The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt – Far Cry 6

The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt

Completing a level always boosts up your energy to continue to the next level. There are some games like Far Cry 6 that are full of curiosity and interesting elements so that you won’t be able to just take away your eyes from it.

The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt is a level that is important for you as a player to collect valuable rewards. The level is quite easy but many feel it hard because they get collapsed in the way to complete it or is been struck in the middle of the level.

The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt Objective

Treasure HuntThe Last One to Leave
Sub-RegionWest Lado
RewardDesert Eagle
XP Reward150 XP
  • Region: Esperanza
  • District: West Lado
  • Requirement: Locate the Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt starting point in the open world and read the note at its location
  • Reward: 150 XP, Desert Eagle

It is an important hunt that you will come across the Far Cry 6. But many don’t get to know about the steps that you will have to follow in order to get through this hunt.

The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt is one of the interesting and exciting hunts that would make you completely enjoy the game.

The Last One to Leave Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

The first step that you will carry out in this game is to go to its exact location on the map and enter into The Last One to Leave Treasure hunt.

You will enter into the building that is right in front of you will grill fenceand read out the note that is kept in a box hung to the wall.

The door of the substation is closed, and the only way to open it is to turn on a total of three switches. As soon as you read the note just head outside and you will find a powerline going on top of a building.

Just follow the powerline and you will find the first switch. Turn them on and go in the direction of the second line.

The sound powerline is found next to a house and to enter into it you will have to first turn the valve of the large yellow tank, and as a result, you will find the red toxic smoke to get disappeared.

There will be some blasting and shooting so be very careful in this area. After entering the house you will find the switch, just turn them on.

To find out the third switch you will have to get out of the building and follow the third powerline. Get inside the house and you will find a note on the table, read them.

This seems to be a little tricky than the other two. You will have to interact with three things that are present in the room.

At first, you have to tilt the photo frame. The second one is the radio that is found in the corner of the house, turn them on and go to the TV that is present there. As soon as you go switch it on and at last you will find a photo frame hung on the wall.


Tilting the frame will open the way for the third switch. After switching on the third switch head towards the same building where you found the note at the first.

Get into the building and collect the reward for completing the last one to leave mission.

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