Terms and Slangs in Roblox – What Does It Mean In Roblox?

Terms & Slangs in Roblox

Roblox is a huge platform with thousands of active players on many games. This platform has provided good support for both players and developers and help them to create their own games and interact with other players. With such supports, they’ve added many other features like text chat, music boombox, avatar customizations, decals creation, and models library. Among these, text chat is one of the most easiest and widely used features. But often old players chat with some pre-known abbreviations of phrases or slang.

There are many different terms and slangs in Roblox that many players are not aware of. Especially for new players some of the terms are hard to understand as they belong to in-game stories and games. In this post, we’ll go through all the terms and slangs in Roblox.

Terms and Slangs in Roblox

All the common terms and slangs in Roblox are mentioned below along with their meaning. Go through all of them to learn new terms and make full use of them.

What does XD mean?

The slang is coming under the puzzling section because it is confusing and does not stand for the word. The word means for a mimicry the view of s smiling face, and it is utilized as a text emoji while chatting.

What does Oof mean?

You have to just imaging oof as saying ouch or phew while playing the Roblox. You might say this after you have a challenge against an opponent.

What does Lmao mean?

Lmao meaning in Roblox

The complete abbreviation for lmao in the game is laughing my a** off.

What does Abc mean?

It is as simple as 1 2 3, and this is not an acronym, and its meaning is that you wish to do something as a part of original game. You can ABC in both sections as a question and also as a response. It is primarily used in Roblox Adopt Me game to reference a collaborative challenge like finding a sibling or pet.

What does AFK mean?

The complete form of AFK is away from the keyboard. You use this slang while you take a break from Roblox.

What does Reeee mean?

Reeee slang expresses high frustration, and it is typically an angry Pepe meme on the platform. It is a favorite slang for YouTubers to create fun in their content.

What does Sheesh mean?

You can use sheesh slang for expressing disbelief or irritation in game.

What does MK mean?

The primary purpose is to say ummkay, which is slang to say okay in the game.

What does BSF mean?

BSF is a text and a famous slang used for best friend.

What does Pog mean?

Pog means to say the play of the game.

What does Qt mean?

The slang qt means cutie

What does TT mean?

The tt slang is used until tomorrow

What does NFT mean?

The popular slang is commonly used while trading, and its complete form is not for sale.

What does Tags mean?

Tags are used for hashtags or hashtagging in the Roblox.

What does Cc mean?

The acronym for cc is crowd control used while playing the game with your friends.

What does dp mean?

Dream Pet is the acronym used for DP to get your dream pet in Roblox Adopt Me.

What does Ping mean?

Ping means the round-around communication that takes place between your system and the servers of Roblox.

What does 1v1 mean?

1 versus 1 means competing with one-to-one and refers to have combat games with players and no interference with any other players in the game.

What does AA mean?

Admin Abuse is the acronym of AA, and it is used by you as abusing power to harm other players in the game.

What does Beaned mean?

The acronym is banned.

What does BRB mean?

BRB meaning in Roblox

The complete form is Be Right Back, and it is similar to AFK.

What does BTW mean?

BTW stands for By The Way in the game.

What does IRL mean?

It stands for In Real Life

What does Bruh mean?

Is the most popular slang on the internet, and it refers to Brother or Bro in the game.

What does DD mean?

The slang’s acronym means Dishonourably Discharged, and it is mainly used in the game.

What does DM mean?

The complete form is Direct Message

What does Filterpass mean?

Mainly used for bypassing the chat filter.

What does IC mean?

The acronym is for In Character and is mainly used in the roleplaying game.

What does IDC mean?

I don’t care if the complete form of IDC

What does IDK mean?

I don’t care stands for I don’t Know.

What does IKR mean?

I know, Right? Is the acronym of IKR

What does ILY mean?

I Love You is the complete form used in the game.

What does ISTG mean?

It is used to say I swear to God in the game.

What does KO mean?

Used to mention knock out

What does WO mean?

The acronym is Wiped Out

What does LOL mean?

Laughing it Loud is the meaning of LOL.

What does Git Gud mean?

The slang language is used to say Get Good.

What does FP mean?

It is known as Free Paint

What does IRL mean?

It stands for In Real Life in the game.

What does GG mean?

GG is used to say good game.

What does NGL mean?

not gonna lie is an acronym of NGL used in Roblox

What does Newb or Newbie mean?

It is used for new players who have recently joined the game.

What does OFC mean?

It is the easiest slang to use the word, of course

What does No u mean?

It is the smaller version for No you.

What does TY mean?

The slang is used to say Thankyou

What does TYSM mean?

It is used to say Thank you so much

What does TYVM mean?

The following acronym is used to say Thank you very much.

What does Voided mean?

It is used to ignore a person in the roleplaying game because they failed in their roleplay or were annoyed and trolling.

What does WYD mean?

What you are doing is the complete form.

What does EZ mean?

It is the smaller version of the word accessible.

What does WDYM mean?

It is the short version to say What Do You Mean

What does BRICK mean?

It is a commonly used item that can be used to develop all types of things in Roblox. Such as other building materials as pebble, marble, wood, and many more are available in the game. Brick, popularly known as Block, can be utilized to create or customize the game world.

What does Cord or Discord mean?

It refers to the renowned Discord app. It is a popular online text and voice chatting application software. It is widely used by many players worldwide, but it is mainly questionable by many parents for their kids in terms of safety purposes. If your child player mentions the word cord or discord, it is fair enough to consider a red flag and a significant opportunity to discuss the factors of online safety.

What does PTS mean?

PTS stands for permission to speak while playing the game on Roblox

What does OP mean?

Original Poster it is referred to the initial post of a forum

What does Robloxian mean?

It is the slang used for mentioning a player’s Character.

What does Catalog mean?

It is used to say Roblox catalog where you can browse for many avatar and places

What does SMH mean?

SMH meaning in Roblox

The acronym for the following word stands for “Shaking My Head.” It might get used to express a joking atmosphere or towards disapproval of a topic while playing the game online.

What does Brick Battle mean?

Brick Battle is a type of combat game that you can see on the Roblox platform. Kids have a facility to battle with opponents one on one or can combat within teams. Some examples of the most popular games available are Doomspire and Crossroads.

What does Game Pass mean?

It is an item by which you can purchase items from the game page. It will grant you some unique features and materials in any particular game of Roblox.

What does OBBY mean?

It is a famous slang used by the players to say Obstacle course and the most famous types of games that you can develop.

What does Place mean?

The games available on Roblox are most commonly known as Places for some particular reason.

What does Robux mean?

It is the currency you can use to spend and purchase materials from the Avatar shop. Also, it allows you to buy the game pass and perform other small transactions. You can also purchase Robux by spending real-life money.

What does AOS mean?

It is the most famous slang used to say Arrest on sight/

What does OP mean?

It is used to mention the word Over Powered.

What does Pls or Plz mean?

It is used to say the word, please

What does PM mean?

The acronym stands for a private message

What does OML mean?

Oh My Lord is the complete form of OML

What does RN mean?

Right Now is the meaning of RN

What does BBG mean?

It is used to mention Baby Girl in some for the humor in the game.

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