Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill Guide

Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill

The game Borderlands is owned by the CEO of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, and it was developed as the fifth general part and main part as the fourth publication. Borderlands 3 made a debut on 28th March 2019, and it was made accessible to players on 13th September 2019 for PC, Play Station 4, and Xbox One.

The legendary submachine gun manufactured by Maliwan is called Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill. A player can obtain this gun by completing the mission Beneath the Meridian that can be found in the Sanctuary 3 only after the completion of optional objective.

Borderlands 3 was first seen on Epic Dames online game store, and then it was made available for Google Stadia on 17th December 2019. Later on, on 13th March 2020, it was launched for PC users through the Steam store. 2K games published Borderlands 3 and Unreal Engine 4 helped in the game’s development phase; after its launch, the game achieved 18 ratings in PEGI and Mature 17+ rating of ESRB.

Extraordinary Weapon Effects

Effect name is ‘Now, you will rise’ – it deals with corrosive effect without any alternative firing mode. When activated, this effect forms a cloud that will deal constant corrosive damage whenever a player hits the enemy. Secondly, it increases the fire rate and reduces the charge time.

Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill – Description and Usage

Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill Details

Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill’s extraordinary effect constructs a powerful weapon for fighting non-armored enemies; the cloud and gun release consequential damage while targeting the single enemy. A player can attack with the chip damage for battle with the multiple enemies that will release the corrosive cloud with higher capabilities; it allows to save ammo and let it use for targeting other enemies.

The corrosive clouds block enemies’ vision very quickly because the clouds released are opaque; all these qualities make it the most effective gun that supports a player to clear many levels after achieving it.

Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill Trivia

Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill Inventory
  • Maya’s quote “And, now, you will fall!” the reference from where the design of weapon’s flavor text is encouraged; it can be seen on achieving the Second Wind.
  • The weapon’s special effect and the name represents the skill of the same name.
  • The weapon’s name is also said to be the namesake spell in Dragons and Dungeons; similar to the gun; the spell floods the specific area with toxic gas.

Maliwan’s creation in Borderlands

LegendaryWestergun, Vosk’s Deathgrip, Vault Hero, Tsunami, Trevonator, Thunderball Fists, Superball, Storm, Spinner, SF Force, Sellout, Projectile Recursion, Polyaimourous, Plasma Coil, Nothingness, Mind Killer, Kyb’s Worth, Krakatoa, Kill o’ the Wisp, Ion Laser, Insider, Ice Pick, Hyper Hydrator, Hellshock, Grease Trap, Frozen Devil, Frequency, Free Radical, Flipper, Firestorm, Ember’s Purge, D.N.A., Devoted, Cutsman, Complex Root, Cloud Kill, Chandelier, Blind Sage, Binary Operator, Beacon, ASMD
UniqueVibra Pulse, The Emperor’s Condiment, Starkiller, Soleki Protocol, Shrieking Devil, Kevin’s Chilly, E -Gone, Crit, Bubble Blaster, Blind Bandit
CommonTerminator, Shockwave, Quasar, Pulsar, Proton Rifle, Particle Rifle, Nebula, Melter, Interloper, Heliophage, Devourer, Cyclotron, Blaster, Atomizer, Antimatter Rifle

Borderlands 3 Submachine Guns

Type Name
LegendaryXZ41, Westergun, Vault Hero, Vanquisher, Tsunami, Troubleshooter, Torrent, Ten Gallon, Spinner, Smog, Smart Gun, Sleeping Giant, SF Force, Ripper, Redistributor, Proprietary License, Predatory Lending, Polyaimourous, Plasma Coil, P.A.T. Mk. III, Oldridian, Night Hawkin, Needle Gun, Mother Too, Long Musket, Kyb’s Worth, Kaoson, Ion Laser, Handsome Jackhammer, Hellfire, Gold Rush, Flipper, Ember’s Purge, D.N.A., Devoted, Dark Army, Crossroad, Crader’s EM-P5, Cutsman, Cloud Kill, Cheap Tips, Boomer, Blood Starved Beast, Bitch, 9-Volt
UniqueVibra Pulse, The Emperor’s Condiment, The Boo, Short Stick, Reunion, Redistributor, Pricker, P.A.T. Mk. II, LOV3M4CH1N3, Kevin’s Chilly, Just Kaus, E-Gone, Crit, Ashen Beast
CommonWolfhound, Quasar, Puma, Pulsar, Powerplay, Nebula, Kill O Matic, Keenfire, Jackal, Hyena, Hivemind, Heliophage, Gibbergun, Excellerator, Cadejo, Boardroom

Details of Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill Weapon

Cloud Kill Receive

The SMG Cloud Kill is the legendary weapon that Maliwan constructs and the Base Game of Borderlands 3 inspire it. Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill charges less than one second for performing the continuous fire and releases a Corrosive Cloud near the damaged enemies (only one cloud be available at a time). And this cloud will lead to corrosive damage along with the time the enemies within its radius are affected.

Reload Time2.7 secs
Fire Rate12.37 / secs
Magazine Size34

Feature of Cloud Kill weapon

There are few weapon-specific stats that acts as an advantage for the weapon users.

  • Weapon Zoom – 1.7x
  • Weapon Charge Speed – +35%
  • Weapon Fire Rate – +15%
  • Mayhem Level -10

All this information about Borderlands 3 Cloud Kill will let you understand the weapon stats and its history. Every detail of Cloud Kill has been shared with you under this article which will let you know – how to obtain the weapon as well as how to use it.

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