Subnautica Survival Or Freedom: Which One You Should Play?

Subnautica Survival Or Freedom

Subnautica is an alien underwater game set on an interstitial ocean planet. It is a game full of wonder and danger meant for not those of the faint of heart. As you crash land in an alien planet made of ocean, the only way is to go Down. In this article we’ll have a look at Subnautica Survival Or Freedom: Which one should you play?

Subnautica Survival refers to completing the game in a single life and finding ways to keep yourself alive and well; Subnautica Freedom refers to the continuous revival and repeat of the game life and with a chance for more exploration than challenges.

How to choose between Survival and Freedom?

For those players who are keen on finishing the game survival is a good option to go as it gives very little time to explore or do anything else, while those who enjoy the exploration more than anything freedom is the best option to go by.

Survival gives a player the thrill, mindset and enjoyment of a high rush where you always have to be on your toes and have to keep moving and finding safe places. Freedom allows you to search and spend time in places you never thought of going while in ‘Survival’ mode and face dangers while unlocking new places and unravelling new secrets.

Should I play Subnautica Survival or Freedom?

Freedom Mode
Freedom Mode

Subnautica Survival gives you a different feeling while allowing you to complete challenges and missions more quicker, this will let you level up faster and gain more rarer items quickly. Having to keep a check on how many bottles of water, how many cooked fish you have left is at times irritating but quite often is a way for you to judge your own survival skills.

Subnautica Freedom gives you a feeling of exploration and freedom while allowing you to keep more of an eye on your freedom and exploring skills and not on the survival part of the game. You can construct new machines, underwater safe houses, you can disrupt the underwater food chain, handle the pressure and you HAVE to fear the night.

Best Way to Play Subnautica Survival or Freedom?

Subnautica has a difficulty level of 4 and its ‘standard‘ is ‘hard‘ of other games, it even explains the level of difficulty for players to choose how they want to proceed with their gaming experience. They have ‘Survival‘, ‘Freedom‘, ‘ Hardcore‘ and ‘Creative‘. For those are playing the game for the first time it is best to play in Survival mode, for those who finished the game and want more challenges and more difficulty they can opt for Hardcore.

Survival Mode

For those who want to explore the ocean world they can opt for Freedom where you have the same gameplay like Survival mode but without worrying about thirst and hunger AND for those of us who have a more crafty mind and want to build something of our own without any constraints choose Creative, where food, water, oxygen and death do not obstruct your way at all.

Machines Used In Subnautica Survival Or Freedom

Subnautica allows for usage of machines underground as well which will help you do and search for rarer items deeper underwater where more oxygen is required while handling the water pressure.


It is an submarine. The stats of the submarine are :-

Ahead Slow: 5.4
Ahead Standard: 8.2
Reverse: 4.8
Vertical: 3.1
Ahead Flank:10.5

Prawn Suit

It is a machine used for hard to reach land deep underground. The stats are :-

Forward: 6
Backward: 2.5
Lateral: 4
Vertical (standard, upgraded): 6; 12


It is a space and sea vehicles. The stats are as follow :-

Forward: 12.7
Backward: 5
Lateral: 11.5

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Which mode is better Survival or Freedom?

Survival is better for those who want to challenge themselves, Freedom is better for those who want to do more of exploration and roaming. Everyone has their own choices.

Which Subnautica is better ‘Breaking Zero’ or ‘Vanilla’?

Among the two Subnautica, The ‘Breaking Zero’ is better as it has better graphics, more machines, faster movement and a condensed Storyline.

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