Far Cry 6 McKay Wave Jammer Locations

McKay Wave Jammer Locations

Far Cry 6 is an action-based first-person shooter adventures format gameplay designed for single and multiplayer mode. Its release for various platforms like the Xbox series, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Amazon Luna, and Stadia on October 7, 2021, and was developed by Ubisoft Toronto and published by Ubisoft. The gameplay was the same as the battlefield with weapons, treasure hunts, different potent characters, and many more.

In the game, McKay wave jammer demands players to destroy the El Este region, which gives players a task to perform several locations hunting. Players instruct to disable all the wave jammer areas to finish the “We’re (un)Jamminn” Yaran story, but all the spots are not visible on the game map.

The game gives the facilities of varying location hunting to the players where they find various advantages and gain rewards as a trophy and achievements in return.

What are McKay Wave Jammer Locations in Far Cry 6?

The guide is here to visible the path for players to visit all locations but the most straightforward route to see these locations is to see them from the helicopter in the sky as the light on each site are blinks to visualize.

Players have to disable the circuit box to destruct the jammer, so they must climb towards the wave jammers to reach the exact spot. There is no need to have the list of the quest before destroying these jammers.

If players have the search, they have the advantage of figuring out the number of jammers they conquered and the number of jammers that are left. All the locations are visible in the El Este range towards the north-east direction, and they are a circle with red color spots that shows their existence.

There are 11 Mckay wave jammers with their location spread across El Este in the Far Cry 6.

Far Cry 6 All McKay Wave Jammer Locations

McKay wave jammer [1]

Players get the interaction with the first wave jammer when they participate in the tourist trap. They get encounters across that area of the primary story mission.

Players allow to destruct that area and find out every enemy presented at the spot. After the battle with the enemies, players are supposed to tackle all enemies to destroy the circuit box, lying on the container put on the rooftop.

McKay wave jammer [2]

Players must visit the location after getting the hint from the guide. There was the building tower where the circuit box was. You must encounter the circuit box and disable the jammer.

McKay wave jammer [3]

Players must reach the given location and spot the building of La Joya’s local PDP office. After that, players must go to the top of the building.

With the help of Zipline, they allowed entering into the tower and then found the wave jammers to destruct it.

McKay wave jammer [4]

Players visited the given signed location, and they spotted the tower. With the assist of a grappling hook, they reach the top of that tower and find the jammers to destroy it.

McKay wave jammer [5]

Players get the jammer presented in a tower, and they allow to climb up the building with the help of a container kept in that area to destroy the jammer.

McKay wave jammer [6]

Players reach the marked area, and they can visit any hilltop near the tower’s site. They will take the facility of a helicopter or a wingsuit to arrive at the exact location of the building to destroy the jammers.

McKay wave jammer [7]

Players must find the crates from that marked area and reach towards the jammer. They must climb up to the tower to visit the top and destroy the jammer.

McKay wave jammer [8]

Players must visit the marked location to destroy the jammer. The demands to reach the exact spot of a red container by climbing up there.

McKay wave jammer [9]

The player should visit the given location and encounter their enemies, and after tackling all of them, they must climb on to reach the spot of the red container where you find the circuit box and proceed to disable the jammer.

McKay wave jammer [10]

Players allow finding some wood in that area along with the container on the detected marked location. Then they climb on the container to disable the wave jammer.

McKay wave jammer [11]

It is the last location to visit by players, where they found the previous container on the above-spotted site. With the help of a ladder, players facilitate to climb up the container from the backside to disable the presented wave jammer.

All these above 11 McKay wave jammer locations allow players to visit different regions and perform the task that helps them complete their hunt and receive achievements and towards after destructing the last jammer and simultaneously the side quest we are (Un) Jammin will also terminate immediately.

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