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Victory Uchida

The famous game in gaming Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth is a fantastic role-playing video game that a player can enjoy as a single player or as a multiplayer. This game was launched to the world by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The players can enjoy this game on Play Station 4, and the game is based on Digimon Franchise.

Victory Uchida is one of the guys having a giant V-shaped head, and the players will be able to see him from the fifth chapter of the game. The players can talk with him with a rare item, but the players must remember that it appears only once in every chapter.

Victory Uchida is like a sore thumb, and he wears a yellow pointy hat on his head. Also, in the game, he wears a mask on his location, and it is by hiding around the places that are slightly a bit out of the camera view or hidden behind some pillars and some obstacles developed in the game. If the player fails to find Victory Uchida or is not available in that location, they have to check back later or see him at any other open place.

Victory Uchida Locations

Victory Uchida Locations

In the game, there are many locations where a player can find Victory Uchida, and let us see in detail below as follows:

  • Chapter 5:  In the game, a player will get Shibuya in the fifth chapter. One has to cross the road. He or she has to stand just in front of the store titled LRZHCV, which is available near the phone in the gameplay.
  • Chapter 6:  In the sixth chapter, a player will get the Zaxon Forum. It will be Standing behind a pillar in the far-left corner of the game.
  • Chapter 7:  In the beginning phases of Chapter 7, the player will begin the game in Eden Entrance. He will be available by sitting on the second tier of the game just above Mr. Navit
  • Chapter 8:  Inside the game, there is a Hudie Cafe Headquarters. The players will find Victory Uchida hidden behind one of the bookshelves available in just left and past the desk. A player can see him from the coffee machine of the room.
  • Chapter 9:  Ikebukuro. One will find Victory Uchida will be standing in a sizeable Sale-Mart store not far away from the Hudie HQ in the game.
  • Chapter 10:  In this game, there is one of the dungeon missions available for the players at the end of the chapter in the gameplay. Part of a Copy & Paste puzzle that is very hard to miss
  • Chapter 11:  In chapter 11, the player should Head towards Shinjuku. In the initial area, one should check behind the trees and check in the gameplay.
  • Chapter 12:  In the next chapter, go to Akihabara, which is on the right side next to the shop
  • Chapter 13:  In chapter 13, Ikebukuro. where The Game World Amusement sign is available, the player should check near there.
  • Chapter 14:  Victory Uchida he will be standing next to the elevator on the first floor of Nakano
  • Chapter 15:  In the fifteenth chapter, a player must look at the Central Hospital entrance room near the vending machine.
  • Chapter 16:  The player will find it at Akihabara Power Area, which is towards the final parts of Chapter 16
  • Chapter 17:  In the seventh chapter of the game, one should Check the bridge when they first enter Odaiba
  • Chapter 18:  In the last chapter, the player will get Victory Uchida at the very end of the Underground Tunnel map and near some large computers available in the game.
  • Chapter 19: In chapter 19 a player can find him in the Shinjuku: Shopping Area location of the game.
  • Chapter 20: The Victory Uchida is available at the Odaiba which is on the Rooftop in the game.

What are the Rewards after finding Victory Uchida?

Victory Uchida Rewards
  • Chapter 5: In chapter 5, the player will receive Ninja USB.
  • Chapter 6: In the following chapter, the player will be rewarded with Toughness Mushroom and Deemon medal.
  • Chapter 7: One player will be rewarded with Seeker USB in this chapter.
  • Chapter 8: In chapter 18, a player will be rewarded with a Mental melon and a Barubamon medal.
  • Chapter 9: One will Receive Friendship USB in chapter 9.
  • Chapter 10: The player will receive Powerful Pineapple and Ririsumon medal in this chapter.
  • Chapter 11: A player can get a reward worth Millionaire USB.
  • Chapter 12: No appearance.
  • Chapter 13: The player will get Guard Apple and Rivaiamon medal.
  • Chapter 14:  A player can Receive High Capacity USB.
  • Chapter 15: In chapter 15, one can get Intelligence Carrot and Beruzebumon medal.
  • Chapter 16: The player will Receive Panic Barrier DX in this chapter
  • Chapter 17: In chapter 17, a player will be rewarded with Speed Banana, Berufemon SM medal, and Berufemon RM medal.
  • Chapter 18: No appearance.
  • Chapter 19: Tactician USB is rewarded to the player in this chapter.
  • Chapter 20: A player will Receive Miracle Meat, Ruuchemon medal, Ruuchemon FM medal, and Ruuchemon SM medal in Chapter 20.


Q: Why do players need to talk to victory Uchida?

A: The players must talk to Victory Uchida to receive Mental Melon and Barbamon Melon in the game.

Q: Which medals can you get by talking with victory Uchida?

A: After a player talking with Victory Uchida, the player will be rewarded with ten medals. One can get Seven Demon Lords’ medals from the DLC, but the player to fight for the medals.

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