Far Cry 6 BZ19 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

Far Cry 6 BZ19 Weapon Location, Stats, And Mods

BZ19 is one amongst the many weapons in Far Cry 6. The living conditions in the fictitious land of Yara are abysmal. It’s definitely not anyone’s dream destination and chaos is just another name for the place. The evil Anton Castillo has all of this in his fist. In fact, he is the one perpetuating violence and destruction.

A revolution is brewing, but will it end up with you landing on your feet or will you be swept up in the whole affair? You will have to play to find out. But playing Far Cry 6 won’t just require you to pick up a gun and start shooting your enemies. You will have to make it till the end.

And to last that long you will obviously have to have powerful weapons by your side. So is the BZ19 among them? Will it save your neck? Read on to find out!

Far Cry 6 BZ19 Weapon Stats

Far Cry 6 BZ19 Weapon Stats
Weapon NameBZ19
Rate of Fire700

“The BZ19 has solid power and accuracy. It doesn’t have the fastest rate of fire in its class, but it does feature a large-capacity magazine capable of holding 64 rounds.”

In Game Description

The BZ19 is capable of a hell lot of damage and destruction. Although it has an average velocity and is average at stealth, it will make your enemies shudder at sight. With 700 Rate Of Fire and 64 Magazine the gun hits targets quite accurately.

Bridging the gap between assault rifles and sub-machine guns, the BZ19 can boast of a large magazine capacity meaning the player can take down more enemies per single magazine.

“The BZ19 sub machine gun is what you get when you take bits of an AK-74, shorten it, and slap on a high capacity “helical” magazine. Okay, the process may be a bit more complex than that (changing the letters A and K to B and Z took a lot of careful thought), but the end result is a weapon that holds 64 rounds of 9mm ammunition.

In Game Description

Where To Find BZ19

Players will be able to acquire the gun by looking into a FND Chest located in Mirador Cape Checkpoint. You can also purchase it from Juan’s Arms Dealers or acquire it from Guerrilla Garrison.

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