All Ghost of Tsushima Acts Explained

Ghost of Tsushima Acts

Ghost of Tshushima has surprised the players with detailed environment and realistic graphics. Moreover, the storyline is as much interesting as its graphics. With a tons weapons and skills management, the game is designed to enjoy storyline as well as side quest.

Ghost of Tsushima Acts is the part of the storyline in which the story is categorized. Each act has its buildup in its mission. There are three acts in the game and all of them have multiple missions. In this post, we’ll go through all the acts and their missions in the game.

What is the Ghost of Tsushima Acts?

Ghost of Tsushima is divided into three groups that are called Act I, Act II, and Act III. Each Act has its objective that you have to perform in the Game. When you finish these missions, you will go to the main story of the Game. Basically, acts are like a mission or task that you should have to perform.

When the players involved in the Game, the primary question arises among players: how many acts or missions do we perform in the Ghost of Tsushima? So here we will provide you all the detailed knowledge of Ghost Tsushima.

How many Ghost of Tsushima Acts?

Ghost of Tsushima has three acts that you have to perform. This Act is named Act I, Act II, and Act III. Their objective is different, and moves are other when finished one mission then another mission will be started with the different task when you complete these mission the main story will begin. Every Act has a different location in other regions of Ghost of Tsushima.

Ghost of Tsushima Act II’s location will not work until you finish Act I. These three acts will stop you from going in the open map. When you complete these acts, then you get a chance to move towards the open map of Ghost Tsushima. As you know, this game is based on a free world concept, so that’s why we can’t determine this Game’s total timing play.

Here we will provide you all the Acts brief knowledge so you couldn’t get into any trouble. Read continuously.

What is the objective of each Ghost of Tsushima Act?

Ghost of Tsushima Act I “Rescue lord Shimura”

Ghost of Tsushima Act Rescue lord Shimura

Here’s a list of Walkthrough and all mission list:

The Warrior’s code

In this mission, you have to go camping and help the Yuna find her brother, taka, and when you complete this task, you will get Focused hearing abilities and legend increase Assassination as a reward.

The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa

In this mission, You have to Track down Ishikawa’s renegade students Tomoe, and the rewards are legend increase and Archery ability, and Half Bow.

The tale of Lady Masako

You have to find out the those responsible for betraying clan Adachi and help the lady Masako rewards are Legend increase, Samura Clan Armour.

Blood on the Grass

Search your old friend ronin Ryza and convince her to join us for the fight rewards are legend Increase and Ronin attire.

The Broken Blacksmith

Swindler into Azamo Bay to rescue taka, and after completing this, you will get a legend increase as a reward.

The Tale Of Ryuzo

Help the Ryzo feed his men by stealing a Mangol ship as a reward. You will get a legend increase.

Hammer and Forge

Clear the Mongols out from the kamatsu Forge and hold their raids, and as a reward, you will get a legend increase.

The Iron hook

Now Ryzon’s men have been captured, use your Grappling hook toy for help and save them as a reward. You will get a legend increase, Grapple hook ability.

Shadow of the Samurai

Now the last thing is to break into Castle Kaneda and rescue lord Shimura. In return, you will get a legend increase s a reward.

Ghost of Tsushima Act II “Retake Castle Shimura”

Ghost of Tsushima Act Retake Castle Shimura

A New Horizon

You have to go north side with lord Shimura and clear some Mongols as a reward you will get a legend.

Ghosts from the past

Go back to the Sakai estate and reclaim your Clan armor and Mask.

The Walls of Yarikawa

Sneak inside the siege Yarikawa stronghold to recruit more allies. As a reward, you will get a legend increase.

A message in Fire

Make the team with lord Shimura to send word to the Shogun through the Mongol fleet, and the rewards are legend increase.

The Coward of Yarikawa

Find out clan Yarikawa mission archers so that you will earn his trust, and as a reward, you will get a Legend increase.

The Ghost of Yarikawa

Break the epic siege of Yarikawa rewards are legend increase.

A Reckoning in Blood

Make a deal with Traitor at Fort Koyasan, and rewards are legend increase.

The fate of Tsushima

Go in battel at castle Shimura rewards are legend increase.

From The Darkness

Sneak inside the castle and poison of the Mongol’s drink rewards are Ghost Armour and mask legend increase.

Ghost of Tsushima Act III, “Kill the Khan”

Ghost of Tsushima Act Kill The Khan

Honour and Ash

For meet up with Yuna Sneak through kin Sanctuary rewards are legend increase.

Wolves at the gates

Attack on Kaminodake to clear your path for your allies. As a reward, you will get a legend increase.

A Gathering Storm

Scout out the Khan’s Force at Port Izumi rewards are Legend increase.

Heart of the Jito

Sneak from the backside to castle Shimura And deliver a message rewards are legend increase.

Eternal blue Sky

Make or break the attack on Port Izumi rewards are legend increase.

The tale of Lord Shimura

Meet the omi lake, and as a reward, you will get a Legend increase.

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All of these acts have their roles in the storyline. With the cumulation of all missions, you can enjoy the great revolting fights of the samurais in the game.

Happy Gaming!

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