Far Cry 6 Interactive Map | Full World Map of Yara With Markers

Far Cry 6 Interactive Map

Far Cry 6 Interactive Map is a whole world in itself. The sprawling map consists of exotic locations and we know how finding the whole world at your fingertips can confuse you. After all, the fictitious land of Yara is not the only one who holds many secrets and mysteries close to itself.

Players are awestruck at the amount of work developers have put into the whole map. Stunning visuals pair up perfectly with the truly gigantic map. Fans are still discussing about the amazing interactive map and it’s perks.

Confused about where to go first? Chaos everywhere and mind full of muddled thoughts? Fret not, we will provide you with all the details you need to know!

Far Cry 6 Interactive Map

The Far Cry 6 interactive map is like a box full of surprises on Christmas. You know that you will be getting gifts and surprises but you don’t know how good they will be!

Rumored as the biggest Ubisoft map ever created, the Far Cry 6 has a pretty badass protagonist. Dani Rojas, the main character, would have to travel across the Yaran flora (fighting off fauna in some cases) to complete missions in three quite different factions. Each faction is located around a specific area of the map.

Map Features

Map MarkerDetails
FND_Cache FND CachesLabeled military chests containing rare items or materials.
FND_Base FND BasesThese are hostile Outposts from old Far Cry games.
Guerrilla_Camp Guerrilla CampCamp facilities with construction desk.
Guerrilla_Hideout Guerrilla HideoutTactical hideout areas.
Hidden_History_Document Hidden History DocumentDocuments containing valuable information.
Jewelry_Box Jewelry BoxRandom drops.
Libertad_Crate Libertad CrateContains wearable gears or buff items or Supremo Bonds.
Oluwa_Shrine Oluwa ShrineSmall blue pots which award instant 50 XP.
Mystery_Drop Mystery DropDrops.
Treasure_Hunt Treasure HuntsA specific type of mission that provides you with rare rewards.
Side_Quest Yaran StoriesA type of optional Side Mission.
AA_Gun Anti-Aircraft SitesCannons that help you prevent aircraft from passing in high airspace till they’ve been destroyed.
FND_Checkpoint CheckpointsPerform as Roadblocks by preventing cars from passing until captured by you.
Ambush AmbushesIt is a planned attack on Yaran Military Forces that will get you rewards.
Unique_Weapon Unique WeaponsLabeled as Yaran Contraband, these are unique weapons hidden across the map.
Rooster RoostersA collectible that can be used for the Cockfighting Minigame.
USB_Song USB SticksThis collectible allows new songs to played in your vehicles.
Criptograma_Chest Criptograma Chests and ChartsThese Chest-and-key hidden collectibles which reward players with rare items.
Gran_Premio_Race Gran Premio RacesLocations where the Gran Premio racing minigame is held.

Far Cry 6 Map Dimensions

The complete Far Cry 6 interactive map is complete with Map Features, collectibles and specific characters who hold authority in the particular regions.

Although we have no confirmed number from Ubisoft officially, the Yaran map spans across 9.019 kilometers from North to South and about 9.172 kilometers from West to East.

All the territories in Far Cry 6 interactive map are almost of the same size and difficulty. These territories will challenge and thrill you! With over 80 square kilometers of area filled with fun of all kinds, the Far Cry 6 interactive map houses missions, side quests, rewards and more!

Regions In Yara

  • Isla Santuario
  • Madrugada
  • Valle De Oro
  • El Este
  • Esperanza

Isla Santuario

Detached from Yara, the Isla Santuario is a small island that includes regions like Quito and Vencejo. It is controlled by Commander Rosario and survival on this little island will not be easy.

Have you noticed crows? They carry trinkets with them of all kinds, no matter how useless they seem at first. Learn from your raucous feathery friends and collect gasoline, extra armors and everything else you can find!

Strike a perfect balance with the raw materials that you find on your way to make progress in your story ten times easier. The things you collect will also help you customize and upgrade your arsenal. Ample amount of peaks, valleys and lush vegetation are available for you to practice navigation and shooting.


One amongst the factions that you will be tasked with is Madrugada. Located in the western region of Yara, Madrugada is a tame pet that can turn vicious in the blink of an eye.

The difficulty will depend on your Rank Level and as your character levels up, the enemies and your obstacles will increase too. Madrugada is filled with open roads and twisting valleys that could into the unexplored and unknown.

Madrugada is also the place where you will be able to unlock Chorizo and you will find Hidden Histories like Montero Fragment 1, Philly Magic 1, El Pequeno 1, Montero Fragment 3, Regime Relics 2 and so on.

Madrugada also features the main questline and Meet The Monteros. It is home to the evil Anton Castillo’s Viviro pharmaceutical plant. The pharmaceutical plant is the source of Castillo’s power and money.

It represents the exploited tobacco farmers and is full with both family drama and history. It’s the best place to start your adventure. You will also be able to find Criptograma Charts here. The Dog and the Pig can be found in Costa del Mar located in El Ojo Cenote.

You will find the Rooster and the Yara Libre at Costa del Mar, Tempestad Lighthouse. El Trompo will be at Lozania in Verdera along with Sunrise Mariposa Flower. The Yaran Queen Butterfly and Shark can be found in Aguas Lindas, Ocaso Bay in Far Cry 6.

Valle De Oro

Housing the Maximas Matanzas, the Valle De Oro is located in the center of the map. The Maximas Matanzas is a rap crew led by Talia and Paolo whose voices will prove powerful in a conflict against Castillo.

Beginning from the northernmost area of Yara to the northeastern area, the Valle De Oro stretches far and wide on the map. It’s a bit tougher than Madrugada and yet another Guerrilla Camp and Amigo to unlock the Valle De Oro will keep challenging the players.

Home to Castillo’s favourable Minister Of Culture, Maria Marquessa, the Maximas Matanzas will lead you into a quest to unlock Boom Boom – your canine companion. Do not forget to take Maria Marquessa down.

You will also be able to find Criptograma Charts here. The Tarantula can be found at Noventarmas while the Boxing Gloves will be waiting for you at the same place in Cielo Gardens. You will find the coin and the Mamey Sapote at Muerte Point.

The Liberetad Embled can be found at the Diamante Lake along with the Starfish. You will find Cat and Soursop in Cruz Del Salvador, Sabiduria Valley.

El Este

El Este is a mountainous region brimming with thick wild fauna. It provides you with excellent cover and doesn’t just help you with parkour. It aids you in climbing, trekking and sliding around.

The mountains house the Legends of ’67, the fighters who once upon a time overthrew Castillo’s just as evil and antagonistic father. Their aid with the invasion of Esperanza will work wonders for Libertad.

But the Legends of ’67 are not the only heroes around. La Moral – led by Yelena and Jonrón do not really bond with the Legends. Once you’ve met the Legends, a quest will help you unlock Chicharrón, the killer rooster.

You will also be able to find Criptograma Charts here. Like the horse and the Domino located in Sierra Perdida, Nueva Vida. You will be able to find El Crocodilo and Tocororo in Sierra Perdida, Savannah Fields. Cigar and Croco Taxi can be both found in La Joya, Dorada Cove. The Chalice and the Machete can be found at Conuco, Concepcion.


Featuring next on the list is Esperanza – the capital of Yara. The revolution brewing in the city has earned itself a nickname “Lion’s Den.” It is the first city that appears in series and literally the word Esperanza means “hope” in Spanish.

The capital city of Esperanza is most probably based off on the capital Cuba, Havana. One of the main missions in the Esperanza include The Battle Of Esperanza. The antagonist, Anton Castillo and his son Diego plan and carry out their operations here. Base for their evil schemes, Dani will need to begin her escape from Yara.

It is a very heavily guarded territory and is fortress of a city garrisoned by dangerous elite guards patrolling each millimeter of the area. Do not stray there before your mission sends you there. The Criptograma Charts in the Esperanza region include Car Casico and El Flamenco both based in West Lazo. You will find Rum and La Guitarra in Old Pueblo.

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