C4 New Vegas: Where to find and How to use it?

C4 New Vegas

C4 New Vegas is an explosive weapon in Fallout New Vegas, which is a weapon used to destroy structures and enemy lines. The C4 requires a detonator or a bullet shot to make it explode.

Fallout: New Vegas is an action game based on role-playing developed by ‘Obsidian Enterprise‘ and released in the year 2010. The game is a First-person shooting game. The game ‘Fallout New Vegas’ is hailed as the best game among all the Fallout games. The game is based in a Post-Apocalyptic roam world that consists of parts of Arizona, California, and Nevada. The game’s story is about a player called ‘Courier’ who gets ambushed while carrying a package and is fighting to get the package back while making enemies and allies along the way.

C4 New Vegas Locations

C4 explosive is a weapon in Fallout New Vegas, there are a few locations where the C4 explosives can be found.

  1. During the Silver Rush explosion attempt, you can find an explosive C4 on the ‘Gambler‘.
  2. In Freeside, if your speech check is cleared, you can buy the explosives from ‘Mick‘ at Mick and Ralph’s. You can find around 4 explosives at Mick’s shop/.
  3. During Tabhita’s treasure hunt, you can find another 3 explosives at the Black Mountain in the storage room.
  4. In ‘Vault 34 armory‘, you can find 3 explosives hidden there.
  5. During the game, Courier is made to go through ‘Camp Guardian‘; over here, you can find multiple explosives in an explosive crate.

How to use C4 Properly

Selecting c4

To trigger a C4 New Vegas or proximity Courier needs to have a detonator, or else the explosives will not go off. To counter that you can even shoot the explosive to activate it. There are times when a non-playable character will catch you; in these instances, they will not do anything but say that they know what you are doing. To make sure this does not make the NPC have a bad feeling about you, you will have to kill your target in one shot, or else the NPC go against you.

If you happen to place multiple explosives, the usage of the detonator will make all the explosives placed to get triggered. Make sure to avoid doing this unless you want to cause a panic or clear out multiple enemies all at once. C4 explosives can be bought into Casinos as well, only if you have a ‘Sneak’ level of 50 and above.

C4 Detonator

Using detonator for c4

C4 New Vegas has a downfall; throughout the game, we see explosives and pick them up and use them, but we forget something that in ‘Fallout’ explosives cannot be used without a detonator. As a single item, the detonator cannot be used to harm enemies, but as an added item to the explosives, it can cause major and devastating damage.

Detonators can be found throughout the game, and there are three instances where certain detonators can only cause an explosive to certain places. One is Loyal’s detonator, the second is the Mining Detonator, and the last is Broken Detonator; other detonators can be found in miscellaneous and hidden spots to be used in other places throughout the games.

New Vegas C4 Not Working?

There are always going to be problems in any game, and there are times when games hang or lag, and due to these, certain things don’t work, and either things go back to normal after a while, OR you figure out a way by yourself. Here I will tell you how to get the C4 to start working again.

First, remove all your explosives and detonators except one explosive and its detonator, throw the explosive on the ground, and bring out your detonator. Save the game, and then try using your detonator again. There is a very huge chance that this will work out for you.

C4 Stats

NAME C4 Explosives
SKILLExplosive 50
VALUE 1000
PERK DMGDemolition Expert +150
BLOODY MESS0.1 + 12.5


What is the console command for C4?

001221c1 is the console command for ‘C4’.

C4 Detonator New Vegas id

00130041 is the ID of the Detonator.

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