Far Cry 6 Slip Sliding Away Trophy (Slide 200m) Guide

Slip Sliding Away Trophy

Not all levels of action games require fighting or defeating missions. Some may also be very easy and quick that even beginners can get it done without a guide. It appears to be like even a just step of walk completes the task successfully. In those cases these act as relaxation points in the midst of various hard action series.

Slip Sliding Away Trophy is awarded to players who slide for 200m or more. This task may seem easy but when you actually try it, it is hard. To complete this challenge you have to find the perfect place to jump and slide along. In this post, we’ll go through the location and best way to complete this trophy.

Slip Sliding Away Trophy Walkthrough

As mentioned earlier it is one of the very easy and simple tasks that the player undergoes in the Far Cry 6 game. It is a matter of minutes without searching for a location or any other delaying aspect from the point of the game.

The entire guide of how to complete it without missing a small hole is given here on the Slip Sliding Away Trophy guide.

Slip Sliding Away Trophy Location

The location where the task has to be done is marked on the map using an arrow and the player now has to be placed in the area.

Slip Sliding Away Trophy Walkthrough 1

The environment is full of big stones appearing to be a valley or hill and having a river at the very far left end. Once placed in the location the player has just to walk a few steps straight.

Here big heavy rock stops the way. The fighter now had to climb and keep a few steps upward from the former move.

Slip Sliding Away Trophy Walkthrough 2

By walking straight for other couples of steps here comes the next big rock on Slip Sliding Away Trophy. The same work has to be done here as before.

The player should climb and reach the top of it by the simple upward move. This is a little higher point than the former step. The player has now arrived in the exact task place. It is all the sliding point the work is about.

This area seems to be far from usual rocks but gives a rustic structure having an unpleasant path and nonslider board on Slip Sliding Away Trophy.

Slip Sliding Away Trophy Walkthrough 3

The midpoint of the quest arrives here. The place is the fighter has come now is a slope projected one. No steps or no rocks to be crossed by walking.

This gives meaning to the name Slip Sliding Away Trophy. The player has to slide all the way through downwards.

It doesn’t finish within a few seconds as done is past climbing. It takes about some time higher than has already been done.

The player goes sliding according to the end curves of turns. After a long steep slideway, the survivor now reaches the equal land of walk having grass and simple stones.

By walking and moving through the slide of rocks and hills the player completes the task of Slip Sliding Away Trophy.

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