Anime Fighting Simulator Auras List

Anime Fighting Simulator Auras

Anima Fighting Simulator is an open-world game in which players particularly represent their characters by trying various outfits, character designing, equipment, etc.; in the same way, there are auras included in the game which the players can obtain to show the achievement that they defeated the boss to obtain the Aura. So, these special effects can be used on various body parts or even swords to display superiority over ordinary players.

Anime Fighting Simulator Auras are the cosmetic features that form the particles around your body or the sword. To remove the auras, you click on the green person icon and choose the subcategory of the Aura and then finally remove the desired Aura.

Let us get to know all the auras available in Anime Fighting Simulator with their name and rarity.

Sword Anime Fighting Simulator Auras

Anime Fighting Simulator Sword Auras

The Sword Auras apply to the weapon you use, and these can only be applied to the guns you use during the progress. The Sword Auras look more attractive and excellent than the Body Auras because when you perform the attack, the Sword Aura sheds the glare with weapon swings.

Gold Aura Chest

Swift Aura38.96%
Light Aura25.97%
Ember Aura19.48%
Rage Aura12.98%
Demon Aura2.59%

Christmas Chest

Frozen Aura38.96%
Yellow Flash Aura25.97%
Frost Aura19.48%
Sakura Aura12.98%
Phoenix Aura2.59%

Fighting Pass Auras

Storm AuraTier 4
Plasma AuraTier 14
Pyro AuraTier 29
Divine AuraTier 31

Electric Chest

Demon String Aura38.96%
Moon Aura25.97%
Water Aura19.48%
Corrupt Aura12.98%
Light Aura2.59%

Easter Aura Chest

Name Rarity
Dark Pulse Aura38.96%
Menacing Aura25.97%
Plus Ultra Aura19.48%
Easter Eggs Aura12.98%
Easter Flames Aura2.59%

Burning Chest

Name Rarity
Pink Electric Aura44.11%
Shadow Aura29.41%
Iced Aura22.06%
Burning Aura2.94%
Burning Heaven Aura1.47%


ShockingYou can only obtain it from Evil Genius (Big Might)

Body Anime Fighting Simulator Auras

Anime Fighting Simulator Body Auras

The Body Auras can be equipped with different body parts to make it look fantastic, but these auras do not shed any unique flares during the fights and look a little more straightforward compared to the Sword Auras. But then also you can showcase the specialty over the everyday player by obtaining the rarest Body Aura.

Dark Chest

Name Rarity
Frost Bogy Aura38.96%
Toxic Body Aura25.97%
Divine Body Aura19.48%
God Speed12.98%
Demon Body Aura2.59%

Sayan Chest

Name Rarity
Immense Pressure44.11%
Water Body Aura29.41%
Shadow Body Aura22.05%
Phantom Body Aura2.94%
Cremation Body Aura1.47%

Tournament Shop

Wisp Body Aura500 CP
Ash Body Aura1000 CP
Hero Body Aura2000 CP


Shocking InfernoIt can be only obtained by completing Further Improvement (Mhis)

Some Other Notes on Anime Fighting Simulator Auras

Divine Aura is one of the Aura which can change the appearance in various environments. This statement is the reference to Escanor’s Abilities in the Anime named “The Seven Deadly Sins” created by Nakaba Suzuki.

  • The extra yellow particles appear if the player is bathed under full sunlight.
  • Purple particles appear if a player is under the shade.
  • If the sunlight does not fully block a player and the player is under a lot of shade, it displays blue particles.
  • When the player gets complete protection from the sunlight, then it does not shows any particles.

The Shocking Inferno Body Aura and the Shocking Inferno Aura are the only two auras that can be obtained only by making progress in the Storyline.

The Anime Fighting Simulator Auras could be updated by defeating the exclusive boss during the events carried out after Update 15.

How to obtain Anime Simulator Fighting Auras?

There are only three methods to obtain the auras – buy the Fighting Pass from the Tournament Shop and available in-game shop. Currently, there are only five aura chests – the Burning Chest, the Sayan Chest, the Electric Chest, the Dark Chest, and the Gold Chest. The last three auras will cost you 5000 Chikara Shards to obtain them, while the Burning Chest and the Sayan Chest will cost you 10000 Chikara Shards.

If you are offered the same Aura, then the chest’s half amount is returned to you. After Update 15 (Christmas Update), the Christmas Chest was discontinued, and before the discontinuation of this chest, its price was 10000 Chikara Shards. Similarly, after Update 18 (Easter Update), the Easter Aura Chest was discontinued, and before the discontinuation of this chest, it was priced for 10000 Chikara Shards.

Here, you will find the details of the Aura with their rarity to obtain. As there are a few event auras that can only be obtained during the occurrence of specific events, so try to chase all the event auras, including the common auras also, as these auras cannot be obtained later on.

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