Borderlands 3 Stop Gap Guide

Borderlands 3 Stop Gap

While playing Borderlands 3, you will come across a popular term known as Stop Gap.

Borderlands 3 Stop Gap is considered one of the legendary shields. You can obtain the following Shield randomly from any loot sources. But alternatively, there is an option available for you which has increased the possibilities to get this Shield by the drop. You can find this drop from EI Dragon Jr., which is located in the Jacobs Estate. You can find this Estate on Eden – 6 location.

Special Effects

In Borderlands 3, there is a process that is known as living by many players. When your gaming character gets exhausted, there is immune damage to your personality. There is a delay of five seconds. It always consists of a recharge delay of 5.5 seconds, or sometimes this duration can be longer.

Usage and Description

In Borderlands 3, when you collect the Stop Gap, it is considered a defense-oriented shield. It is specially designed to provide you a great opportunity of five seconds to escape from the danger. Otherwise, it will offer you some proc skills which will be adequate to you when you are invisible. For example, the health regeneration skills.

When the Shield is in your hand, it has a long recharge delay and will cool down when invisible. You can find yourself utterly vulnerable, but it is possible when you fail or cannot get the cover when your immunity completely exhausts.

When the combination of skills or items helps speed up the shield generation or provides some additional invulnerability, you can be almost considered unkillable for long durations of time.

Borderlands 3 Stop Gap Source Details

Below we have mentioned the Drop Rates of Stop Gaps from all the sources. They are as follows:

EI Dragon Jr: The possibility rate from this source is fifteen percent

World Drop: It is the second source to search for Stop Gap in Borderlands 3.

World Drop

Stop Gap Farming

Borderlands 3 World Drops consists of the items that get dropped from any suitable Loot Source compared to any other sources. Below is the appropriate Loot Sources where you can find the Shield. They are as follows:

The first location to obtain this Shield is from All the enemies, Bosses, Crew Challenges, Grew Enemies, and many more.

Secondly, you can avail the Shield from all types of chests that you can find.

Vending Machines are also possible sources in this game to obtain the Shield.

There is also a possibility to obtain this Shield inside the Diamond Loot Room.

Finally, you can find the Shield from Tink’s Hijinx or the Vault Line, which is also one of the types of Slot machines in Borderlands 3.

Stop Gap Variants

In Borderlands 3, Anointment is possible, and the Shield Augmentation is considered Hyperion Augments. But there is a crucial point to note that in Stop Gap, All the Elements and Non-Elemental are equally the same, which is 16.66 percentage.

Stop Gap Augments

Borderlands 3 Stop Gap Drop

Borderlands 3 Stop Gap will always spawn by mixing two combination sets of 2 Hyperion Augments. Also, all the Augments are equal and are very common. In this game, every Augment will occur for you twice in the world, which also plays the role of increasing its statistics.

Hyperion Survivability Augments


Borderlands 3 Stop Gap consists of +8/15/23% of Adaptive Heath in Borderlands 3

+17/33/41% of the damage resistance is collected for 3 seconds.


In Borderlands 3, when your Shield is full and activated, it consists of 5/10/15% Max-Health Regen/s.


The Stop Gap’s shield capacity is +40/80/120%.

But the health capacity of this Shield is reduced, and it is -10/20/30% Health.


Discussing the Health factor, this Shield consists of +10/25/50% Health in Borderlands 3.


The shield capacity of Stop Gap is +25/50/75%.

Recharge Delay

The Recharge Delay of this following Shield is ranged as -25/40/50%.

Recharge Rate

The Recharge Rate of Stop Gap in Borderlands 3 is +15/30/45%.


When you are crouching, you will project towards the forward direction of the Barrier, which helps in minimizing the incoming Projectile Damage with 20/35/50%.


The elemental resistance of Borderlands 3 Stop Gap is +27/38/51%.

Secondly, if we talk about the Shock Resistance, it is ranged as +32/41/53%.

Fortify Charge

In Borderlands 3, Stop Gap consists of 15/20/25% possibilities to drop a Fortify Charge when damage is in the Shield.

The Fortify Charge has +10/15/25% of Damage Reduction, and the duration lasts for seven seconds.

Health Charge

In Borderlands 3, there is a 15/20/25% possibility of dropping a Health Charge when the Stop Gap gets damaged with a strong attack.

If we discuss the Health Charge factor, it heals 15/25/35%, and it is considered Max Health.

Shield Charge

In Borderlands 3, there are 15/20/25% possibilities to drop a Shield Charge when the Shield faces damage.

The shield charge restores 8/15/23% of Shield.

Hyperion Utility Augments


Borderlands 3 Stop Gap consists of a 15/30/40% possibility rate to absorb the bullet as an Ammo.


In Borderlands 3, when Stop Gap gets depleted, the Movement Speed of the Shield is ranged as +10/17/24%.


In Borderlands 3, when the Stop Gap shield is complete, the movement speed of the following Shield is ranged as +10/17/24%.


In Borderlands 3, when the Stop Gap is activated along with melee, it will return a 9,902/19,805/39,609 damage rate towards the tacker’s direction.


Borderlands 3 Stop Gap is built with the help of the following Elements. Below we have mentioned the list of elements. They are as follows:

  • Corrosive
  • Fire
  • Shock
  • Radiation
  • Cryo

Important Notes

Remember, the Stop Gap’s effect will not trigger if you get knockdown with the same attack. It will damage your Shield and make it remarkably less helpful when paired with the Deathless Artifact, or the skills will reduce your maximum health.

Stop Gap is the legendary Shield developed by Hyperion, and it arises from the base game of Borderlands 3.


In Borderlands 3, the flavor text is inspired by the famous quote known as “The Last Continent.” The following section is taken from Terry Pratchett’s novel. It is the embodiment of the Death response of being asked true if your life journey gets flashed in front of your eyes before you pass away.

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