Far Cry 6 Turn Of The Century Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 Turn Of The Century Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Turn Of The Century is one of the many weapons in Far Cry 6. The sixth installment of the game is based in the fictitious land of Yara – a place where injustice thrives, violence breeds, and death reigns. The whole place makes you wonder about hell on Earth.

To live and survive through it will not be child’s play. You will obviously need powerful weapons to make your way to victory. There are a total of 98 weapons in Far Cry 6.

All of them have varying levels of damage ability, stealth, handling, and accuracy. 49 of these are non-unique purchasable weapons while the rest of them are unique weapons unavailable for purchase. You will only be able to find them in Contraband Chests.

The Turn Of The Century is among these unique weapons. But will it help you survive the hostile conditions of Yara? Or will it let you get slaughtered by your enemies? Read on to find out all about it!

Far Cry 6 Turn Of The Century Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 Turn Of The Century Weapon Stats
Weapon NameTurn of the Century
Rate of Fire700

Turn Of The Century is a unique rank 2 SMG with an amazing ability for earth-shattering damage. With 700 Rate Of Fire and 64 Magazine, the gun has a very average velocity.

Be cautious though, it has poor accuracy and handling. Average at stealth too, the gun comes with poison rounds and a stabilized recoil.

The Small Compensator will let it improve its recoil in four directions while the Fast Reload Mod will help you improve the reload speed.

Where To Find Turn Of The Century

Players will be able to find the Turn Of The Century by locating the Contraband Chest present in Resplandor Agriculture in Palma Forest, Lozania. It will be present in the Eastern Shed of Resplandor Agriculture.

The Turn Of The Century will be found on the top of a huge crate inside one of the stock rooms of the farm.

Other SMGs In Far Cry 6

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