Far Cry 6 MP7 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 MP7 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

The MP7 SMGs in Far Cry 6 have been ranked four on the SMG list. It is a non-unique SMG. It can be found from FND chests or can be purchased from Juan’s Arms Dealers or Guerrilla Garrison.

Far Cry 6 MP7 Stats

Far Cry 6 MP7 Stats
Weapon NameMP7
Rate of Fire950

This SMG has good stats. This SMG has an excellent Damage impact and Accuracy. Also, it has excellent stealth and velocity. The handling of this SMG is a bit lacking than the other stats, which would not affect the capability of this SMG much.

These stats make this SMG worthy of the third rank it has. The rate of fire of the SMG is 950, and it uses 30 magazines.

MP7 SMG Location

If you want to get your hands on one of the best SMG in Far cry 6 then you probably should get this as soon as possible. It can be obtained from the FND chests found in Military held locations northeast of Diamante Checkpoint E.

The military base is situated between the Costa Del Mar and Lozania. You can acquire the SMG after killing the enemies around it is at the middle of the base. You can get down the hill by gliding down and there you can get the FND chest after killing all the securities.

If you could not get lucky to find the SMG in an FND chest, you can always purchase it from Juan’s Arms Dealers at a rank 11 or Guerrilla Garrison at level 3 of Guerrilla Garrison in exchange for 350 Yaran Pesos.

But this is also not possible every time as some of the weapons may disappear upon reaching a higher rank. So you can also look for it in the Yaran Contraband chest.


This SMG has mods attachments like Ammo, Muzzle, Optical, Pointer, Canted Sight, or SMG Mods in use.

It has ammo mods that have armor-piercing rounds which hold straight lines and penetrate helmets and body armor. It has a muzzle mods socket which has large rectangular sockets that slightly reduce weapon noise greatly impairs effective range and are slow to reheat. It has an optical socket that has Ironsights which has no mod installed within this socket.

The Pointer Socket has Resolver Laser Pointer Mk.2 that greatly reduces bullet spread when firing from the hip. The SMG mod socket has Vampiric Triada that chance healing on dealing damage, Gut wrenched that improves body shot weapon damage, trigger discipline that improves aimed weapon damage.


Is MP7 the best SMG in Far Cry 6?

Yes, MP7 is the best in Far Cry 6 due to its better handling and good damage per second. Compared with other SMGs in the game, MP7 surely has an upper hand.

Far cry 6 Mp7 vs Mp5 – Which one is better?

MP7 is better than MP5 in normal use cases. If you want to compare both guns while standing, Mp5 feels better. But while playing the game, Mp7 will definitely give you better handling.

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