Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Best Stands

Your Bizarre Adventure Best Stands

Your bizarre adventure is inspired among different players as it considers as the seventh longest-running Roblox game as per visits. The game provides the advantages of different types of stand features that helps to play efficiently.

Your Bizarre Adventure Best Stands are the powerful life energies that are considered to be responsible for a character’s power. In this post, we’ve listed all the stands along with their identification, type, origin, appearance, and potential.

Your Bizarre Adventure Best Stands

YBA Stands
Courtesy: Dasilano Youtube

The table will be divided into the following stands –

  • Arrow Stands
  • Rib cage stands
  • Oven heaven stands

Arrow Stands

False name / local nameIdentificationTypeOriginAppearancePotential
Palesnake / white poision WhitesnakeMedium distance attacker for shot ranges only.Enrico Pucci“GACT” written with black line, full blank and white attire along with black crown and black eye colorCreates multiple illusion, melt hearts, produce acid and discs of peoples stands and memories
Platinum sun (Tarot card)
The star
Closed range attackerJotaro kujoFull purple attire with blue eyesBeast strength, time stopper and extreme accuracy
The universe(Tarot card)
The world
Closed range attackerDioFull yellow and grey attire with red eyesTime stopper and extreme strength
Anubiz(Egyptian god)
Automatic, shared, sentient, boundedKhan ,caravan seral, jean pierre, chakaFull fleshed colored skeleton body with head black along with the swordDeveloped, mind controller and selective intangibility.
Yellow hot chili pepper, RHCPRed hot chili pepper Long-range attackerAkira OtoshiFull yellow attire with white eyesManipulating electrically
Shining sapphireShine on your crazy diamond Closed range attackerJosuke HigashikataMale personality full pink and turquoise attire with Blue eyesSpeedy, restoration, and extreme strength
KQ deadly queenKiller queenClosed range attackerYoshikage KiraFull greyish pink attire with red eyes, cat-like postureUsed to plant bombs, with extreme strength
Golden wind / Gloden spiritGold experienceClosed range attackerGiorno Giovanna Full golden and purple attire with purple eyesHaving healing power with life creation ability
Scarlet king /KC emperor crimsonKing crimson Closed range attackerDiavoloMale personality with full white, red, and green attire with green eyesHaving future prediction capability and time skipping
(tarot card)
The Chariot
Silver ChariotClosed range attackerJean pierre poinareffFull silver attire with yellow eyesHaving Armor phases, extreme strength, fencing, and precision
HP(tarot card)
The hermit
Closed range attackerJoseph JoestarFull purple spiky vinesHaving hamon transmission, photography as spirit mode, and grappling
The handThe bandClosed range attackerOkuyasu NijimaruFull blue and grey attire with yellow eyesHaving erasing ability, either it is a space or object
PH /purple smoke / violet fogPurple hazeClosed range attackerNo userFull purple attire with yellow, red, brown, or purple eyesThe ability of storm like speed
VoidCreamClosed range attackerNo userFull white and black attire with purple eyesLight speed performances
HG tentacle green Hierophant greenlong-range attackerNo userFull green attire with yellow eyesHaving invisible power
MRThe MagicianClosed range attackerMuhammad AvdolFull red attire with orange eyesManipulating fire phases
White iceWhite albumClosed range attackerGhiaccioFull white suit attire The ability of damage reduction
Airsmith /Lil’ bomberAerosmith long-range attackerNarancia GhirgaSmall airplane of red bomber featureHas the feature of manual controller
Six pistols / six bullets Six pistolslong-range attackerNo userPurple color gun with a black eye Long-range shooting capability
Beach boyBeach boyBoth range attackerPesciLook like a fishing rodA straight-line attacker with catching skills
M.P Ms. vice presidentMr. presidentIntegratedCoco jumboIt’s a block that takes the form of the key objectA non-Humanoid object used to kidnap players put them in an empty room or used to enter in multiple phases of the game by unlocking them and also do severe damages
Sticky fingers, zipper man Sticky fingersClosed range attackerNo userComes in blue, white, and yellow color attire Used to cure damages but it comes as a week stands among all

Rib Cage Stands

False name / local nameIdentificationTypeOriginAppearancePotential
Horrorsaur/ Fighting monsterScary monsterIntegratedDr. Ferdinand
Full Blue and dark blue body structure with dark grey eyes as utahraptor visualProduces multiple transformations, minion presences, and closed range attacker
The world / the universe (tarot card)
The world
Both ranged attackerAnother world Diego Brando Full yellow like attire with hazel color eyeTime stopper, and have extreme Physical speed and power
D4C /Filthy acts at a reasonable price / Criminal task doneDirty deeds are done dirt cheap Close range attacker Funny valentineRabbits like structure portrait as cyan with pink color body and eyeHave the potential of dimensional traveling
TA 1 TuskLong-range attacker Johnny Joestar Ghost like the structure of pink color with dot black color eyesHave the potential of spinning, gliding, and also rotate nail shots

Oven Heaven Stands

False name / local nameIdentificationTypeOriginAppearancePotential
GER /Golder spirit requiem/ Golden wind requiem Gloden experienceClose range attackerGiorno GiovannaHumanoid structure with full gold color and pink eyehave the ability of life distribution with infinite death also it can return to zero form
KCR /scarlet king requiem / emperor crimsonking crimsonClose range attackerDiavoloFull maroon, imperial purple, and red color attire with green eye Have the potential of future prediction with dimensional traveling and also help in time skipping
SCR/CR / Chariot requiem(silver)(tarot card)
The Chariot requiem
Long-range attacker with evolved features Jean pierre polnareffHumanoid with shadow-like structure Have sleep effect with damage reflecting feature along with self buffering
Deadly king Bite the dust Killer queen /sheer heartClose range attacker with evolved featuresYoshikage Kira Catlike appearances with pink color body and an open stomachHave bomb controlling features while it has projection or transmutation with time-reversal technique
SP TWStar platinum the worldClose range attackerJotaro KujoNo gender personality, fully light pinkish purple and light blue color attire with blue eyeTime stopper
TAT/tusk act 2Tusk act 2Long-range attackerJohnny JoestarThe unusual character of pink color with back dotted eye Have the potential of spinning slash, golden nail, and tea time
TA3/ Gloden nail IIITusk act 3Long-range attackerJohnny JoestarThe unusual character of pink color with back dotted eyeHave golden nails and tea time
TA4/ Gloden nail IVTusk act 4Both range attackerJohnny JoestarThe unusual character of pink color with white dotted eyeHave the potential of infinite rotation, golden nail, wormhole, and tea time
Dirty deeds done dirt cheap D4C: love train Close range attacker with evolved featuresFunny valentineRabbits like structure in cyan and pink color attire with pink eyeHave the ability of dimensional traveling with redirection misfortune
G moon / Full moonC moonClose range attacker with evolved featuresEnrico Pucci Whitesnake type appeases with GACT pattern that has DNA symbol like structure has a full body like green arm, torso, back, chest and head also have arrow belt with armored spike Have the ability to manipulate gravity, weak time acceleration with surface inversion
Maiden in heaven / MiH(Queen song)
Made in heaven
Evolved with fast range Enrico PucciHalf appetence is like Masculine and half horse riding pattern with the speedometer in place of the eye in yellow and blue colorHave the ability of time acceleration and universe resetting
The world OHThe world over heavenClose range attackerHeaven ascension DioMuscular like structure with yellow and white pattern Have dimension controller facility with overwrite reality
(Canceled stand)
CDR shining diamond
Crazy diamond requiemNo rangeJosuke HigashikataMuscular like structure with black and white patternHave healing and fixing object facility

Here all the stands are described as arrow stands, rib cage stand, Over heaven, stand, and canceled stand features of gameplay with all descriptions explained their features, abilities with their name and types.

What Is The Most Strongest Stand In Your Bizarre Adventure?

Yes, there are a few most robust stand which we would love to share with you, and the list of 10 stands which are as follows-:

  • The World Over Heaven
  • Gold Experience Requiem
  • Made In Heaven
  • Tusk Act 4
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheep (D4C)
  • King Crimson/Epitaph
  • Star Platinum
  • Cream
  • Notorious B.I.G
  • Killer Queen

What Is The Best Requiem Stand In Your Bizarre Adventure?

The best Requiem stands in the bizarre adventure are considered the “Star Platinum: The World.” This requiem is selected as the best in the bizarre adventure by the polling conducted on various sites, and based on multiple players’ opinions, it is the most voted requiem.

What Is The Scariest Stand In Jojo?

Yes, there are a few scariest stands which we would love to share with you and the list of 10 stands which are as follows-:

  1. Death Thirteen
  2. Enigma
  3. Grateful Dead
  4. Sethan
  5. Ratt
  6. Deadly Queen
  7. Cream
  8. Purple Haze
  9. Little Feet
  10. Ebony Devil

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