Far Cry 6 Not So Tough Trophy Guide

Not So Tough Trophy Guide

The primary use of any weapon is to safeguard the player from being dropped down. It is the expected aspect for each and every Id creator of role-playing action video games.

Not So Tough Trophy in Far Cry 6 is the vital key act in order to get in terms of bringing a standard player. It totally makes use of available resources to acquire the best from the task. Everything is perfectly planned and guided for players on terms of the Trophy.

The EMP of Not So Tough Trophy


The holding and usage of EMP ability are very prominent as there is the best use of it to complete some effective missions. To have this advantage in hand the player must first get either Supremo “Volta” or the Resolver Weapon”Zeusito” from Juan.


Juan is on a small island Libertad HQ which can be located on the map. The worth of each weapon is 100 Depleted Uranium which can be seized from multiple locations. Here is the EMP for players.

Actual Mission

The weapon Zeusito and Volta that had been acquired on Not So Tough Trophy has the EMP ability which is of greater use in order to hijack the tank. Nextly the player should be more familiar with the place where very often the tanks are spotted.

By doing so the player has no chance of wasting time or delaying with the useful weapon because of lack of awareness. There is a place where tanks are continuously spotted on the side of roads or in some other areas of this region. The place is in the North part of Madrugada.

Especially in mud track, these acquiring tanks are seen. Going to this place Not So Tough Trophy work becomes even easier. At this place, the player surely sees a tank either straight or moving in some part of the surroundings. A closed eye has to be kept to watch its movements.

When the tank is seen from the eyes of players he/she had to run at the back of it and try to get that under control. Irrespective of the speed or moving velocity the player has to follow that without being missed. Here the survivor has to make a mental move.


The player should reach the place which will be a very easy target to attack the tank. With the few steps of following the player has to run at the apt pointing area to attack the tack with the new efficient weapon on the closed targeted eye.

Here the player can use either Zeusito or Volta to be the hero of the mission. And keep the other arrangements as moving type ready. The EMP is set to go for its use. Now the player reaches the attacking shortcut route when the tank passes.

Now when the tank crosses the player, he/she should make the tank stop by using the weapon. If the person uses Zeusito R2 had to be pressed and it is Volta Supremo L1+R1 has to be pressed. This makes the moving tank mobile. At this stage, the player has to go near the tank and open the top roof.


If a character is spotted it has to be shot down. When all the hindrances are cleared up for Not So Tough Trophy the user now has to press R3 to hijack the tank.

Here is the good completion of Not So Tough Trophy with all its necessities and Perfect usages.

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