All 76 Funky Friday Animations and Their References


The funky Friday game is a browser-based Roblox game created by Lyte interactive prepared for all genre types initially launched in 2021 February based on the rhythm game. The game featured provides multiple players to face an opponent in battle situations. Perhaps there you get the option to play as solos, but you are not able to gain as much as speed and reward you played in group accurately.

Here we opted for Funky Friday Animations players to perform; every character has different and exciting animation that suits your characters with relevant gameplay experiences. For choosing multiple animations, players should play to win various points to scores, and with those points, players can purchase many spirits for characters with different features.

It’s like a battlefield with various exciting modes. It also provides the format of a beautiful song during game sessions.

In the game Funky Friday, there are various songs featured, including original songs taken from Friday Night Funkin’ and a few mods to add more songs. For example, Mid Fight Masses, The Tricky Mod, VS Whitty, The B-Side mod, and few other songs are included from the external community, based on Touhou themes.

All Funky Friday Animations List

Funky Friday Animations Dad and Default

Here is the list of all the available Funky Friday Animations.

Funky Friday AnimationCost of AnimationReference of Animation
RickrollFree / Code “19 Dollars” Based on Rick Astley’s song Never gonna give you up
BoomboxFree / Code “1milfavs”Based on a gear item, Gloden super fly boombox
DefaultFreeNo particular reference
StylishUnlock (Obtain 1,000,000 points)No particular reference
DadThree hundredBased on Daddy dearest from Friday night funkin
SenpaiFour hundredBased on senpai from Friday night funkin
MasterzFour hundredNo particular references
CarolFour hundred and fiftyBased on Hex from VX hex mode
WhittyFour hundred and fiftyBased on Whitty from VS Whitty mode
FLFour hundred and fiftyBased on FL from VS FL chan mod and vocaloid
GlitchFour hundred and fiftyNo particular references
MomFour hundred and fiftyBased on Mommy mearest from Friday night funkin
CyrixFour hundred and fiftyNo particular reference
HexFour hundred and fiftyNo particular reference
CJFour hundred and fiftyNo particular reference
CJ+ RubyUnlock (CJ, Ruby Purchased)No particular reference
SarventeFour hundred and fiftyBased on Sarv from Mid fight masses mod
PicoFour hundred and fiftyBased on Pico from Friday night funkin (Alternate: Pico’s school)
RuvFour hundred and fiftyBased on Ruv from Mid-fight masses mod
RubyFour hundred and fiftyNo particular references
K.O.UFive hundredBased on Kou from kelper observation unit
CoralieFive hundredNo particular references
SeleverFive hundredBased on Selever from Mid-fight masses mod
EnaFive hundredBased on ENA from boyfriend mod
PompomFive hundredNo particular references
RonFive hundredNo particular references
AflacFive hundredNo particular references
TrickyFive hundredBased on Tricky from the tricky mod (Madness)
Beach BroFive hundredNo particular references
GlitcherFive hundredBased on Hex of glitcher phase from VS. hex mod
Yukichi Five hundred and fiftyNo particular references
Default danceFive hundred and fiftyBased on Fortnite with different direction animation (up, down, left, right)
AgotiSix hundredBased on A.G.O.T.I from VS. agoti mod
PopSix hundredNo particular references
ManagerSix hundredNo particular references
CharaSix hundredBased on Chara from VS. chara mod
WysteraSix hundredNo particular references
GospelSix hundred and fiftyNo particular references
Breaker stlyeSix hundred and fiftyBased on Majima breaker style from yakuza series
BallisticSix hundred and fiftyBased on Whitty (ballistic) from VS. Whitty mod
NeonSeven hundredBased on Neon from VS. neon mod
Funky penguinSeven hundredBased on Club penguin’s dance emote
BettySeven hundredNo particular references
ZardySeven hundredBased on Zardy from VS. Zardy mod
ShottySeven hundredBased on Among us from one of silvagunner’s rips
SkySeven hundred and fiftyNo particular references
Dual picoSeven hundred and fiftyNo particular references
ThornsSeven hundred and fiftyBased on Spirit from Friday night funkin
MattSeven hundred and fiftyBased on Matt from wii funkin mod
SundaySeven hundred and fiftyNo particular reference
Star platinumSeven hundred and fiftyBased on Star platinum from jojo’s bizarre adventure series
BobEight hundredNo particular references
BrightsideEight hundredNo particular references
Da treeEight hundred and fiftyNo particular references
TabiEight hundred and fiftyNo particular references
CamelliaNine hundredBased on Garcello song from Smoke Em out struggle mod
Riot shieldNine hundredNo particular references
GarcelloNine hundredNo particular references
DuckNine hundredBased on pet duck of Oozora subaru from hololive with its signature cap
Monika + senpaiNine hundredNo particular references
SketchyOne thousandBased on Sketchy from VS. sketchy mod
Marisa One thousandMarisa Kirisame from the Touhou Project
PumpOne thousandBased on Pump and skid from Friday night funkin minus mod (sr. Pelo’s spooky month animations)
ShaggyOne thousand and fiftyNo particular references
KapiOne thousand and one hundredBased on Kapi from VS. Kapi mod
Demon trickyOne thousand and one hundredNo particular reference
ExpurgationOne thousand and one hundredNo particular reference
PuppetOne thousand and one hundredBased on Pump and skid from Friday night funkin minus mod (sr. Pelo’s spooky month animations)
TordOne thousand and one hundredBased on Tord from VS. tord mod
CrewmateOne thousand and one hundredNo particular references
ParentsOne thousand and one hundred fiftyBased on Daddy dearest and mommy week 5 from Friday night
SakuyaTwelve hundredSakuya Izayoi from the Touhou Project
AdmiralThirteen hundredBased on azur lane
QTOne thousand and two hundred fiftyQT Mod
BoxxerSix hundredFNF Expurgiosys
SkaterSeven hundred fiftyFNF Byte Funkin

Every Funky Friday Animation section describes data about animations of different characters explained with their name cost and respected references of songs and individuals.

The QT update added additional 3 animations in the game. These animations are widely used by players in current trends.

Funky Friday Emotes

Funky Friday Animation Emotes

Emotes in real life matters a lot to express our feelings while conversating through online medium, and by understanding this requirement, this game has also included the emote feature to Funky Friday game. Rather than expressing our feelings, the Funky Friday Animations and Emotes in this game allow us to have fun. Emote will enable a player to get on top of the speaker and enjoy; while people are fighting, while watching them fight, your character will shake the head depending upon the beat, how slow or fast the beat is, and the nodding of the head will be respectively slow and fast.

EmoteCostEmote Reference
Default 1FreeThis emote is inspired by Girlfriend – Friday Night Funkin.
Default 2FreeThis emote is inspired by Volatilemask’s Genderswap Girlfriend.
StylishThree hundred and fiftyNo specific reference was found.
PenguinFive hundredNo specific reference was found.

So, here is the detailed guidance of the animations as well as the emotes, keep yourself updated with all the upcoming gaming data.

If you found and more references to any animation or have any new animation in-game, please let us know in the comments.

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1 year ago

The Marisa emote is a reference to Marisa Kirisame from the Touhou Project series. Sakuya is another reference from Touhou, Sakuya Izayoi

Pratik Kinage
1 year ago
Reply to  otto

Thank You! I’ve updated the post accordingly.

1 year ago

Add QT

Pratik Kinage
1 year ago
Reply to  Jessica

Added. Thank you for informing me about the new update!


11 months ago

Why do some fnf mods have no particular reference though some do not?

Pratik Kinage
11 months ago
Reply to  Sir

Which animation are you talking about? I’ll update the article