Best Animal Crossing Flag Designs For Decorations

Animal Crossing Flag Designs

Decorating the place we own has always been a passion for the owner of that place. This game is similar to that, you have a wonderful opportunity to decorate the place using these flags.

Animal Crossing Flag Designs are designs that are created by many players in a creative and unique way. You can get the flags using the given codes and can purchase your favorite ones.

Animal Crossing Flag Designs

Here are some of the flag designs in Animal Crossing and their Nintendo design codes –

Wind Fish Egg

Animal Crossing Wind Fish Egg

Design Code – MO-2SVL-LSSD-254Q

These animal crossing flag designs are exclusively made for cool thinkers. There is an egg with pink and white color been placed on top of the volcano to and the flag is decorated with clouds. Many players loved to use these flags in their islands

Starry Night 2.0

Animal Crossing Starry Night 2.0

Design Code – MO-RP2W-NGYY-CDG6

There is a mixture of brightening designs clubbed up in this flag. These animal crossing flag design attract the eyes of a gloomy mood player. There are some yellow spots all over the flag to feel complete. It sometimes gives the comfortable feeling and then the very next moment makes you scary.

Star Dew Valley

Animal Crossing Star Dew Valley

Design Code – MO-LL38-3SV7-5NVT

These animal crossing flag design are a cutie and many girl players opt for this flag and this is really like a crown to your Island. This flag is a combination of Violet and light orange color with a star picture and two leaves blooming from them. You can select your favorite flags according to the combination with the place that you are gonna place them.

Toe Beans

Animal Crossing Toe Beans

Design code – MO-2HT6-YK08-TJRV

If you are a pet lover then definitely you can’t any better flag designs other than this. This flag holds a toe picture of a pet probably a dog with a sandal background. This flag itself denotes that you have a love for pets and this could also result in having a prejudiced view towards your Island.

Beach Painting

Animal Crossing Beach Painting

Design Code – MO-QCPL-YJP9-MG9K

These animal crossing flag designs are exclusively for coolheaded players. This flag has the picture of a beach site and it gives a feel of a real Island. It has a lone tree which gives the feel of enjoying the company of solitude. This flag might be the best one for your Island if you are expecting a typical Island feel.

Jurassic Park

Animal Crossing Jurassic Park

Design Code – MO-J5MY-6Y3D-6MMD

You would have seen the Jurassic Park movie and there will be a pic denoting Dinosaurs with the title. The exact picture is used in these animals. These are specifically designed for adventurous players and the Islands with this flag are expected to have some Dinosaurs elements in them.

Pirate Skull

Animal Crossing Pirate Skull

Design Code – MO-CC3Q-9Q06-18S9

Though Jack Sparrow is a Pirate he just got famous all over the world. In the same way, these animal crossing flag designs with a Skull picture in the center of the flag might seem to be simple and sometimes even evil but you should definitely accept the fact that nowadays even evilness gets highlighted.

Bow Tie Cat

Animal Crossing Bow Tie Cat

Design Code – MO-K621-BW75-LKY2

These animal crossing flag designs are designed to keep cutie kitties in mind and some players might have crushes on them. There is a cat picture placed in the Flag with a cute and simple Red-colored tie and this is more related to animation cats that look like a person. Many players prefer to use this flag if they want to give out cite looks.


Animal Crossing Unicornio

Design Code -MO-SCR1-QWW5-58N2

This flag is my favorite one because it is Just a mixture of all beautiful colors. A unicorn picture is placed at the center of the flag and is decorated with yellow stars on black background. These animal crossing flag designs are Just perfect combinations of colors. This is widely used by all male and female players.

New Flag

Animal Crossing New Flag

Design Code -MO-P9B6-505H-KLX9

This is a recent release that depicts our lockdown days. These animal crossing flag designs are designed with a Violet background and a Sun in yellow color placed at the center. It is definite that there must be some untold meaning for the design and its title.

Royal Griffin

Animal Crossing Royal Griffin

Design Code – MO-875W-H92Q-JXK1

These animal crossing flag designs will bring royalty and rich looking to your Island. The flag is in the maroon background with a dragon with wings and tails that sits majestically owning a crown for it. These are the elements used in this flag that is correctly placed correctly matching the title of this flag.

White Tree of Gondor

Animal Crossing White Tree of Gondor

Design Code – MO-21CX-YVJ7-G4VM

These animal crossing flag designs have been decorating with dazzling Navy blue background with a different tree picture in white color. The ends of the branches are decorated with diamonds in white color and attract the players who wish their island to have a simple yet elegant flag.

Rose Quartz Flag

Animal Crossing Rose Quartz Flag

Design code – MO-NVWC-CGYT-DTHP

If there are any Players who have a craze over flowers then you can choose these animal crossing flag designs. They have a pink background with a slightly pinkish-colored rose. It can be prejudiced that most of the players who select this flower are female.


Animal Crossing Burger

Design Code -MO-6G57-LMF5-7F5K

This is also one of my favorite flags among hundred and hundred of flags out there. Just select them if you are a foodie and if you have planned to stuff your islands with different recipes of food. The middle part of the Burger is the design of this flag and the colors are perfectly used to give it a perfect style and a sense of reality.

Odin’s Raven

Animal Crossing Odin's Raven

Design Code – MO-V56L-YYDD-4LT8

These animal crossing flag designs are unique and different when compared to other flags because no one came forward to use Raven as their flag. In this flag, the color of the Raven is red in color and it is faced upwards denoting to fly higher and higher. I’m pretty sure that the creator might have some inner meaning in it.

Zelda SS + PH Transp

Animal Crossing Zelda SS + PH Transp

Design Code – MO-8V3R-BVBM-3PKY

This animal crossing flag design are a combination of brown and yellow colors. This design reminds us of the good old Nintendo Console Time when everyone was behind this game.

Aldrich Faithful

Animal Crossing Aldrich Faithful

Design Code – MO-9TB0-1RMB-MHHF

These animal crossing flags is well-known for its classical candle stand that it holds in the middle of the flag with a brown background. The corners of the flag are decorated with white colors and the candles are burned off. This might give a royalistic look to your Island and you yourself will adore your design.

Red Lion King

Animal Crossing Red Lion King

Design Code – MO-0DPW-FMTH-HLSG

This burning dragon gives a hot look to your Island and a mixture of elements of the sea is added to the flag. In these animal crossing flag designs, the dragon is placed in the form of a ship sailing in the sea. This is one of the preferred flags among others and they are satisfied with using this flag.


Animal Crossing Buddha

Design Code – MO-S2V5-4Y11-4NXX

These animal crossing flag designs are usually selected by the Buddha lovers and it is the symbol to denote peace and to get deprived of chaos. This flag holds the picture of Buddha with a sandal background and the reason why they prefer this flag is to prove that their Island is full of spiritual energy.

Glitter Rainbow

Animal Crossing Glitter Rainbow

Design Code – MO-TR2B-CPTM-9QRH

This is one of the attractive and colorful flags that is used by most players. The entire flag is coated with the Rainbow color combination and some white twinkling dots are placed all over the flag. This animal crossing flag design seem to be childish but many players preferred their taste by choosing this design.

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