

Gears have the ability to help players to move physically anywhere in the area of the map. Some gears have the advantage that built the category of spawn vehicle models. For example – skateboards.

2. Social Items

The ability is used for the gears in a social event. The format has the glances description in multiple dancing potions or mini-game based on graphical user interface format.

3. Musical Instruments

The gears have the power to play any rhythm of the music in the game. These instruments look similar to Boombox just have different designs. They work the same as normal Boombox.

4. Building Tools

The concept itself defines building multiple structures or simply used to modify game formats that are not explosives. For example – a demonstration is given for bucket paint.

5. Explosives

Here, gears define the potential to explode. This ability is used to defeat the enemies behind the covers, either individually or in a group for general chaos. Weapons are used such as rocket launchers and bombs.

6. Navigation Enhancers

Navigating players to roam around the games to find their beneficiary to stay as long as possible. This section requires flying, higher jumps, or a normal increment in walking speed until the gear is equipped.

7. Power Ups

This ability is used to enhance the power of players that helps them to stay longer in the games. Power-ups include increments in walking speed or maximize health benefits, flying gears that are used as power-ups.

8. Melee Weapons

This weapon category comes with the advantage that includes edge-type armors like – swords and hammers. For example – dual-wielded used for melee weapons.

9. Ranged Weapon

To aim the distant targets these weapons come in consideration that are better for long-range use, such as, lasers and guns. Some of the ranged weapons aim indirectly like – spawned minions that help to attack in different directions.

Roblox Gear Codes

Following are the gears along with their ID Codes which you can use to get them –

Roblox GearTypeCode
Golden Super Fly BoomboxMusical Instruments212641536
Baseball BatSports Equipment55301897
Rainbow Magic CarpetCommute Gear225921000
Bombo’s Survival KnifeMelee Weapon121946387
Body Swap PotionPotion78730532
Attack DogeFight Companion257810065
Ronin KatanaMelee Weapon12187348
Arctic Fox TailWearable Weapon188853857
Red Hyperlaser GunLaser Gun212296936
Historic ‘Timmy’ GunOld School Gun116693764
Gravity CoilCharacter Equipment16688968
Boombox Gear 3.0Musical Instrument193769809
Ultimate Drive SpeedsterCommute Gear253519495
Ice Blue Rolling HoverboardCommute Gear2605965785
Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant LightRanged Weapon11377306
Ice Dragon SlayerMythical Weapon168141301
Galactic Laser GunLaser Gun168143042
Mad Murderer KnifeMelee Weapon170897263
Speed CoilCharacter Equipment99119158
Sword of the EpicrednessClassic Sword409745306
Grapple HookCommute Gear30393548
BB GunClose Combat Gun42845609
Golden Steampunk GlovesMelee Weapon243790334
Korblox Mage StaffMythical Weapon127506105
Starblox LatteBeverage15932306
Beat Up Super Jank BoomboxMusical Instrument319655993
Penguin Power PetCompanion172248941
ClaymoreClassic Sword11452821
Teddy BloxpinToy12848902
Luger PistolOld School Pistol95354288
Trench Warfare ShotgunClassic Gun94233344
KatanaClassic Sword11453385
Red Rolling HoverboardCommute Gear398675172
Golden Rolling HoverboardCommute Gear928805891
Delux Rainbow Magic CarpetCommute Gear477910063
Paint BucketMiscellaneous 18474459
Mad Morning StarSwing Weapon170902990
Fuse BombThrowable Weapon11563251
SpikesplosionThrowable Weapon73888479
Black Hole BombThrowable Weapon28277486
Paint GrenadeThrowable Weapon172246820
Subspace TripmineExplosive Device11999247
Hot PotatoThrowable Weapon25741198
Exploding HeartThrowable Weapon178076989
CocoWHAAA?Throwable Weapon24396804
Pig Boson CollidorFunny Gun88143093
Bundle of TNTDeadly Explosive12902404
CrowbarMelee Weapon21445765
Fiery Bone TrapTrap63253706
Implosion BombThrowable Weapon108875216

1. Golden Super Fly Boombox

Roblox Golden Super Fly Boombox

Code: 212641536

It is nothing but to play the music only. You can use it to listen to the hottest jams all over the town.

2. Baseball Bat

Roblox Baseball Bat

Code: 55301897

You can take it out only for the ball game and it is available for 500 Robux.

3. Rainbow Magic Carpet

Roblox Rainbow Magic Carpet

Roblox Gear Code: 225921000

You can ride this carpet through the skies which leaves a rainbow trail behind you and it is available for 700 Robux.

4. Bombo’s Survival Knife

Roblox Bombo's Survival Knife

Code: 121946387

It is one of the basic and useful tools for melee attacks which is available for 100 Robux.

5. Body Swap Potion

Roblox Body Swap Potion

Code: 78730532

It will help you to live like someone else’s life which you have imagined since childhood. It is available for 400 Robux.

6. Attack Doge

Roblox Attack Doge

Roblox Gear Code: 257810065

If you see many enemies send this doge by clicking on the enemy target. This doge does not bite but bark increases by seeing the number of enemies. This gear is available for 250 Robux.

7. Ronin Katana

Roblox Ronin Katana

Code: 12187348

It is the sword of ronin samurai who had no master or lord. It can be purchased for 45 Robux.

8. Arctic Fox Tail

Roblox Arctic Fox Tail

Code: 188853857

You can wear this tail on your head to deal 22.5 damage to the enemies. It is sold for 275 Robux.

9. Red Hyperlaser Gun

Roblox Red Hyperlaser Gun

Code: 212296936

It provides a one-hit KO and is known to be one of the fastest laser beams available for 650 Robux.

10. Historic ‘Timmy’ Gun

Roblox Historic 'Timmy' Gun

Code: 116693764

This gun is liked by civilians, police, criminals, and soldiers because of it’s high fire rate, reliability, compactness, and ergonomics. It is sold for 1000 Robux.

11. Gravity Coil

Roblox Gravity Coil

Code: 16688968

If you wear this item then it reduces the effect of gravity on your character by 75% and this will let you fall at slow speeds from great heights and jump higher. This gear is available for 250 Robux.

12. Boombox Gear 3.0

Roblox Boombox Gear 3.0

Code: 193769809

You can use it to play any of the songs, just put up any of the sound ID in it.

13. Ultimate Drive Speedster

Roblox Ultimate Drive Speedster

Code: 253519495

Buy this gear by spending 750 Robux, then you need to just click to get this vehicle on road. This car has a seating capacity of only two passengers.

14. Ice Blue Rolling Hoverboard

Roblox Ice Blue Rolling Hoverboard

Roblox Gear Code: 2605965785

To roll around the city you should purchase this blue cool hoverboard for 150 Robux.

15. Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light

Roblox Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light

Code: 11377306

A blade that does not cast a shadow in the light also. It can be bought for 15 Robux.

16. Ice Dragon Slayer

Roblox Ice Dragon Slayer

Code: 168141301

Hit the enemies with the mythical sword which will partially freeze them, slow down their movement, and provide 15 damage. You can get it for 350 Robux.

17. Galactic Laser Gun

Roblox Galactic Laser Gun

Code: 168143042

Enemies from any planet will fear your power and wrath. It can be purchased for 375 Robux.

18. Mad Murderer Knife

Roblox Mad Murderer Knife

Code: 170897263

Are you mad bro? Yes. It will stab the enemies instantly into blox. It is available in the shop for 500.

19. Speed Coil

Roblox Speed Coil

Code: 99119158

Spend 250 Robux to buy this coil and boost your speed.

20. Sword of the Epicredness

Roblox Sword of the Epicredness

Code: 409745306

This sword deal 22-16 slash damage and if you perform the red flame shoot then it can deal the additional damage of 25. If any of the enemies gets stuck in the red orb explosion then it deals 40 damage. This sword can be bought for 500 Robux.

21. Grapple Hook

Roblox Grapple Hook

Code: 30393548

Just used to grapple anything. Available in the store for 705 Robux.

22. BB Gun

Roblox BB Gun

Roblox Gear Code: 42845609

Just watch out your own eye while firing. You can get it for 750 Robux.

23. Golden Steampunk Gloves

Roblox Golden Steampunk Gloves

Code: 243790334

Wear it and swing it to deal the damage of 15 per hit, alongside it also throws the enemy away. It is sold for 325 Robux.

24. Korblox Mage Staff

Roblox Korblox Mage Staff

Roblox Gear Code: 127506105

It releases a number of spears in the sky and falls down towards the enemies. If the spear miss the enemies the explode will deal a little damage to them. Purchase this for 1000 Robux.

25. Starblox Latte

Roblox Starblox Latte

Code: 15932306

This Latte will let you walk in a speedy manner and you will get it for 125 Robux.

26. Beat Up Super Jank Boombox

Roblox Beat Up Super Jank Boombox

Code: 319655993

You can play your hit songs and even if you are lucky then it can play all.

27. Penguin Power Pet

Roblox Penguin Power Pet

Roblox Gear Code: 172248941

You can get this pet for 300 and then click to equip this as a friend. Penguins will follow you everywhere and if you will click on the pet then Penguin will jump on your backside and also pet will help you to slide around the map.

28. Claymore

Roblox Claymore

Code: 11452821

The most loved sword by the McBlox clan is available for 35 Robux.

29. Teddy Bloxpin

Roblox Teddy Bloxpin

Code: 12848902

It is available for 100 Robux and he wuvs you!

30. Luger Pistol

Roblox Luger Pistol

Roblox Gear Code: 95354288

It is a WW2 Luger old-school relic for a war that lets you attack different body parts for different effects. You buy it from the shop for 700 Robux.

31. Trench Warfare Shotgun

Roblox Trench Warfare Shotgun

Code: 94233344

A trench gun can shoot 20 bullets in a single round, it sprays around the enemy which provides the hit to nearby enemies also. It is available for 800 Robux.

32. Katana

Roblox Katana

Roblox Gear Code: 11453385

This sword will let you cut the enemies in a single action and you purchase it for 250 Robux.

33. Red Rolling Hoverboard

Roblox Red Rolling Hoverboard

Code: 398675172

Just to roam around the city you need this red color hoverboard which can be bought for 150 Robux.

34. Golden Rolling Hoverboard

Roblox Golden Rolling Hoverboard

Code: 928805891

It is a gold color hoverboard to make your movement easy in the town. You can get it for 200 Robux.

35. Delux Rainbow Magic Carpet

Roblox Delux Rainbow Magic Carpet

Code: 477910063

It is a large size magic carpet with a seating capacity of two players. Buy it from the Roblox store for 750 Robux.

36. Paint Bucket

Roblox Paint Bucket

Code: 18474459

It is said to be a tool for vandalism, you just need to hold the left mouse button and you can paint everything.

37. Mad Morning Star

Roblox Mad Morning Star

Code: 170902990

You need to swing this mace which will lead to drastic damage. Get it for 425 Robux from the Roblox store.

38. Fuse Bomb

Roblox Fuse Bomb

Code: 11563251

It is a casual bomb, go get it from store by spending 30 Robux.

39. Spikesplosion

Roblox Spikesplosion

Roblox Gear Code: 73888479

It is an upgraded version of a bomb with spikes. It is available in the shop for 800 Robux.

40. Black Hole Bomb

Roblox Black Hole Bomb

Code: 28277486

This is the opposite of Fuse Bomb, it attracts everyone towards it. Purchase it from the Roblox shop for 550 Robux.

41. Paint Grenade

Roblox Paint Grenade

Code: 172246820

It is just the grenade which will release the paint and it can be bought for 300 Robux.

42. Subspace Tripmine

Roblox Subspace Tripmine

Code: 11999247

A lethal explosive device creates a gashing hole resulting in the reification of a large explosion which leads to devastating damage. It is sold for 150 Robux.

43. Hot Potato

Roblox Hot Potato

Code: 25741198

You can activate it by left click, and passing it before it explodes. It can be bought for 190 Robux.

44. Exploding Heart

Roblox Exploding Heart

Roblox Gear Code: 178076989

A grenade that will push back your enemies along with the damage of 30-35 points. You can get it for 700 Robux.

45. CocoWHAAA

Roblox CocoWHAAA

Code: 24396804

A type of bomb which can lure you to drink water if you are thirsty, surely once you try it you won’t feel thirsty again! Get it from the store for 700 Robux.

46. Pig Boson Collidor

Roblox Pig Boson Collidor

Code: 88143093

Just a funny gun that will destroy the enemies for hilarity and you can purchase it for 800 Robux.

47. Bundle of TNT

Roblox Bundle of TNT

Code: 12902404

A TNT was synthesized in three steps to make it a deadly and devastating explosive. It is available in the shop for 700 Robux.

48. Crowbar

Roblox Crowbar

Code: 21445765

Use this gear to smash things easily into pieces. 350 Robux is charged for this Crowbar.

49. Fiery Bone Trap

Roblox Fiery Bone Trap

Code: 63253706

Scatter these traps to create fear in enemies and if they get stuck in these traps then will be turned into ashes.

50. Implosion Bomb

Roblox Implosion Bomb

Code: 108875216

Throw this bomb on the ground and it will sound a beep of five seconds before it implodes. You can purchase it for 750 Robux.

How to use Roblox Gear Codes?

Once you mention gear codes, follow the steps to get the gear in your inventory.

  1. Users need to login into their respective Roblox account.
  2. Move to catalog/library page.
  3. Now, go to the URL – https://www.roblox.com/catalog/108875216/ where 108875216 is the code. Replace this code with respective gear code to open the catalog page. Once the page is opened, click on green button “Get.”
  4. If it gets accepted you will receive a gear in your inventory. If the gear is removed by the creator, the green Get button will be not clickable.

For the new game concept, it is understood that gear codes get expired overnight so that users can redeem as much as gear for their benefits on time.

Gear Termination

Every Gear in Roblox has a period to perform; after a specific time, they get terminated as users purchase these gears. This set of gear items costs much cheaper than usual gears available in Roblox games. In the new series, the gear termination features are not in the run as the expiration concept is called as User’s Inventory.

The gear has the descriptive section where the termination period is mentioned under their thumbnail. After the termination of equipment, it cannot be used for further attacks by any character in the game.

Some of the special gears sell on events and holidays such as on date of Vuvuzelas and fireworks on 4th July.

Other Roblox Items

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