Dragon Quest 11 Lumen Essence Guide

Dragon Quest 11 Lumen Essence

Dragon Quest 11 is a fantastic game that is very popular with a lot of fan following. Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age is a role-playing video game brought to us by Square Enix. As the name suggests, this game is the eleventh entry of the Dragon Quest franchise and was first released in Japan. 

Dragon Quest 11 Lumen Essence is a hidden item inside the pursuit that can be used in Hotto. Players are required to collect it and give it to a lady. A player gets to open the essence before the very last fight. More on Lumen Essence is discussed below in the article so read on to find out. 

What is Dragon Quest 11 Lumen Essence? 

Lumen Essence is a magical extract that lets the Seeing Glass use its full power.

How to Find  Dragon Quest 11 Lumen Essence?

Before acquiring the Lumen Essence the player has to first search and find the location where it is present. This section is to make that easier for you. 

Finding Dragon Quest 11 Lumen Essence

You must be familiar with the Disciple’s Trial, the first of the three trials from Drustan. You can find the Lumen Essence here in the Trial Isle at the Eerie Valley. Once you get there, look at the chest located left of where you spawn in at the Phoenix’s nest. 

This chest, however, will only appear after you have accepted the quest from Hotto. So, if you have yet to see the chest, do not worry, this could be the reason. Or, if you have not come across Drustan yet, you can start by checking the ruins in Zwaardsrust. 

What Is Trial Isle, And How It’s Related To Lumen Essence?

If you are a regular player of Dragon Quest 11, you may already know that the Trial Quest is a replica of the rest stop for heroes called Havens Above made by King Drustan who are testing themselves in his daunting labyrinth. 

Trial Isle is the location that Luminary and their companions use as the base of operations. They use the place to face different challenges Drustan has created. They also use the area to take shelter and store their different equipments and armaments.  

If you are familiar with the game and the place, you may also know that it is the place where the tamed monster lives along with the kind Watchers. 

The Trial Isle is the location where a player can find the lumen essence. If you want to reach the location, you will have to move around and enter the Temple of Tranquility. 

Dragon Quest 11 Lumen Essence Guide

This Trial Isle is like a hub for all final challenges for the players, and thus, each seedling will grant unique access at a specific trial. The players must also note an important point that they can Zoom at the current location. If a player wishes to leave and tend to other players, they can do it very quickly. After completing this step, it is the best time for the players to Zoom Back to the Heavens above and heads towards the Palace of Legends.

Dragon Quest 11 Lumen Essence Guide

After the player reached the Palace of Legends, they will receive a Watcher looking for help. The player has to agree to the Watcher and begin with Quest 60 – Lost Lovers. The players will get one item in the Trial, and after collecting that item, the player can move forward in the game.

After spending some time, when the player is completely ready, they should move towards the Western Seedling and touch it to access their first Trial which is the Disciple’s Trial which you already know is the location of the Lumen Essence. 

How To Find Treasure Chests That Include Lumen Essence

A player can see the chest at the lumen essence located near the Phoenix nest at the Trial location. The player should make sure that they are opening the correct treasure chest in the game. It is a critical item, and there is no alternative way for a player to get it. You should make sure that the Phoenixes surround you while collecting the item.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The DQ11 Postgame Worth It?

According to the reviews by the gamers who played the game and completed it, The Dragon Quest 11 is a great game that will be enjoyed by any who likes the franchise. Specifically, it is worth it for the player to see the ending of this game which connects the player to some of the previous versions of the Dragon Quest game. Many also say that the postgame of Dragon Quest 11 gives a proper conclusion for the game. 

How To Find Lumen Essence In Dragon Quest 11?

In the game, a player can find the Lumen Essence located at the Phoenix Nest. A player can find and mark the location on the map by pressing the X button, and the menu appears on the gameplay screen. From here, a player can check and can have a look at the spots available on the map of the gameplay.

What Is The Best Sword In Dragon Quest 11?

In every game, there is an ultimate and the best weapon developed for the players. And in Dragon Quest 11, the best weapon is available for the players at the end of the JRPG adventure. This weapon is called the ‘Supreme Sword of Light’ and you can only craft it in the Crucible. 

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