Far Cry 6 MP34 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 MP34 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

MP34 is one of the many weapons available for players to use in Far Cry 6. The fictitious land of Yara has never known peace or tranquility. The sound of a bomb going off, the smell of rotting corpses, and the sight of the remnants of an ever-present war do not exactly help the landscape or its stories. But if it’s famous for anything except the destruction, it’s for the weapons.

There are around 98 weapons in total in the game out of which 49 are Unique Weapons not available for purchase anywhere. The rest of the weapons are non-unique and can be found or purchased from Juan’s Arms Dealers.

By finding all unique weapons, players will be able to unlock the Armed To The Teeth trophy and achievement.

The MP34 is a non-unique SMG. But do you know how to acquire it? Will it save your neck in the nick of time? Read on to find out answers to all of them and more!

Far Cry 6 MP34 Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 MP34 Weapon Stats
Weapon NameMP34
Rate of Fire600

A submachine gun whose bite is worse that its bark.

Item Description

This Far Cry 6 sub-machine gun is mostly an overlooked SMG. Players have chosen weapons like A2000 over the MP34. With high stats of damage and average levels of velocity, this rank 3 SMG is pretty poor at handling.

It has a better than average accuracy and average stealth with 600 Rate Of Fire and 32 Magazine.

A classic submachine gun with modern enhancements such as optics, extended magazines, harder-hitting ammo, and a recoil buffer

In Game Description

Where To Find Far Cry 6 MP34

WWII-era submachine gun with a side-loading magazine used by the Waffen-SS and brought to Kyrat early in the civil war.

In Game Description

Players will be able to find the MP34 in an FND Chest. The tricky part about these FND Chests is that you can never be sure about what they contain. You might get some random gear or plenty of gunpowder for use.

Players can also purchase it from Juan’s Arms Dealers which is marked on the map with a green icon and shopping cart. You can also acquire it from Guerrilla Garrison.

Keep in mind that some of these weapons might also disappear from shops after reaching a higher rank.

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