How to get XP in Anime Fighting Simulator?

How to get XP in Anime Fighting Simulator

Earning makes people wealthier to survive. This concept not only applies in real life but also in the fictional world. Gaining rewards, upgrading levels, buying the most needed weapon for the time are very much fascinating gifts that boost up the player of video games to continue with more dedication. All the receivables remain as a reminder to go on with the play in one way or other.

XP in Anime Fighting Simulator is amazingly a positive encouragement to the players. The game has XP as a base for all the activities which itself says that an XP is a prominent factor.

Anime Fighting Simulator is a gathering game that collects all the strongest players available and trains them to be the future superheroes of the universe. All Roblox followers have the common knowledge that it is an amazing field that consists of various types of games in the common game controller.

And one among them has going on a crazy trend called Anime Fighting Simulators. The ability that the player develops to fight that makes the best action play ever is all about the concept of Anime Fighting Simulator.

What is XP in Anime Fighting Simulator?

In each and every game that we play a specific arena is kept aside for the players either to stimulate their interest in the game or paying for what they have done to earn the victory in the levels. These can be termed as rewards, coupons, or free passes. XP comes under the same category of technical presentations to the players.

How to get XP in Anime Fighting Simulator?

One of the salient topics to be discussed with all the Anime Fighting Simulator players is giving points regarding XP. As a beginner, the user should be aware of how and what are the ways to get XP which is a heart in the game.

XP in Anime Fighting Simulator has ways to earn it. This blog is about explaining each one in detail.

Basic Activities

Anime Fighting Simulator Daily Quests

The basic activity considered while gaining XP in Anime Fighting Simulator is the daily quest. The daily quests are given as an exercise for users that acts as a simple way to add the reward.

As a part of the activity, two quests are given to the players in order to increase the XP to level up fast in game. Once the player completes two quests given he/she will gain the XP in a return.

The most interesting part here is the rewards or present does not stop with the XP. Gaining the required XP that is needed for higher-level leads to the growth stage. Further increase of it results in incredible rewards for the player. Those rewards for reaching greater levels can be in terms of currencies, special exceptions, and so on.

Spend Robux

There is also another way round for those players who refuse to use their time and energy on earning XP in Anime Fighting Simulator. There are also so subscribers who wish to get the easy rewards without undertaking heavy works. For all those people there is another chance of buying XP.

Yes, the XP in Anime Fighting Simulator can be bought by giving money in the Roblox game which is considered as Robux. The player can spend their original money on the Roblox platform to get XP. To buy like this the user has to arrive to pay the price by avoiding skip tier.

Tips to gain XP

Anime Fighting Simulator Fighting Pass

Some works are simply legible and as easy as that to gain XP in Anime Fighting Simulator. It doesn’t the hardest task or quest to be undertaken in earning XP nor spending much on Roblox to get it.

There are some places and activities to be done which are available in the Anime Fighting Simulator environment where XP’s are earned easily. These help to increase the green bar of XP within a short span of time and mainly not involving many complications. Those are briefly discussed in the below lines.


The first place to come under this category is the barn. It seems like a casual place where most of the players don’t visit in the game of Anime Fighting Simulator. But this is absolutely astonishing that when the players hear the XP has been raised if we just visited it. Sounds crazy right?

Yes, all the searcher has to do is go inside the barn and stand in the mid to get XP in Anime Fighting Simulator. And the most important point to consider here is to check the network connectivity while doing so or everything left is a waste of time and energy. Finally, there won’t be any change on XP.

Gathering Eggs

As a next recommended action the player can try to collect all the eggs available in order to earn XP in Anime Fighting Simulator. There are no specific places to locate the egg whereas the users should go in search of it in the game. Collecting as much as eggs will surely help in the growth of players XP.

Hitting Dummies

This action may find a little unusual but it really works out. Guess what? Hitting dummies. There are immobile dummies present in the arena of Anime Fighting Simulator. Some are openly found on the playground or park and some others on the hidden quiet area where co-players don’t visit often.

There should be more attention paid to surviving and without getting killed while in search of these XP increasing attributes. Moreover, the user can get training to it where he/she finds leftover dummies underground. The user could find a gradual increase in the level of XP in the Anime Fighting Simulator.

Get XP by defeating others

XP in Anime Fighting Simulator by Defeating others

This step also comes under the list of doing ones in case there is no other chance to get XP. Seems to be a cruel one yet, acceptable for survival.

It is defeating another player in the environment. This is also a way to gain XP. When the player involves in this activity there is a drastic increase in the level of XP in the Anime Fighting Simulator. As well as some drawbacks of being attacked back. Therefore keeping this as a last choice is quite better.

Moreover, defeating bosses will not only give you XP but also reward you with drops.

Resized Quest

These terms don’t exactly mean that the quest can be changed according to the player’s need but it is more than sufficient if the user achieves what is asked. Making the tasks simpler than what is given by logical thinking is all needed here on this part of gaining XP in the Anime Fighting Simulator.

If the quest indicates giving considerable XP when facing specific characters, instead of going on with a complicated one the players can choose those types which are comparatively very easy and simple to defeat. Wiser thinking on-field XP in Anime Fighting Simulator is always essential one with irrespective of actions.

These are the ways to gain XP and making a smooth line for the game.

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