Borderlands 3 Warlord Guide

Borderlands 3 Warlord

The fifth general publication and the fourth major part is taken by the Borderlands 3 game, which was developed by the owner of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford. On 28th March 2019, the player saw a glimpse of Borderlands 3 before it was made playable on Play Station 4, PC, and Xbox One on 13th September 2019.

One of the best creations by Dahl is the legendary assault rifle Borderlands 3 Warlord. A player can get this weapon from the individual loot case, but if you want to obtain this quicker, there is a high chance of seeing it drop for Billy, the Anointed located at Jakobs Estate on Eden-6.

As soon as Borderlands 3 was launched the game received the ESRB rating of Mature 17+ and PEGI rating of 18. The game was designed with the help of Unreal Engine 4, and 2K games supported Borderlands 3 for its launch. The game was first made accessible to the players by the Epic Dames gaming store. Later on, it was visible on Google Stadia on 17th December 2019; exclusively for the PC users, the Steam store made it accessible easily.

Warlord Weapon Effects

The effect name is ‘My gun sings for your blood’; this effect enables you to consume 30% less ammo and constantly works on full automatic mode.

Warlord Description and Usage

Borderlands 3 Warlord Inventory Menu

Other than the fixed full automatic firing mode and a chance of consuming 30% lesser ammo, the Borderlands 3 Warlord works identical to any of the high rarity Assault Rifle constructed by Dahl.

The Warlord works well with the effects and skills that directly regenerate the ammo to the magazine; this method will grant a player to have infinite magazine size because a player will not be able to finish the magazine, and it will refill again.

NOTE-: The Alternate firing mode of Borderlands 3 Warlord weapon, provides only the zoom magnification.

Borderlands 3 Warlord Trivia

The flavor text and the name have been taken from the enemy, Borderlands 3 Warlord of Blood, who was seen in Diablo, and he said the words, “My blade sings for your blood, mortal, and by my Dark Masters, it shall not be denied!”

Borderlands 3 Dahl’s Creations

LegendaryWarlord, Vanquisher, Torrent, The Blanc, Star Helix, Stalker, Soulrender, Sleeping Giant, Sand Hawk, Ripper, Night Hawkin, Night Flyer, Nemesis, Malak’s Bane, Kaoson, Kaos, Hornet, Hellfire, Good Juju, Dark Army, Crader’s EM-P5, Breath of the Dying, Boomer, Blood Starved Beast, Barrage, Auto Aime, AAA, 9-Volt
UniqueOmniloader, Kenulox, Kaleidoscope, Hail, Digby’s Smooth Tube, Brashi’s Dedication, Ashen Beast
CommonWyvern, Wyrm, Wolfhound, Shrike, Rattler, Raptor, Puma, Mngwa, Jaguar, Jackal, Hyena, Falcon, Diamondback, Caracal, Cadejo, Asp

Borderlands 3 Assault Rifle Collection

LegendaryZheitsev’s Eruption, Web Slinger, Warlord, Try Bolt, The Monarch, The Dictator, Stone Thrower, Stauros’ Burn, Star Helix, Sickle, Shredifier, Seeryul Killer, Sawbar, Rebound, Rebel Yell, Pain is Power, Ogre, Soulrender, Rowan’s Call, O.P.Q. System, No Pew Pew, Mutant, Lucian’s Call, Lovable Rogue, Lead Sprinkler, Laser Sploder, Kaos, Juliet’s Dazzle, Hotfoot Teddy, Hand of Glory, Good Juju, Gatling Gun, Faisor, Embrace the Pain, Dowsing Rod, Damned, Contained Blast, Clairvoyance, Carrier, Breath of the Dying, Bekah, Bearcat, Barrage, Alchemist
UniqueTraitor’s Death, The Chalice, The Big Succ, The Beast, Sawpenny, Pa’s Rifle, Likable Rascal, La Varlope, Ice breaker, Hail, Digby’s Smooth Tube, Brad Luck, Amber Management
CommonWizzperer, V System, Stranger, Shlaga, Repeater, Ratatater, Q System, Puma, Purferater, Polisher, Oddy Knocky, N System, Mngwa, Maslo, Jaguar, Gatlin’, Flogger, Clipper, Carbine, Caracal, Burzum, BizZurker, Blister, Bezoomy

Stats of Borderlands 3 Warlord

The Borderlands 3 Warlord, inspired by the Borderlands 3 base game and designed by Dahl, is the legendary assault rifle with the remarkable ability to consume 30% less ammo while dealing damage to the enemies. If a player gets familiar with the gun, he will never fall short of ammo since it can refill the magazine faster than draining the ammo on enemies.

Reload Time4.2 secs
Fire Rate9.24 / secs
Magazine Size45

How to get the Warlord in Borderlands 3?

Borderlands 3 Warlord Drop

A legendary assault rifle that every player needs to get a lead in the game. Warlord is the masterpiece created by Dahl, which can be obtained randomly from the respective loot case, and if you want to do not want to wait, you can try to get it from the Billy drop, which can be found on Eden-6 at the Anointed location in Jakobs Estate.

All the details about the Borderlands 3 Warlord will help you know about the weapon’s history and the stats of the gun. All information regarding the Borderlands 3 has been made available to you through this article, which will guide you to get the weapon and the ability to let you effectively use the gun.

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