The Only Fallout 4 Sensor Module Guide You’ll Ever Need

Fallout 4 Sensor Module

Fallout 4 Sensor Module refers to a miscellaneous item seen in the game. Discussions about location and where to find the sensor module are often done in many forums and subreddits.

This article will cover everything that you need to know regarding the topic of the Sensor Module.

That being said, let us go into the topic and get a better understanding so that you can have a better and more enjoyable gaming experience while playing Fallout 4. 

Fallout 4 Sensor Module

Sensor Module
Sensor Module

Sensor Module is a miscellaneous item seen in the game Fallout 4. The term miscellaneous item is a bit vague and does not provide much information about the topic to the readers. So we will look at it a bit deeper. 

Sensor Module, to be specific, is a junk item in the video game, Fallout 4. 

Now, you might be wondering what a junk item is. 

Junk Item

The term junk item in Fallout 4 refers to items seen around the Commonwealth. The items are seen in a miscellaneous clutter, and you will be able to see them spread around the Commonwealth. Housewares, tools, garbage, and toys that you, as the player playing as the sole survivor, can collect are commonly referred to as junk items.

Junk items have their own inventory, which you will be able to get access to by making use of the personal information processor or pip-boy in the game. Now that you have a basic understanding of the topic Fallout 4 Sensor Module, let us understand the characteristics of the item mentioned above. 

Sensor Module Characteristics

Sensor Module is a case that is khaki in color. The case will contain things such as electrical wires and other such components. You will need the Sensor Module to complete the main story quest and the molecular level trophy achievement. It is not absolutely necessary to have this item to complete the molecular level quest. It is recommended to have this item to be able to craft the signal interceptor. However, even if you cannot get the item, do not worry, as there are other alternatives to the Fallout 4 Sensor Module. 

The item has a value of 30 bottle caps and a weight of two. The form ID of the Sensor Module is 001ACC8E

Sensor Module Crafting

You will be able to break down the Fallout 4 Sensor Module in a workshop and turn them into their individual components that you can use for crafting. You can only break down the sensor module into its corresponding components if you take it to a workshop. 

When you break down the Sensor Module, you will be able to get five pieces of circuitry, two pieces of copper, and one piece of steel. 

Sensor Module Location

Decrepit Factory
Decrepit Factory
Sensor Module Location
Sensor Module Location

You will be able to find the Fallout 4 Sensor Module in the Decrepit Factory. The item will be located beside the biometric scanner and the drawer cabinet containing the files, which are marked with two RadX. Another place you will be able to find the item above is on top of the file cabinet located in the left corner of the Decrepit Factory. 

You will also be able to find the Sensor Module in the electrical hobbyists’ club. This is located in the cellar. The cellar will have a table with a lit lamp on the left side of the stairs. Sometimes you will be able to find that the item, Sensor Module is sold by Myrna, Trashcan Carla, Penny Fitzgerald, Bluejay, Daisy, Opal, Becky Fallon, Rufus Rubins, or Trudy.

You will also find the item in desks, trash cans, dressers, duffle bags, metal boxes, ice coolers, steamer trunks,  lockers, safes, s or file cabinets. 

Fun Fact: The back of the item provides the names of the item to the players as Flux Sensor CM-88B 180924609. This item name is one of the references to Nostromo CM-88B, a star freighter seen in the movie, Alien. The history of the item is 180924609

Fallout 4 Sensor Module ID

The ID for the Sensor Module is 001ACC8E.

What is the use of the Fallout 4 Sensor Module?

The Sensor Module is required for several quests, especially for constructing the gas bomb. You can also use the sensor module to construct the auto-inject stimpak.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a sensor module in Fallout 4?

You can find the Sensor Module next to a file cabinet drawer with two Rad-X and next to a biometric scanner at the Decrepit factory. The sensor module is also present in some other locations, but this is the most important one. 

What are the characteristics of the Fallout 4 Sensor Module?

The main characteristic of the Sensor Module is that it is khaki-colored. It has a case-like structure with electrical wiring and components on the inside. 


Everything that you will need to know regarding the topic of Sensor Module, along with the characteristics of the said item as well as the components you will be able to get if you dismantle the item and how and where to find the Sensor Module, all has been discussed in detail in this article.

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