Far Cry 6 Yarapunk Side Piece Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 Yarapunk Side Piece Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

The Yarapunk Side Piece is a TDI vector SMG that has made a reappearance in Far Cry 6. It has been ranked four on the SMG list. It can be only be obtained by purchasing it from the In-game store. It is available in the Yarapunk Bundle.

Far Cry 6 Yarapunk Side Piece Stats

Far Cry 6 Yarapunk Side Piece Stats
Weapon NameYarapunk Side Piece
Rate of Fire1,200

This SMG has good stats. This SMG has an excellent Damage impact and Stealth. Also, it has good Velocity and Accuracy. But the handling of this SMG is a bit lacking than the other stats, which would not affect the capability of this SMG much.

These stats make this SMG worthy of the fourth rank it has. The rate of fire of the SMG is 1200, and it uses 30 magazines. The rate of fire for this SMG is quite impressive as it is apparently the highest among the SMG.

Yarapunk Side Piece SMG Location

If you want to get your hands on this SMG, you can only purchase it from the Far cry 6 in-game stores in exchange for some Far Cry credits. You need to go to Lola’s shop and you can purchase it in the black market overclocked section.


This SMG can only use Ammo mod and Optical Mod attachments and cannot use any attachments, like Muzzle, Pointer, Canted Sight, or SMG Mods.

The Ammo Mods have Standard Rounds which is standard military-grade ammo; it is cheap and can only be used by cannon fodder. The Optical mod has Ironsights, which has No Mods installed within this socket.

Is Yarapunk Side Piece Is The Best SMG?

Yarapunk’s stats are good and overclocked weapons are always expected to work better than normal ones. But still, Yarapunk is not the best SMG. MP7 has High Damage, and it works like a laser.

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