How To Do Fishing In Far Cry 6 | Angelfish, Tench, Sharks & Other Fishes

Fishing In Far Cry 6

There are many side quests or activities in the games which increase the in-game experience and reward you heavily. Many of the AAA Titles have long side missions to cover. Moreover, in role-playing action games, everything is relied on the rewards for the mission accomplished.

Fishing In Far Cry 6 is a cool thing that you can perform to catch some of the unique fish. There are 19 unique fishes in different fishing spots. Namely Angelfish, Barracuda, Bass, Biajaca, Bull Shark, Burro Grunt, Carp, Catfish, French Grunt, Gar, Horse-eye Jack, Parrotfish, Permit, Reef Shark, Snook, Squirrelfish, Tarpon, Tench, and Tilapia.

This blog is all about educating the players on being a better fishing person in the game Far Cry 6. Some basic points are also to be taken care of to finish the work without incompletion or failure on Fishing.

Making Fishing Tool Better

Getting the qualitative means of weapon is equally important to possessing tactics to get fishing done in Far Cry 6. Firstly the player should update the tool that he/she is having for the Fishing in Far Cry 6. The pole of fishing can be updated by identifying the tackle boxes in the game.

Far Cry 6 Fishing Rod

Those Tackle boxes will be found in Islands having fuel depots. This is the first step and once when it is done the pole is in the player’s hand. Now all needed is an updation. Each part of the pole plays a major role in Fishing In Far Cry 6.

The socket line, lure, and a few things have to be altered according to the player’s preference identifying which one is better and easier to accomplish the mission. Picking up the best part of the tool adds a greater advantage. Fishermen’s gear can also be upgraded in Guerrilla Camp. Other parts to player comforts like gloves are kept available here for Fishing In Far Cry 6.

The Fishing Process

Once all the basic eligible necessities are done the player here steps to the fishing. As in the normal course, the bait should be thrown into the water. Some Movements of fish are spotted. At this time if the hook is pulled into it, all the player has to do now is to move in the opposite direction.

Far Cry 6 Fish Movement

To be more clear the fish pulls the hook inside water the player should move towards him in order to bring that to the land. Moving towards the opposite direction of the fish swim makes the action to be easier. Movement is indicated and following that the player should do Fishing In Far Cry 6. Forcing the opposite direction makes the play to be edible and simple.

Also, make sure that you’re rod is not vibrating. If the rod starts vibrating, release the rod for a little bit otherwise it’ll snap.

Trick: There is a small hack when capturing hard fish. Once the bait gets stuck, you have to handle the rod so that it doesn’t break, then wait for the fish to get tired. Once, it settles down you can pull the fish instantly.

Hindrance While Fishing

Fishing in Far Cry 6 Captured

During dark or sometimes during the day some difficulties may occur. It will not be too bad but being aware and moving aside from it will be very useful for the smooth flow of Fishing. At times there are some rocks, boats, or even other competitors residing in the water.

The player should have a keen watch and be careful in looking at what is exactly moving around waters. If it is something other than prey it is better to be far away from that. Change of other colors during movements are good indicators of the player’s Fishing.

By following all these the user gets the job of Fishing In Far Cry 6 done.

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