A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Walkthrough – Far Cry 6

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

The rising tide treasure hunt quest is one of the most important quests of the game as it involves the story of Far Cry 6. The Rising Tide Treasure Hunt quest takes place at the Robust Hills of the southern coast of Sierra Perdida of the El Estate in Yarabi.

Treasure HuntA Rising Tide
RegionEl Este
Sub-RegionSierra Perdida
RewardCamo Quinceanera (Rifle)
XP Reward150 Guerrilla XP

The Far cry 6 has 21 new treasure hunt quests, and you can not miss a single one. With the help of this walkthrough, you will be getting all the information required to complete the objectives of the rising tide treasure hunt quest.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Location

The objective of this game of Far Cry 6 is to unlock the village stash room at the location. To do that, you need to enter the game first.

The game starts in the open world by reading the note at the treasure hunt starting point location.

After reaching the treasure location, you need to complete the game’s objective by unlocking the village stash room.

At the treasure location, you will find a house inside which you will get the puzzle. You will find five buttons in the house that you need to push in the correct order to complete the objective.

The five buttons are placed next to the five signs with the name of the Legends of ’67. The clue for the right order of the puzzle is hidden on the five boats around the house.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt First Button

The first boat is El Tigre Del Mar which can be found outside the building near the porch.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Second Button

The second boat is Papi Chulo which can be found to the west of the starting point near a hut on the water.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Third Button

The third boat is El Lucky which can be found on the roof of a building present by the eastern entrance of Yarabi.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Forth Button

The fourth boat is Clarita which can be found on the roof of a building like El Lucky by the western entrance of Yarabi.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Fifth Button

The fifth and the last boat is Roja Victoria which can be found in the water behind the objective house.

After finding the names of the button, you need to find the correct order for them. The list of the correct order of the names is found underneath the house.

The orders of the boats are present on the boat in terms of number, so you can also find it that way. The correct order for the objective is:

  1. El tiger Del Mar
  2. Papi Chulo
  3. El Lucky
  4. Clarita
  5. Roja Victoria
A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Rewards

Press the buttons in the house in the exact order to solve the lever puzzle. After solving this, you will have the locked room open. This will complete your objective of the game, and you can claim the reward.

A Rising Tide Treasure Hunt Rewards

From this treasure hunt quest, you will be getting exciting rewards as 150 Guerrilla XP and Camo Quinceanera (Rifle).

The Camo Quinceanera is a unique rifle in Far Cry 6. It is the best gift for a young Yaran lady’s Quinceanera. There you can also find several other supplies in the locked room in the house.

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