How to Get Tickets Fast in Bee Swarm Simulator

How To Get Tickets Fast in Bee Swarm Simulator

Tickets are an inventory collection and a form of currency in the Bee Swarm Simulator. You can use this currency to purchase materials as follows:

  • Gumdrops
  • Stingers

Get Tickets Fast in Bee Swarm Simulator by using some of the techniques mentioned in the post. These techniques include using loot luck buff along with some other buffs to maximize the probability of getting tickets.

Get Tickets Fast in Bee Swarm Simulator

Collecting Badges

Get tickets by collecting badges

You can Get Tickets Fast in Bee Swarm Simulator as a reward for collecting the badges. By collecting badges will Get 5 Tickets Fast in Bee Swarm Simulator for earning Cadet badges. Ten tickets will be rewarded to you for getting Hotshot badges. Fifteen tickets will be provided after earning Ace badges. You will receive twenty-five tickets after earning Master badges. And finally, you will receive forty tickets as a reward for earning Grand Master badges.

Purchase Ticket

You can purchase tickets from the ticket shop situated outside the Mountain Top Shop in the game. 

From Flowers

It is sporadic that the flowers will Get Tickets Fast in Bee Swarm Simulator instead of honey; otherwise, a treat token while collecting the pollen. The probability of the base is calculated around 1/1000, which is equivalent to 0.1 percent; however, it will race with the Loot Luck.

Moon Amulets

The non-obtainable chances are x2 ticket chance that is doubled than this particular chance. The moon amulets can generate the ticket chance as one of its statics features in the game.

From Mobs

There is some distinct possibility to Get Tickets Fast in Bee Swarm Simulator to you as a reward for taking down the mobs. The probability is entirely dependent upon the type of mob, as well as it is depended upon your Loot Luck. As Tunnel Bear followed by the Stump Snail and the King Beetle will assure you to grand some tickets after the defeat. Surprisingly you will notice the Wild Windy Bee will also yield some amount of ticket tokens.

From Sparkles

As you collect pollen from sparkles, they might yield some tickets. These tickets may be from faces, or they can be developed from fireflies.

Using Codes

Bee Swarm Simulator Codes

In the game, you will notice some codes in the game which can help you to get free tickets. So, let us have a look at the codes mentioned below:

  • 38217: It will provide you five tickets to the game.
  • Botmaster: It will give you five tickets to Bee Swam Simulator.
  • Cog: Cog will provide you with five tickets in the game.
  • Crawlers: It will you reward with you five tickets.
  • Roof: Roof will give you five tickets.
  • Connoisseur: In this game, Connoisseur will provide you five tickets in the game.
  • Discord100k: It will provide you with three tickets along with others stuff.
  • Wax: Wax will give you five tickets along with some other materials.
  • Wink:  In this game, Wink will provide you with five tickets and some other stuff.
  • 1MLikes: It will provide one ticket along with some extra stuff in the Bee Swarm Simulator.

There is a separate post that keeps track of all active codes in the Bee Swarm Simulator.

Robux Shop

You can buy them from the nearest Robux shop located in the game.

Sprouts and Storms

Exploding a normal, rare, epic, legendry, and supreme otherwise sprout will often yield the ticket tokens. As occasional the sprout will be, the more tickets will be delivered, the rare nodes and tickets mentioned above are guaranteed. Honey storms are guaranteed to spawn with ticket tokens, and their increments will be in the range between one to three.

Wealth Clock

The wealth clock in the game will provide you with tickets every hour after getting interact with it. And further, it will increase the increment level every hour, and it will stop at the fifth time. You will receive the first ticket first, followed by the second ticket at the second time, the third ticket at the third time. Also, the fourth ticket at the fourth time, the fifth ticket is the fifth time, and the cycle will get continued in the game.

Some Other Methods

  • You will receive a rare drop from the Festive Gifts.
  • You can win them from Normal, Mega, and Extreme Memory Match in the game.
  • You can also get the tickets and tokens in the cub buddy gift.
  • You will notice the Commando Chick will always drop one ticket towards you after getting captured. Capturing these tickets on the 25th time will provide you 99 extra tickets, and thus it will make it a total of 100 numbers of tickets. You will get a standard drop from a meteor.

Following Ways No Longer Works To Get Ticket

  • As a drop from Stockings, it was only possible during the Beesmas in the year 2020.
  • By opening the Paper Gift Box will provide you with twenty tickets along with some other materials. The following procedure was also possible in the game during the Beesmas in the year 2020.
  • When you do the third visit, Sun Bear will hand you over 250 tickets as a reward for successfully completing his challenges in the game.
  • In this game, Snowbear is a mob exclusive towards Beesmas of the year 2020, and it will grant you with few tickets upon the defeat.

Ticket Locations

Ticket Locations in Bee Swarm Simulator

You may move around towards these locations in the game for receiving the tickets, and the list is as follows:

  • You will get on top of the most giant pineapple, which is located in the Pineapple Patch. The following token will provide you with 3 tickets in the game. 
  • The second location is in the back of Red HQ.
  • The third spot is at the very back left corner that is available inside the Mountain Top Shop.
  • You will get the following location available on a “cloud” high above the Pine Tree Forest and Pumpkin Patch. This token will reward you with 5 tickets. 
  • You will see a small ledge that lies between Lion Bee Gate and the Brave Bee Gate. The token available here will grant you 5 tickets. Use the slingshot and move towards the left side. Parachute towards the right-side moment for having a successful landing on the rock. The second option is to Jump down from in front of the Lion Bee Gate. A Parachute or a Glider will be helpful for you, but it is not compulsory.
  • The following location is behind the red shoulder guard of the Bear Gate. The token available here will grant 10 tickets.
  • The one location is available at the shade located over Mother Bear’s area
  • The other location is on top of the Ant Gate, and this token will reward you with 5 tickets.
  • The following location in the game is located behind the Honey Dispenser at the Lava Obby. After entering, immediately move towards the right. The token received here will provide you with 3 tickets. But remember, this location is the replaced one from the Plastic Egg locations.
  • The other location is available below the Basic Bee Gate ramp, where Honey Bee was previously located. The following token will reward you with 3 tickets. This location is also replaced by one of the plastic egg locations.
  • You will get one token in the Blue Maze. You have to turn left and then take the first right. It will grant you 5 tickets. 
  • It is the last location on the list. It is Inside the tunnel, which is located behind the Coconut Dispenser of the Coconut Cave. It will token grant you 5 tickets in the game.

Royal Jellies

In the game, Tickets can also be used to buy things available in the ticket tent, and they are as follows:

  • Event bees 
  • Gold eggs
  • Star treats
  • Cub buddy

You can also use tickets to speed up the process of blender during the time of crafting materials. Tickets also contain the face of a Basic Bee. 

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