Cache Money Treasure Hunt – Far Cry 6

Cache Money Treasure Hunt

Setting up the same methods of completing a level kills the excitement in-game. Even though the actions are hard the player expects it to be the new one which hadn’t taken place so far. This mind makes up the growing efficiency of role-playing action games.

Cache Money Treasure Hunt is the one fascinating quest in the Far Cry 6. The play wholly takes the player to action land and gives its best to believe that was super cool. These awesome steps make up Cache Money Treasure Hunt.

Far Cry 6 is an action series game that was released on October 7, 2021. The game was produced by Rima Brek and Designed by Ted Timmins. All the mission in the play is completely done by the players where they are guided with clear and detailed information at the start of each one.

Cache Money Treasure Hunt Location and Objective

Treasure HuntCache Money
Sub-RegionAguas Lindas
RewardSobek Special (Unique Sniper Rifle)
XP Reward150 XP

Location is the first aspect to be noted on the Cache Money . The region here to go search is Madrugada, Aguas Lindas. The detailed note is given at the beginning box before building on Cache Money Treasure Hunt.

Cache Money Treasure Hunt Walkthrough

Following is the walkthrough for Cache Money hunt –

Requirement – Finding Confiscated Treasure

In the region denoted above the person sees a structure where the mission starts. It is to find the Confiscated Treasure.

Before getting the player should read the letterbox which holds points related to Cache Money Treasure Hunt. Nextly the player has to get into Bunker 2 by moving towards the next roof near the entry.


There the fighter finds and button and once pressing that it makes the door half-open.


By using this chance the player can target bunker 2 entrance and shoot it. Now the hatch will be opened up because of explosion.

At Bunker 2


Now the player has to get inside Bunker 2 through the opened up hatch. He/she finds another hatch on the ground leading towards the bottom.


Ongoing through the bottom leading hatch one finds a room-edged structure. At the storage door, the player has to find the key which opens up the locked door opposite to it.


Using the key the player has to get in the rich office at Cache Money Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6.

Here is the real fun. The victory leading button is hidden at the back of the desk in the office. By pressing that the wooden bookshelf turns and opens up that giving way to the gift.


And here is what the player was searching for on Cache Money. The real reward for the completion of the quest.



What does a player gain if he/she completes the quest? Here is the reward of 150XP, Sobek special. It is the amazing sniper rifle handed over here. The quest of Cache Money Treasure Hunt is all about opening up the military storage facility that has secrets.

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