Secret Ending In Far Cry 6: To Miami And Beyond

Secret Ending In Far Cry 6

Secret Ending In Far Cry 6 is different than the other secret endings in the history of the franchise. For starters, it will take Dani to Miami, her dream destination.

Far Cry 6 follows a particular method when providing endings for its titles and with truckloads of them available at your fingertips, the game and endings get even better.

Once the objective of “Libertad Rises” is finished, Dani along with the Libertad revolt dethrones the evil Anton Castillo unlocking the hidden Secret Ending.

Keep reading to find out all the details about the Secret Ending In Far Cry 6!

The Default Story In Far Cry 6

The main character – Dani Rojas and her ill-fated friends of the fictitious Caribbean Island of Yara are planning to overthrow the government. The people of Yara have known much violence, destruction, and chaos but haven’t had the privilege of peace.

To let peace and justice prevail, a group of rebels set out to overthrow the evil Anton Castillo and his dictatorship. But a revolution is easier said than done.

And the path from rebellion and revolution to actual freedom and liberty is a twisty path covered with thorns and stones.

A failed attempt later, we have Dani shaking hands with Clara Garcia. Clara and her band of rebels are creating a revolution in order to snatch their freedom back from Castillo.

In exchange for completing missions for the Libertad (and putting her life in grave danger) Clara promises Dani an escape to Miami. Once you have taken down Castillo’s blockade in the 7th mission Libertad Rises, you are given two choices. Classic Robert Frost style.


You can either stay and fight or ride off into the sunset thinking about how whoever said ignorance is bliss knew his stuff.

Unlocking The Secret Ending In Far Cry 6

To unlock the Secret Ending you would have to choose a boat first. Right at the beginning of the mission “The Guerrilla” you will find Dani standing on a dock on the Libertad Island. Remember the part about choices?

Dani and Clara conversation in Far cry 6

Yes. Turn around and hop on the old boat instead of walking towards the Libertad base to speak to Juan. The boat has been left on the dock by Clara.

Far Cry 6 Secret Ending Boat

Now that you have decided to not take up Clara’s offer of joining the revolution (Libertad), you can head south after checking the map. This will lead you away from Libertad Island. Set a marker on the map to avoid getting misdirected in the open water.

Keep heading towards the marked location with your boat. Eventually, a scene will be triggered. You will find Dani apologizing and saying “I’m sorry, Clara, not my fight.” The screen will then fade into darkness revealing a Secret Ending in Far Cry 6.

The Aftermath: Secret Ending Spoilers Ahead!

After the scene has faded to a blank black a cutscene will start by informing the players about the three months that have since passed. Dani is quite busy enjoying life, minus the chaos, destruction, devastation, and danger that living in Yara offered to her.

Far Cry 6 Dani in Miami

You can hear a newsreader on the radio nearby stating the current scenario of the island.

The newsreader states that dictator Anton Castillo has defeated the Libertad, killed Clara, and put the country in lockdown. Now the credits will start rolling activating the Hidden in Plain sight achievement/trophy.

Now the players will be able to quit the game and hop right back into The Guerrilla Mission or bask in a post-ending glory while humming to Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine’s Conga as the credits roll.

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