Valheim Ancient Bark To Build Awesome Structures

Valheim Ancient Bark

Nowadays, Valheim has been on the top ten list of most trendy Games, and as we know, Valheim can provide an opportunity to make many structures by using Wood, and quite surprisingly, Ancient Bark is also one of the things. With the help of Ancient bark, you can make several things. Today we are going to provide you all information related to Valheim’s ancient bark.

What is Valheim Ancient Bark?

When we make several things in the World of valheim for our house, we cut all the trees to collect a lot of Wood and use this Wood for making fantastic furniture (for comfort). But when you go to make ancient bark, then you have to use unique woods. You can’t make Bark with the regular Wood.

These woods are typically not used in making household material or some furniture such as regular Wood, core wood, and ordinary fine Woods in the Valheim. For making Ancient bark, players have to go from a unique process they have never gone through before.

This Ancient Bark post will help you in building a longship or a dragon fang bow. We would suggest you if you are a beginner in the Game, then first go for a typical structure like a table and some other staffs of the house. And when you used-to to this Game then you must go for making Ancient bark.

How to get Valheim Ancient Bark?

Valheim Ancient Bark Farming

In short, to get Valheim Ancient Bark, you must find and chop down old trees in the swamp biome with ideally a bronze ax and up. Chopping one tree will give you a small amount of old bark each time.

If you want to make longships, then you must have Valheim ancient bark. This is the tree’s crust material, and forgetting this, you have to form some different process that is not very tough but different from others.

If we describe getting Bark in short, you have to search chop down ancient trees present in the swamp biome with the bronze ax and up, which is not very difficult to get these trees quickly. And after that, start chopping a tree for a lot of ancient bark you can chop a try according to your need that how much Bark you want.

That is all you have to do for collecting a lot of ancient bark in Valheim.

In how many ways Valheim Ancient Bark can be Used

Valheim Ancient Bark Uses

When you get hold of a lot of Valheim ancient bark, then with the help of old Bark, you can make several weapons that are very useful in the Game. Here we’ll tell you about all the structures you can make by using Valheim ancient Bark.

These items are as follows:


You can make Batteaxem by using Ancient Bark. This is a very cool weapon that is useful for fighting in Valheim, and We’ll mention all Material used in crafting Batteaxem.


  • Ancient Bark x30
  • Iron x35
  • Leather Scraps x4

Draugr Fang

You can also make Draugr Fang using Ancient Bark. Below we mention all Material used in making draugr Fang. Draugr Fang is the most popular and best bow that can be acquired in the Valheim.


  • Ancient Bark x30
  • Iron x35
  • Leather Scraps x4


You can also create Frostner Weapon in Valheim with the help of old Bark. This weapon seems like a drain of the stamina of non-frost enemies except trolls. We’ll mention Material that is used for crafting a frostier


  • Ancient Bark x10
  • Silver x30
  • Ymir Flesh x5

Iron Sledge

You can create Iron Sledge Weapon with the help of Ancient Bark here, and we’ll also mention all the Materials used for crafting an Iron Sledge Weapon.


  • Ancient Bark x10
  • Iron x30
  • Ymir Flesh x4

Ancient Bark Spear

You can create an Ancient Bark Spear Weapon with the help of Ancient Bark here, and we’ll also mention all the Material used for crafting an Ancient Bark Spear Weapon.


  • Ancient Bark x10
  • Iron x10
  • Troll Hide x4

Fang Spear

You can create Fanh Spear Weapon with the help of Ancient Bark here, and we’ll also mention all the Material used for crafting a Fan Spear Weapon.


  •  Ten Ancient Bark 
  • Two Leather Scraps 
  • Two Silver 
  • Four Wolf Fang 


In today’s post, we tried to provide you all the necessary information related to Valheim Ancient Bark and its uses of Bark, what the things you can make, and how to get Ancient Bark. Go and collect a bunch of Barks and create new things you have never tried before in the Valheim world.

In the end, If you like our article, don’t forget to bookmark the website. We provide information related to gaming, happy to serve you.

Happy gaming!

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