Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2021 Brings A Lot Of New Content

Pokemon Go Fashion Week

Pokemon GO Fashion week of the year 2021 has started on September 21st at 10:00 am and this time the event is going to be more interesting and fashionable than before.

The Niantic 2016 released free to play Android and iOS game Pokemon GO is a GPS based game that uses your phone’s GPS location to locate Pokemon and PokeStops and Gyms in real-world locations. The popularity of this game has made it reach over one billion downloads with millions of active users around the world.

Every year the Niantic hosts a special event to celebrate the game and the players where they introduce new Pokemons and other new features to the Pokemon trainers.

What’s New?

This year the Pokemon GO Fashion Week event is taking a level up with the new Pokemon and AR camera. The event is going to occur from September 21, 2021, to September 28, 2021.

Fashion Challengers

Pokemon Go has been introducing its new features and challenges through various events. So like every year this year the event is a fashion week. The Fashion week event has Fashion challengers who ask the players to defeat some of them.

The fashion challengers are similar to the Team GO Rocket Grunts and Leaders and other GO Tour challengers. But here the Niantics has made it a little elevated characters to spice up the Fashion Week. Also here you can challenge other trainers for online or in-person GO, battle leagues.

The fashion challengers are found at the PokeStops like any other GO Tour challengers or Team GO Rocket members but with other NPC trainers in the game.

The Fashion Pokemons

Pokemon Go Fashion Week new pokemons

With the event being Fashion Week the Pokemons can’t stay behind. The Frufrou Pokemon is going to make its debut. The elemental type white-furred dog and chocolate brown coloured Pokemon is going to make the debut on Pokemon GO with its 9 new forms which you can have by paying 10,000 stardust and 25 Furfrou Candy.

Globally the furfruo can change into three forms such Natural, Matron and Dandy. other than this the other forms will be available based on your region. Like in America you can have the Debutante form, in Europe, the Middle East and Africa you will get the Diamond form, In Asia-Pacific region, you will be getting the Star form, In Japan, you will have the Kabuki form, In Egypt, you will have the Pharoh form and in France, you will have the Le Reine form.

But all these will not be available at the event as Niantics is planning to launch these on Furfruo community day just like Oshawott’s Community day.

Just for a preview, Oshawott is a water type Pokemon a sea otter. It can evolve, unlike Furfruo. So the Oshawott evolves into Dewott and then into Samurott the most powerful evolution of Oshawott. This Pokemon has a sword as its armour. Its also considered one of the powerful water type pokemon as its simple glare will silence everyone.

On the Pokemon GO official Twitter on the day of official oshawott community day which is September 19th it was posted by the handle, that if the players can evolve Dewott during a special event that was happening that day, the players will get a Samurott which is very difficult to get.

To check the evolution and stats you will have a Pokemon go CP calculator which is a bit difficult to understand. But basically, it’s used to estimate the CP and IVs of Pokemon and to see their evolutions and purifying.

Then We have Sneasel on the list but with glasses and a hat which makes the little, dark, Ice-type Pokemon seems more cool and cute.

Then we have the blitzle the electric Pokemon who will be in the Fashion Week with a Tuxedo. Just like that, we will see Butterfree with a cute bow tie on it. The Smoochum with a bow, Kirlia with the top hat and Crognuk with a cap hat.

The Shiny Feature

Pokemon Go Fashion Week Shiny Pokemons

Along with the accessories, the characters will have the shiny feature. The Shiny feature will be available to certain Pokemons to change the way they look and emphasize their aesthetics. The Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2021 will have Sneasel, Smoochum, Kirlia, Shinx, Croagunk, Uxie, Mesprit, Azelf and Blizle in their new Shiny look.

The shiny feature is a special feature that is seen in the wild variants and these are only found in special events like Pokemon GO Fashion Week or Pokemon GO contests.

The Shiny Blitzle will also make its debut but after Fashion week. This is a bit weird as it will not make its shiny debut with the most fashionable Pokemon monster Furfruo in the Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2021.

The Fashion Challenger Team

Field Challenges Pokemon Go

In the Pokemon GO Fashion Week, you will find five different Fashion Challengers with different Pokemons. The Fashion Challengers team are:

  1. Cool Challenger Team
  2. Eccentric Challenger Team
  3. Quirky Challenger Team
  4. Sassy Challenger Team
  5. Slick Challeger Team

Cool challenger Team

This cool Challenger team has Furfrou, Sneasel, and Gothitelle as the featured Pokemon.

Eccentric Challenger Team

The Eccentric Challnenger Team has Star Trim furfruo, Alolan graveler and blitzlife as the featured Pokemon.

Quirky Challenger team

The Quirky Challenger team has Matron Trim furfruo, Braixen and Shinx as its featured Pokemon.

Sassy Challenger Team

The Sassy Challengers team has Dandy furfruo, Butterfree and Vaporeon as its featured Pokemons.

Slick Challenger Team

The Slick Challenger Team has Diamond Furfruo, Obstagoon and Croagunk as its featured Pokemons.

All these fashion challenges will only be available for this event so you may not get the chance to see these unique Pokemons once this challenge is over so make sure to capture all the Pokemons when you get to have a battle with them.

AR Photo Contest

The other new launch in this event will be the new AR camera feature as a part of the photo contest. This interesting feature added by Niantic will let you show off your photographic skills.
To take part in the Pokemon GO Fashion Week photo contest the players need to take picture of a newly launched costumed Pokemon or an OG costumed Pokemon and upload it to Twitter or Instagram with the #PokemonGOFashionWeek and #GOsnapshot.
The Niantic will choose 100 unique entrants randomly which will get the exciting prizes.

These rewards are pretty unique. For example, the Hoopa bangles are not released on the in-game shop till now and are not planned to release there yet so it might be your lucky chance to get your hands on them.


The winners of the AR photo contest will be given a unique code that they can redeem to get a collection of unique items in Pokemon GO. The winners will be receiving the Hoopa Bangles avatar item, Three Premium Raid Passes, Three Incubators and 30 Ultra Balls.

It will also release gender-neutral Furfruo avatars. which you can buy or win during the events.


The Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2021 is a similar event to the Pokemon Go Fashion Week 2020. If you are interested in the fashion of Pokemons then it surely is a golden chance for you to get those beautifully fashionable Pokemons.

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