Far Cry 6 Death from Above Trophy Guide

Death from Above Trophy

Shooting the enemy down is the essence of many games that have become more popular in the gaming world. It is still a puzzle when it comes to what has made the players have so much craze for shooting. Though it is animated they get a kind of feel of really shooting experience in Far Cry 6.

Death from Above Trophy is a simple task given to the player to shoot out the enemy from the sky. You might think what is different about it, Shooting doesn’t mean you have to shoot from the ground rather you are flying up high and aim for the shot on the ground. Interesting right?

Death from Above Trophy

Getting into the location of Death from Above Trophy level you will start by flying in the helicopter. After a few minutes, you will jump off the helicopter and use the parachute and pull your gun out.

Death from Above Trophy Guide

If you are a good shooter then go for an ordinary weapon if not, try for something new and special.

As soon as you got your gun you can start aiming for the enemy. Try to kill an enemy while parachuting, don’t wait to get closer to them rather aim for a good shot. In case if you can’t aim them with an ordinary gun then, you can also use the Rocket Launcher to destroy them.

Death from Above Trophy Guide 2

If you haven’t got one, then never forget to get it from Guerrilla Garrison which is available in the Level 2 Upgrade. Destroying the enemies will help you to get Death from Above Trophy. Hope now you would have understood the title.

Completing this level will help you to get many extra points and you can also unlock the next level which might give you some extraordinary weapons.

Method – 2

In case if you find the above method to be hard or difficult, do not worry we are here to help you out. There is an alternative method that can help you to get through this level very easily.

In the alternative method, the level is carried out during the night. When the earlier method is based on using parachutes here, you can get the Death from Above Trophy by staying inside the helicopter itself.

Death from Above Trophy Guide 3

You can start to attack another helicopter really hard and make them crash towards the ground. If the helicopter goes 50 meters down then you will be able to win the Death from Above Trophy without jumping out.

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