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valheim chitin

Valheim Chitin is a shard of crustacean shell and is a type of material (amongst others) found in Valheim. The Chitin is used for various things in the game and is often dropped by an Abyssal Barnacle. Topping the list of most challenging materials to find is Valheim Chitin. But what makes acquiring this material so challenging? Why is Chitin necessary? And why shall it be used? Continue reading to find answers to all of your questions and queries!

Valheim Chiti contributes to the making of useful and robust items. Before constructing any object that uses Valheim Chitin, we should be ready to face tough challenges as it is not easy to obtain the Valheim Chitin. It is one of the challenging tasks to get hands-on with this material.

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Valheim Chitin In A Nutshell

Valheim Chitin is a material in the game with an internal id as Chitin itself. Dropped by the Abyssal Barnacle, Chitin is mainly used to craft. Weighing around 2.0, it has 50 Stack and is also teleport able! Valheim Chitins can be acquired by mining Abyssal Barnacles found on Leviathans which seem like they are living but are just moving islands in the ocean.

Why Is Chitin Needed?

valheim serpent

Chitin can be used to make two things in the game. Firstly, the Abyssal Harpoon can wrangle a Sea Serpent to get some Serpent Scales. These Serpent Scales can then be used to craft a Serpent Scale Shield.

To prepare an Abyssal Harpoon, you need 30 Chitin8 Fine Wood, and 3 Leather Straps. The second thing that can be crafted with the help of Chitin is the Abyssal Razor. The Abyssal Razor is a knife used as a weapon in the game. To draft an Abyssal Razor, you need a Level 4 Workbench20 Chitin4 Fine Wood, and 2 Leather Straps.

How To Get Valheim Chitin?

There are numerous steps to actually acquire Chitin. Follow these steps so that you don’t get lost –

1. Gathering Requirements

Valheim is full of materials that help us to get by. Survival is not easy, and we often have to take the road not taken to look for resources. Materials like StoneBarleyCopperGluck, etc., are easy to find when on the other hand, materials like IronSilver, and Black Metal Scrap remain hidden – thus making the whole process of finding them a bit tougher.

Amongst these hard-to-find materials is Chitin. Valheim Chitin is well-hidden and can be found on the backs of Leviathans or Kraken. These giants are mostly non-aggressive monsters that often form small islands in the middle of beautiful oceans.

karve ship in valheim
Karve Ship

These Kraken often grow nodes that are later called Abyssal Barnacles. These Abyssal Barnacles will provide you with chitin mining. But mining Chitin is not a walk in the park. Every time you approach the Kraken, it might notice you and then sink below the surface.

This action will force us back into our boats. On top of it all, the Kraken has no routine for randomly submerging and resurfacing. You will not be able to predict the behavior of Kraken and make plans accordingly. To acquire Chitin, we will have to craft a solid boat to look for these small alive islands.

For starters, you will have to craft a sailing vessel better than a raft. A raft will not last long here; therefore, a Karve will do well if you want to look for them. Karves are an improvement from rafts and are pretty affordable.

They do not just come cheap; they are pretty easy to build and have better speed and durability. But before hopping on your Karve, you should get yourself a decent pickaxe. You will have to find Iron first and build an Iron Pickaxe to make this ordeal pass a whole lot quicker.

2. Searching for Valheim Chitin

After you have both of these things with you, you can start sailing until the label on your map says ocean. Remember that you will still have to look for Sea Serpents while floating. These creatures will trouble you by ramming the boat continuously. Karve can easily take a few hits, but anything more than will leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Location of Chitin
Location of Chitin

Make sure that you have your eyes peeled looking for small round and slightly dome-shaped islands with a tree or two on top of them while sailing. These characteristics will help you spot Kraken. You must get as close as possible to them with the ladder of your boat facing it just in case it sinks below the surface, and you will require a quick escape.

On the backs of these Kraken, you will be able to spot large, rounded growths with a brownstone in the middle of them (usually) in clusters of three. We will have to use our iron pickaxe to mine Chitin from there. You will also have to keep your stamina on your mind in case the Kraken chooses that precise moment to sink below.

Every barnacle you mine for Chitin will have a 10% chance of triggering the Kraken to flee. If the Kraken is about to sink, it will do so with a howling sound. After hearing the howling sound, you will have only 20 seconds to escape before it disappears. You can then continue scouting the ocean biome looking for Chitin.


Following are the FAQs regarding Valheim Chitin –

Can we use antler pickaxe to mine Valheim Chitin?

Yes, we can use any pickaxe, but different pickaxe has different powers, and once you have performed a hit on the creature, it will start to submerge. So choose your pickaxe wisely.

How many times Krakens resurface at Valheim?

Every hit makes the Kraken sink, and once they are gone from the place, there is no chance to see them again in the location. So it is best to be prepared with the potions and hard work to obtain the Chitin before the sinking of Kraken.

What is Valhem Serpents?

Serpents are giant sea creature that spawns in the ocean biome. Serpents are the only hostile sea creatures currently available who can attack both boats and players.

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