Anime Fighting Simulator Armaments List

Anime Fighting Simulator Armaments

Anime Fighting Simulator Armaments are the extraordinary powers that provide a surplus to the players’ skills, and it was released along with the version of UPDATE 14. A player needs to equip a specific sword for getting the benefits of an Armament ability. Armament can be used by pressing the assigned button (for PC users), which is bound to the specific ability of armament.

Mobile players can press the controls for the armaments located at the center top of the mobile screen. Armaments cannot be used while Titans, Pyrokinesis, Sword Styles, Bloodlines, Grimoires, Quirks, Fruits, Kagunes, or Stands are active in Anime Fighting Simulator.

Anime Fighting Simulator Armaments


KeyMove NameRarityScale FactorScalingCooldownBoss DamageTournament Damage
CBurst ElementObtain from Fighting PassChakra45x / hitThirteen seconds45 per hit (total of 18)50 per hit (total of 18)
XStorm and ChurnObtain from Fighting Pass Sword35xFour seconds35 per hit (total of 7)50 per hit (total of 7)
ZFlowers BloomObtain from Fighting PassChakra30x + (Sword Slash Damage – 2x / seconds)Four seconds3040

C: Anime Fighting Simulator Armaments blooms a large flower that unleashes a giant beam on the enemies located in front of you.

X: Shuriken rain downs like flowers on your enemies.

Z: Inner flowers from the sword are released which provides a temporary boost to the sword’s damage.

Ice Rose

KeyMove NameRarityScale FactorScalingCooldownBoss DamageTournament Damage
CFroze Release RecollectionObtain from Fighting Pass Chakra45xEleven seconds45 per hit50 per hit
XEnhance Ice SpikesObtain from Fighting Pass Chakra30xSix seconds35 per hit50 per hit
ZEnhance Ice WheelObtain from Fighting PassStrength35xEleven seconds35 per hit40 per hit

C: It freezes the environment near you and deals damage to everyone till someone gets fatal.

X: A powerful ice attack is created to provide damage to the players located in front of you.

Z: Creates a circle of ice to provide damage to the players around you.

Night Sky

KeyMove NameRarityScale FactorScalingCooldownBoss DamageTournament Damage
CStarburst StreamObtain from Fighting Pass Sword70x / hitForty seconds40 + 5 per hit (total of 8)70 +17 per hit (total of 8)
XDark SpiralObtain from Fighting Pass Strength35xTwelve seconds35 per hit55 per hit
ZAdministrator ShieldObtain from Fighting Pass Chakra20xTen seconds20 per hit (total of 9)35 per hit

C: It freezes the opponent in front of you to deal with repeated sword slashes.

X: A dark spiral is created to provide damage to the players located inside it.

Z: Creates a protective shield to avoid all the damages and deal damage to the players who enter into the shield.


KeyMove NameRarityScale FactorScalingCooldown
CButterfly Shield54.74%Durability45xFourteen seconds
XDamage Enhance54.74% NANAFourteen seconds
ZSimple Healing54.74% NANATwelve seconds

C: A shield is activated to protect from all the damages, but at this moment a player cannot perform attacks.

X: Provides a damage buff to you and your group members which increases the damage by 50%.

Z: Protects you and your group members by healing 30% and providing a speed boost for five seconds.


KeyMove NameRarityScale FactorScalingCooldown
CBegone48.14%Sword34x per hit (maximum two hits)Eleven seconds
XDark Teleportation48.14% Sword55xTen seconds
ZEnhance Stun48.14% Chakra45xEight seconds

C: A massive energy ball is created on your head which showers a lane of lighting to a great range.

X: Channels your energy and immediately teleports you to the target located nearest your cursor.

Z: A dark energy is released from the weapon which blinds and stuns your opponent.

Black Swordsman

KeyMove NameRarityScale FactorScalingCooldown
CEclipse4.74%Sword22x per hit (maximum hits – 5)Thirteen seconds
XPrecise Shot4.74% Strength14x per hit (maximum hits – 6)Eight seconds
ZLightening Fall4.74% Chakra55x per hitSeven seconds

C: It creates a shield that reflects abilities tried on you.

X: Shoots five precise shots which will house your target while dealing medium damage.

Z: A spherical area is covered with flurry slashes which deal heavy damage.


KeyMove NameRarityScale FactorScalingCooldown
CTime Release Recollection0.36%SwordScaleTwelve seconds
XEnhance Spiral0.36% SwordScaleNine seconds
ZUragiri0.36% SwordScaleSeven seconds

C: Weapon memories are released which allows attacking the opponent by parting self-damage to the present self.

X: Jumps up and releases a circular slash at the cursor’s position and an explosion is created if the slash makes a hit.

Z: It freezes the nearest player so that you can slash them many times.


KeyMove NameRarityScale FactorScalingCooldown
CRelease Recollection SwordObtained from Glem EyesSword80x per hitSeven seconds
XEnhance BoltsObtained from Glem Eyes Strength60x per hitSix seconds
ZEnhance TransformationObtained from Glem Eyes NANATwo seconds

C: A mighty sword falls from the sky at your cursor’s position which creates a shock wave to deal magnificent damage.

X: “Thrust Glem Eyes” hits the ground and generates multiple blue lighting bolts.

Z: Glem Eyes’ essence is channeled into the character and gets transformed into the same copy of him.

More Details on Anime Fighting Simulator Armaments

  • Before the version of Update 19, Anime Fighting Simulator Armaments were only accessible from Season 2 fighting Pass.
  • Pyrokinesis and Armaments are the Specials that will not change your appearance while activated.
  • Armaments are inspired by popular anime/novel series named Sword Art Online created by Reki Kawahara.

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