Borderlands 3 Echo Logs Guide

Borderlands 3 Echo Logs

Seven years later of Borderlands 2 and six years later from the Tales from the Borderlands, the developer launched the most awaited series Borderlands 3. This game has included a quad set of Vault Hunters – FL4K the Beastmaster, Amara the Siren, Moze the Gunner, and Zane the Operative.

There are few interesting Borderlands 3 Echo Logs mentioned in the post with the location and description so that you can find them easily.

The four Vault hunters join Lilith’s Crimson Raiders as new characters sent to explore the Children of the Vault culture and meet their mysterious leaders, known as the Calypso twins, named Troy and Tyreen, in charge of the Lost Vault Map. While rescuing a map of the Vault, the Raiders and their allies boarded the Sanctuary 3 spacecraft to reach the other side of Pandora on other planets throughout the galaxy to search for the Vault’s before the Calypsos snatched power from them.

Where is Zane Echo Log?

Borderlands 3 Zane Echo Logs

While making progress in the game, you will come across the Sanctuary; it is your home base spaceship and houses four echo logs. The Echo Logs found here are very interesting as they are the logs from the characters you choose to play. It feels like reading notes, and they provide a little more background information about your vault hunters.

Borderlands 3 Echo Logs Location

Information and location for all the Echo Logs found in Borderlands 3 are as follows:

Pandora – The DroughtsWorth the waitMove towards the top of the spaceport and then move down to the chamber for accessing it. You can only get to it if the Sanctuary 3 has taken off.
Character: Ellie
Nekrotafeyo – Desolation’s Edge WorseOn the top side of the container
Krieg’s Mind – The PsychoscapeWhy so serious?Topmost of the columns; accessible by climbing above the smaller columns on the west side.
Characters: Psycho Krieg and Sane Krieg
The Handsome Jackpot – The Compactor What is in a Name
Krieg’s Mind – Benediction of Pain Weapons of mass disruptionLocated on the ground
Character: Dr. Benedict
Krieg’s Mind – The PsychoscapeWatch it!Nearby the train tracks in the open area
Characters: Psycho Krieg and Sane Krieg
Krieg’s Mind – Castle CrimsonWarAbove the upper platform
Characters: Psycho Krieg and Sane Krieg
Xylourgos – Skittermaw BasinVoicesAfter reaching the upper level, you can get it on top of a crate
Character: Cecilia
Nekrotafeyo – Tazendeer Ruins VengeanceCharacter: General Traunt
Xylourgos – The LodgeUneasy TruceIn the bathroom, on a sink
Characters: Mancubus Bloodtooth and Eleanor
The Handsome Jackpot – The SpendopticonUgly Mug
Eden-6 – The Anvil TroubleAbove the desk
Character: Montgomery Jakobs and Clay
Athenas Traunt’s TauntsAt the corner of the upper level, on a chair
The Handsome Jackpot – The Compactor Trash FireMove down in the lower catwalks, which needs to be accessed with the help of the NW ladder
The Handsome Jackpot – Jack’s Secret Too EasyThe tunnel located on the downside
Gehenna – Bloodsun Canyon Three DeathsLocated at the lower level under some scaffolding
Promethea – Skywell-27 The ZanaraA door gets opened after crossing the second pass from the Observation Deck area.
Eden-6 – Ambermire The Search for Red Jabber (Part 3)Search for the overhead pipe which will be on the wooden platform and attached to the columns
Eden-6 – Ambermire Part 2 – The Search for Red JabberOn a barrel adjacent to the cylindrical tank
Eden-6 – Ambermire The Search for Red Jabber (Part 1)On top of a barrel, you will get to see it placed above the wooden platform
The Handsome Jackpot – Grand Opening Part 3 – The Saga of Salty Jerms
The Handsome Jackpot – Grand Opening Part 2 – The Saga of Salty Jerms
The Handsome Jackpot – Grand Opening Part 1 – The Saga of Salty Jerms
Pandora – Cathedral of the Twin GodsThe Rise of MouthpieceAbove the desk
Characters: Mouthpiece and Tyreen
Xylourgos – Cursehaven The ProprietorDown the steps
Character: Stephie
Krieg’s Mind – Benediction of Pain The Lost BalladYou need to reach on the side of the raised platform. To access the upper platform, you will need the help of yellow crates to jump to the platform and then collect it
Characters: Dr. Benedict and Eadric Edelhard
Eden-6 – Jakobs Estate The LizardInside the Welcoming Chamber you can find it on a bookshelf
Characters: Hammerlock and Clay
Gehenna – Bloodsun Canyon Part 1 – The Legend of the MeatmanNear the door on the bench
Gehenna – Bloodsun Canyon Part 2 – The Legend of the MeatmanNear the pipe located on the back of the house
Gehenna – Bloodsun Canyon Part 3 – The Legend of the MeatmanOn a crate attached to the wall
Gehenna – Bloodsun Canyon Part 4 – The Legend of the Meatman
Gehenna – Bloodsun Canyon Part 5 – The Legend of the MeatmanOn the backside of the dump truck
Gehenna – Bloodsun Canyon The Legend of the Meatman #6On the top of the house (on the roof). To climb up the house, you need to take the help of nearby rocks and jump across them to make a way to the top
Krieg’s Mind – Sapphire’s RunThe Last WordYou will get it on the pedestal after defeating the Locomobius; a portal opens
The Handsome Jackpot – Impound Deluxe Part 2 – The Last Doppelganger
The Handsome Jackpot – Impound Deluxe The Last Doppelganger (Part 1)
Eden-6 – Floodmoor Basin The Jakobs NameBy the stairs
Xylourgos – Negul NeshaiThe Heart That Eats (Part 4)In few crates next to the white chest on the lower level
Character: Eleanor
Xylourgos – Negul NeshaiThe Heart That Eats (Part 3)While taking up the elevator, you can get it at the half locked door
Character: Eleanor
Xylourgos – Negul NeshaiThe Heart That Eats (Part 2)Inside the control room
Character: Vincent
Xylourgos – Negul Neshai The Heart That Eats (Part 1)On a safe found in the chamber
Character: Vincent
Xylourgos – Heart’s DesireThe Heart Still Beats (Part 1)Above the table found attached to the office wall.
Character: Vincent
Xylourgos – Heart’s Desire The Heart Still Beats (Part 2)Above the desk found at New-U Station (upper level)
Character: Vincent
Xylourgos – Heart’s Desire The Heart Still Beats (Part 3)On the table
Character: Eleanor
Xylourgos – Heart’s Desire The Heart Still Beats (Part 4)Above the crate located adjacent to the metal platform
Character: Eleanor
Eden-6 – Blackbarrel Cellars 

The Gardens Take Care of Themselves
Character: Nilly
Pandora – Konrad’s HoldThe Entrance to Azamak-murFound inside the locked chest (during The Demon in the Dark)
Eden-6 – Black barrel Cellars The Call
Eden-6 – Ambermire TalkingAbove the wooden crate
Gehenna Taker’s KeepersFound on the building’s rooftop. To access this, you need to take help of the table and jump south of the building (search for the yellow paint at the roof’s edge)

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