All 10 Twilight Daycare Perks Explained [Caretaker + Infant]

Twilight Daycare Perks

There are thousands of games in Roblox. Twilight Daycare is one the most loveable game among the girls, as they can pretend to be a baby or become a caretaker for the baby. The environment is also attractive, along with the childish background music, which keeps you entertained throughout the game. Whatever you choose, either the baby or a caretaker, you will enjoy the gameplay and never get bored.

There are few Twilight Daycare Perks that enable you to represent yourself uniquely throughout the game, and these perks also help you stand out from other online players. You can dress up differently in terms of body attributes and clothing; at the starting, you have a chance to design your character, but later on, you can also modify your character by unlocking the perks in exchange for stars.

Caretaker Twilight Daycare Perks

Caretaker Twilight Daycare Perks
Caretaker Perk NameEffect of the PerkCost
AthleteIncreases the speed, three inventory for each item500 stars
BackpackerInventory x31000 stars
Caretaker of the dayCarry infinite items5000 stars
Master caretakerBaby’s thought reader, fast, infinite items10000 stars
ManagerIcon of manager as nametag, no blacklist or wiggle, five inventory slots, timeoutsGame pass

Caretaker Twilight Daycare Perks In Detail


The caretaker with this Twilight Daycare Perk can move at incredible speeds, and along with it, the caretaker will have three inventory for each item.


With this ability, you only get the advantage of 3x inventory.

Caretaker of the day

It is the most useful ability in the game since you can carry infinite items at once and do not need to make revisits for stocking back the items.

Master caretaker

You will be the second-fastest by using this Twilight Daycare Perk. Along with it, you have two other advantages of storing infinite items as well as read the baby’s thoughts.


You will get the unique advantage of this Twilight Daycare Perk that is the iconic name tag; not only this, but you can also use special powers that no baby can blacklist you, five inventory slots per item, and timeouts.

Infant Twilight Daycare Perks

Infant Twilight Daycare Perks
Infant Perk NameEffect of the PerkCost
Cry babyCry anytime, little faster movement500 stars
Speedy babyMoves faster1000 stars
ToddlerStand, walk and can go to loo themselves5000 stars
Naughty babyLouder crying, throw toys, toddler10000 stars
Baby athlete Faster movement, jumpsGame pass

Infant Twilight Daycare Perks In Detail

Cry baby

You can cry whenever you want and have the third-fastest speed.

Speedy baby

The top speed perk allows you to move around at insane speeds.


The babies with this Twilight Daycare Perk can go to the loo by themselves and even can stand on their legs.

Naughty baby

This perk enables you to be the worst baby as it will let you throw the toys, cry at the insane pitch, and stand on your legs by themselves.

Baby athlete

This perk will allow you to jump, and with this Twilight Daycare Perk, the baby becomes the second faster mover.

Caretaker Twilight Daycare Perks Mods

Mod Name for CaretakerEffect of the Mod
BottleThe color of the bottle that is used by the caretaker to feed an infant.
CarrierThe color of the bag in which the caretaker will carry the items for the baby.
StrollerTo take the baby out, you can select any baby strollers from the available colors.
FaceIt is the face modification depends on your choice; the caretaker face will be modified.
HatIt adds an additional outfit to the caretaker’s look and makes the caretaker look cool.
HairThere is a lot of variety in hair to choose from funky styles to simple-looking hair.
ShirtThe upper outfit dresses as per your requirement and what look you want to give by choosing the right shirt.
PantsThe lower outfit dresses up as per your choice to give a different look by selecting the pants.

Twilight Daycare Caretaker Mods In-Depth Utilization


Being a caretaker, you need to look after the infant carefully and fulfill their needs, and one of the major requirements is the bottle to feed the baby with milk. Twilight Daycare allows you to select from the various colors of the bottle; the option to change the bottle colors as per the player’s choice will not let you get bored by using the same bottle again and again.


It is the bag carried by the caretaker to move around and store different items in the bag. The bag is required to hold the items necessary for caretaking the baby, and the best thing is that the availability of numerous color bags helps to stand out distinctly from other caretakers in the play area.


Apart from feeding and caretaking the baby, the infant requires to explore the environment, so the Twilight Daybreak has included the stroller for the infants, and by using this baby can easily sit or sleep in the stroller while the caretaker can easily make it move around the play area as an activity for the baby.


This is the best perk in the Twilight Daybreak, as you can modify the looks of the caretaker. And you might think why it is the best characteristic, so here is the reason, this perk allows you to have different looks by selecting other facial expressions. Moreover, it is like an outline of eyebrows, nose, and mouth which represents different looks with various selections; therefore, it is the best perk.


It is an additional outfit for the caretaker, which you can wear to look cool. You have a wide variety to choose from stylish hats, but it can turn into a bizarre look if you select hats with few hairstyles. These quirky looks sometimes turn out to be fun-looking and unique, so you need to be careful with your looks while using the hats.


As in the real world, we are primarily conscious about our hair similarly; the caretaker’s hairstyle is on our hand. Choose from various funky and good-looking hairstyles will make you look like a dashing caretaker in the game. But do not wear a hat with funky hairdos, or it will make you funny instead of cool.


The casual outfit required to represent yourself needs to wear the shirts, available with numerous patterns and colors. Select the best shirt and match the look with the hairstyle as well as the pants. Or, to give a fun look, just wear the mismatched outfit, to have a bizarre look.


Of course! You need not be roaming around nude, wear the pants of your choice, making the match with the shirt or be fun looking character in the form of caretaker. You do so have much variety under this section as the most essential shirts and pants are bulked out for defining the caretaker’s look.

Twilight Daycare Gameplay

Infant Twilight Daycare Perks Mods

Mod name for InfantEffect of the Mod
BodyThis perk enables you to select the body type for the baby.
ScaleScaling allows to select the size of the baby and select the appropriate one.
ToneThis is the most used perk, which allows selecting the body color for the infant.
HairFrom funky to cool and simple hairstyles, you can choose any for the baby.
HatThe wardrobe outfit adds an extra look to your baby’s head.
Shirt It is pretty amazing to own a shirt since the infant age. Yes, you can wear a shirt of your choice.
PacifierChoose any random color pacifier to best fit your look.
ColorThis is the most important for the baby, which comes with different colors to have the matching one.
PatternThe pattern you want to apply on the nappy, all together to look different from all.

Twilight Daycare Infant Mods In-Depth Utilization


An infant’s body is nothing but the bodyweight, or you can say the body; there are three body types available, which mainly vary in the baby’s health.


This mod allows to select the size of the baby, and it ranges from small to large. It totally depends on you that you like to have an underweight baby or the oversized baby.


Tone mod will help you choose the baby’s skin color, and there are many tones available to select from dark to light tones.


Yes, in this game, this is also possible that infants will have stylish hair since birth. There is a moderate number of styles available to select from, and you can modify them from funky to childish looks.


The additional outfits are available for the infants, but it has the same issue like as caretaker’s hat; it can ruin your baby’s hairstyle. So, if you want, you can choose, but it can also make your infant look funny.


There is a wide variety of upper wear available for the child to choose from, and you can have a matching look for your infant but be careful with the mismatch as it can lead to funny looks of the baby.


You have a lot of colors to choose from and select the matching one for your baby.


The diaper is the most essential mod of this game, so you have sensible choices to select from a variety of colors.


The pattern is applied on the pacifier to make it look a little stylish and different rather than having a simple and plain colored pacifier, you can apply designs to it.

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