Ninjerilla Trophy Achievement Guide – Far Cry 6

Ninjerilla Trophy Achievement Guide

Ninjerilla Trophy will require you to capture an FND Base without getting detected. It is a solo campaign [Bronze] and will be quite easy to achieve if you get the hang of it! The Far Cry 6 Ninjerilla Trophy is full of challenges that will test you.

It includes a truckload of enemy outposts, rifles, and thrill. Sneaking into the enemy land is never a good idea. Sneaking in and wreaking utter havoc? Even worse but fun. Read on to find out everything about the Ninjerilla Trophy and unlock it!

Far Cry 6 Ninjerilla Trophy Guide

There will be 21 FND Bases (enemy outposts) for you to conquer. The FND Bases are a type of military facility on the world map. You can seize a trophy by sneaking once early on in the game but it won’t help you every time.

The further the base is located, the more difficult will it be to take them over. The bases in far-off places will be filled to the brim with enemies both dangerous and elite.

Ninjerilla Trophy FND-Base-Cabeza-Fuel-Depot

You can choose the Cabeza Fuel Depot – an FND base on Isla Santurio to get the trophy (if you favor an easy way out).

The premise of the achievement relies on your ability to not be seen by your enemies and your ability to stealthily move through an enemy outpost without alerting your enemies to your presence. We recommend using the Dark Tech Gear Set to increase your stealth and remain undetected.

Make sure you leave no traces. Don’t let them discover any soldier’s body or see you killing someone in front of them.

Far Cry 6 Supressed Gun

You can use a suppressed rifle to eliminate your enemies without anyone getting the slightest hint of the killings. Unlock and install a silencer at one of the workbenches.

If not, take down your enemies quietly with a machete. Do a reconnaissance of the area with your smartphone before heading directly into an FND Base. Climb onto one of the large tanks found nearby in Cabeza Fuel Depot in Far Cry 6.

Assessing an unknown enemy land before entering is never a bad idea. Tag all visible enemies and interactive objects like cameras, cages with wild animals, or alarm switches.

Pay absolute attention to your enemies and make sure you take them down with a shot without being detected. Use your weapons with a suppressor whenever you’re on the hunt.

Make sure no one sees you killing or shooting your bodies. You can also sneak and pay attention to the radar in the process. For example, you can use baseballs to distract enemies and lure them away from the others.

You can also destroy the wild animal cage to take down the base while remaining undetected. The animal could also help you by attacking your enemies.

Seize a tan FND Base successfully and ensure that your summary screen remains undetected and unnoticed. Remember that the trophy will only be yours if you conquer bases without getting detected or seen.

Far Cry 6 includes a lot of quests and missions that will get you instantly addicted to the thrill! It has Platinum, Gold (Viva La Revolucion and Liberty), Silver and Bronze trophies like Finders Keepers!, Undying Tradition, Speed Racer, Alpha Guerrilla, and more!

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